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May. 11th, 2016


How are the details coming along?
Brace yourselves. I've been told that there is no more coffee. Come tomorrow, we're all on withdrawals. This isn't going to go over very well with the general public. I think they've got enough for morning coffee, very weak morning coffee, and than that's it.
Remind me again how nice a little house walking distance from here would be. Tucked in between some trees with a big enough area for the kids to play around with our front.

May. 7th, 2016


I want to be sure I'm going to wake up and find out this is all a dream, but I have a feeling that isn't going to happen.

Hello, everyone. My name is Snow White. You can also call me Mary Margaret if you wish. I was told there are likely people I know here.

May. 6th, 2016


Today the Council was called into session to discuss establishing settlements in four of our most trafficked areas on Skaikru land. Not only trafficked the most by us but by the Grounders in nearby areas. Mount Weather, or The Mountain, as they call it has been host to horrors for their people and they are, understandably, superstitious about it. If we're to begin trading with them, we should bring ourselves closer to them.

And let's face it, being packed in here like sardines isn't doing anything to alleviate tensions.

Effective immediately, we're starting with the two most important points along our borders that we'll need: the river and the North pass. The North pass will need more military hands, due to the increasing threat from Azgeda, the Ice Nation. The river community will have to contend with sand and sinking which will pose its own challenges.

Each settlement will have at least the following:
  • a military stronghold of some sort. These will likely not be massive buildings such a large fort, but will have those higher points for look-outs, weapons caches, and a small barracks for round the clock military accessibility. We had facilities at home called Fire Departments that ran in a similar way, only they were devoted to putting out fires in their particular area.
  • A medical facility. This will not be a medical war the way Mount Weather has, and getting the equipment that we have in medical will prove difficult, but we want at least one doctor at each settlement and a clinic of sorts.
  • A trading post. A building in which Grounders and Skaikru alike can trade between settlements for the things they need.
  • A small law enforcement area including two cells in case they're needed.
Two committees for the sites are being formed as we speak, and any and all input into those sites will be carefully discussed to make sure that we have all the planning created before we begin heading out.

Adaar, it's the obvious choice to offer you the lead on the military establishment to the north. It is rougher area than the other sites, and there are many potential pitfalls with Azgeda around. I know that you've recently stepped down as chancellor, so when your name was tossed around, I wasn't sure if you'd be interested.

Rogue, you're a natural leader among your people, and with the abilities at your disposal, I believe that you could form a team that would be up for the challenges that riverside might bring about. Is that something you'd be up for?

Apr. 30th, 2016


network; bigby wolf (018)

A lot of the Grounders are either traveling more often or relocating out there. I've been hunting outside our borders for a while now without running into anyone, but they're moving around so much that I practically tripped on a scouting party I didn't expect to find.

On a related note, spears hurt.

Apr. 29th, 2016


network; bigby wolf (017)

Your kids are monsters.

Apr. 28th, 2016


[Filtered: Snow White and Willow Rosenberg]

Hello. My name is Bonnie Bennett. I'm a witch and have been speaking back and forth with Willow Rosenberg, another witch. We have been planning to form some sort of magical support group and, after seeing the notice in Miss Lane's report, have been directed to speak with Council members as well. I'm not sure what we need in order to go forward with this, but we have some subjects in mind already and know that we wish to discuss different types of magic around here.

Apr. 23rd, 2016


network; clarke griffin (003)

We're back, and with good news for once. Lexa called us to Polis to offer us a place as the 13th Clan in the Coalition, and she's given us a week to decide if we want to accept or not. The Command officials will be meeting for the next few days to discuss it, but even though we won't be having an official vote, your thoughts are still valuable. This is a big decision on our part, and it's worth publicly discussing so that your representatives can accurately argue for your perspective in the meetings.

Speaking of the Council, we're having a shift in personnel: Abby Griffin is stepping down as Chancellor to devote more of her time to Medical. This means we're down from 5 members of the Council to 4 for the time being, because Marcus Kane is stepping up as Interim Chancellor until an official election later this year. Kane served the Council on the Ark, and to be totally honest, he understands and negotiates more effectively with the Grounders than Chancellor Griffin ever did. This is a positive thing, and Chancellor Kane should be addressing everyone in his own words soon.

I'm not sure what the chance means for you, because I'm not sure if Mom has talked to you about it. She basically resigned in Polis instead of waiting to get back. Kane might be more proactive about announcing things himself or he may want to use you the way Abby did. I'm just not sure, and I wanted to give you the head's up.

Peeta Mellark, Mordin Solus, Sandry fa Torin, TJ Wagner, Evie Frye, Ravi Chakrabarti, Kallian Tabris, Baelfire* (*Basically, Podkru people established to be her Real Actual Friends in this post. I'm happy to add people if you drop me a note!):
I know Ieft almost as soon as everyone reappeared, so I'm sorry I didn't check in earlier, but: hi, I missed everyone who was gone and I'm happy for everyone who got somebody back.

How are you guys doing?

How are you doing? Are you even awake yet?

