Apr. 6th, 2010


Although she'd seen the beach back in Connecticut, it had always taken hours to get there. But as soon as Mandy had ended up in California, she'd convinced Alana to move as close to the beach as possible, so she could spend her free time just out on the sand. She absolutely loved it.

And when Alana was busy on Mandy's day off, she quickly found an excuse to head straight to the beach, rather than find someone else to hang out with. Chances were she'd find some hot surfer guy to spend a day or two with, anyway.

But when she reached the warm sand, she didn't bother going to the waves; instead, she settled for playing in the warm sand. Sitting cross-legged in the sand, she scooped some sand closer, planning on building a sandcastle. It was a little childish, sure, but she figured she had a childhood of not playing at the beach to make up for. Besides, she just loved the feel of the sand, always warm despite the weather.