Apr. 14th, 2010


Wednesday's were Renée's favorite and least favorite day. Favorite because she only had one class in the morning and the rest of the day off. Least favorite because both Brooke and Tyler had very long days. She usually didn't mind, having homework and such to finish up on, but with the end of the semester just around the corner and the sun beating down as she walked home after class, she knew she had to do something.

She pulled out her phone and immediately scrolled to Ben's name, knowing he'd be up for something fun. Four years ago, if someone had told Renée she'd be willing to spend her free time with Ben Abbott, she'd probably have slapped them. But since moving to Florida, Renée and Ben had actually became friends. It was nice to put the silly high school crap behind them and move on, because he was a pretty fun guy to hang out with.

heyooooo.. soooo.. lets do something. naooo. idk what but i'm sure you have some kinda epic ideaa!

Mar. 15th, 2010


I'm trying to find the words to describe this girl without being disrespectful.

Ben nodded his head almost imperceptibly along with the beat of the song. He'd just finished his last class of the day - English - and he was extremely happy to be done for the day.

Thank God that's over, he mused, as he stopped outside the doors of the building and dug in his backpack for his sunglasses. It wasn't overly warm out, but the sun was blinding. It wasn't exactly that Ben needed an excuse to wear his shades, anyway - he'd wear them in a thundershower in the middle of the night if he thought it would help his cool status. He didn't really think his cool status needed any boosting, but still. Any bit helped.

Replacing his bookbag on his back, he began heading home - about a seven minute walk, give or take a couple of minutes. He didn't usually pay much attention to people on the way home; he was more concerned with getting home and preparing himself for a night of partying. Still, he happened to see someone pass him going the opposite way, and he turned around quickly and hurried to catch up with him.

He slugged Tommy on the shoulder. "What the hell? Too cool for me now, bro?" he demanded, grinning at him.

He'd never admit it to anyone, but he really missed Tommy. It'd been far too long since they'd last hung out. They always tried to arrange something, but their plans usually ended up falling through, and they found themselves at separate locations way more often than not.