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    Wednesday, July 30th, 2008
    3:59 pm
    What, exactly, IS 'repping my hood?'
    So, interesting times today.

    Went to a youth rally, accompanied by the always brilliant and charming [info]wolfhochstetter, because, you know, children are the future of Germany and yadda yadda yadda, all that good jazz. Have been spending quite a lot of my free time with Major Hochstetter, as apparently we seem to have similar interests, and I find the man terribly amusing. We're totally BFF's and stuff now; we've even exchanged SS friendship rings and everything. :D

    Anyway, it's a nice day, not exactly warm, but not so cold that one feels his extremities are going to drop off. The sun is shining, birds are singing. One of the low-flying pigeons took a nice, divebombing shit on Major Hochstetter's outer-uniform jacket, so I had to give him mine. So there we both are, looking amazing as always, and I'm saluting folks and shaking hands with kids, all that good stuff, and I'm in the crowds, right?

    A group of Hitlerjugend girls were walking by, and I waved, and at that moment I happened to overhear one of the boys off to my left remark, "Check out the tall one with the pigtails. I'd hit that."

    I was like, "Hit? Hit what? o.O;" And Major Hochstetter had to explain it to me in detail, and I felt like a total dork.

    Honestly, the things kids say these days.

    ...I'm hip, right, guys?

    ...right? O_o

    Well, I'm off. Have revenge plans of sorts to work on with Major Hochstetter. We always have fun at the office. If any of you get drunk-dialed tonight and I'm giggling, I totally apologize in advance.

    Heil myself.

    Current Mood: confused
    Monday, July 28th, 2008
    1:14 am
    Goebbels walked, notepad in hand, to where he knew he could find Rommel. He strolled up to his house and tapped on the door, and adjusted his hat and tie as he cleared his throat. Once the door opened, he immediately said, "I have a message for you." He tried to muscle past him just then, (which was difficult with his club foot and all) and then he waited until they were in private silence. He passed the notepad to Rommel then. "He who controls the spice controls Europe."
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