(ooc; i'm popping out for dinner, but i wanted to get this up so people could start talking about the 13th clan thing without having to wait for me. be back soon, xoxo.)

Apr. 22nd, 2016


Many of you were wondering about the activity reported in and around the mountain last night, and after a debriefing, it was revealed that the entity known as Lucifer who had been possessing Castiel, one of our Podkru, was actively plotting to take lives. Several of our citizens engaged in a fight to remove Lucifer from possessing Castiel and locked him away permanently in what is known as The Fade. The Earthquakes and flickering lights were due to this fight between angels.

Castiel and our other citizens are recovering from the ordeal, should you want to wish them well.

Apr. 19th, 2016


As of today, all of those who previously held positions of power, you are now re-instated. Those who were elected in their stead will fall into a chain of command, should any of those in those position disappear again for any reason.

Welcome back, Councilors Adaar and Rogers.


I assume being back means that I still have my job and that you haven't replaced me. And, really, who could replace me?

As a follow-up consideration, if this whole magic situation turns even more sour than it already is, and if I should vanish one pleasant spring day, know it wasn't you. I have a historical distaste for being told what to do. Nothing personal, I assure you.

Everyone back to normal? Good. Dinner tonight. Bring someone if you'd like.

I think my choice words may have to be, "Wow, that was awkward."

Apr. 18th, 2016


[Snow White]
I'm back! Surprise? Although I'm not quite sure I ever really left. It was like... we were all in some kind of alternate reality? It was awful. And I kind of want to talk about

So, I saw that my second in command position went to someone else. Is that permanent? It would be only fair. No-one knew that we didn't go back home.

Apr. 12th, 2016


Well, that was an adventure. Got my tablet back, guess everything checked out fine, so... second verse, same as the first?

Logan, Jean, no hard feelings.

Apr. 9th, 2016


Mount Weather: Jean Grey

David Collins is a victim of systematic brainwashing of a militaristic nature. I have removed the memory locked to his trigger. Before, if anyone suspected he wasn't what he claimed to be, he would react with swift violence, eliminating the threat. That shouldn't happen anymore, but I'd like to check in on him again tomorrow before his release is even a consideration. Let me know if there's anything else you need from me.
Thank you for your warning about Mr. Collins. You probably saved some lives.
It's our Ancient Councilor's birthday. Thanks to sugar not being rationed anymore, I've baked the saddest-looking cake ever to exist. If you want a slice, or you just want to wish Logan a happy birthday, please drop by the bar. He'll probably complain, but he doesn't really mean it.
[*Feel free to assume. I don't know who's left around. XD]

Apr. 5th, 2016


The votes have been tallied, and I am pleased to announced that your two new Councilors are: Logan Howlett and Leia Organa. We would like to thank them for their service and cannot wait to work with them in this trying time.

In the event that either of these two disappear, the chain of command would then fall to Cassandra Pentaghast and then Susan Pevensie. It is our hope that we will never have to call upon them, but we can do nothing about that but preparations.

For the new Second in Commands, we went by experience, knowledge of this world, and seniority.
  • MEDICAL: Garrett Hawke
  • LAW ENFORCEMENT: Kaidan Alenko
  • CIVILIAN SERVICES: Minerva McGonagall
  • CRAFTS: Julie Power / Lightspeed (616)
  • AGRICULTURE & ANIMALS: Marie D'Ancanto / Rogue (movies)
Your patience and diligence during this time is greatly appreciated. As always, I am open for questions and will answer to the best of my abilities.

Apr. 4th, 2016



Anything to distract fr The concept of voting to herald in a new leader is strange to me, although I understand that it is quite common to many of you. It literally gives the power to the masses, does it not? Interesting concept, even as I am skeptical of it. Yharnam functioned as an independent city-state, of course, and was constantly at war with the city-states it was geographically near. The Church organised the city and determined which cleric sat on which borough. It was an imperfect system, as it tended to favour familial dynasties rather than opportunity for advancement for everyone, but as the purity of one's blood was vital to being respected, familial inheritance was the only way to control who took seats of power.

So, voting. How interesting! I have done so. I can see the appeal, I suppose, although what does one do if one is not happy with the results? Is there recourse? Objection? Fights to the death? There was a son who was granted the head of the Choir back home who many hated due to his constant trips to the lower wards of the Cathedral district (I believe it is referred to as 'red light' in this vernacular). Many objected to what they perceived to be his moral failings. There was objection to his post, the Choir rallied, and they never found his head in the end. Politics are fascinating stuff.

[ Filtered to Evie ]

I've something to show you, when you have spare time.

[ /Filter ]

Apr. 3rd, 2016


mount weather network; lincoln (007)

I know none of you want to deal with this, but we have to. It's been days since the mass disappearance, and we need to start putting things in storage or redistributing them. These are the things that need to happen:

  • Clothes need to be given to laundry services so they can be cleaned and returned to the clothing makers. (Laundry and clothing also needs volunteers to help with the workload.)
  • Weapons, especially guns, need to be given to the military so they can be redistributed among the soldiers and the guard. Non-military people who know their way around weaponry could be useful helping them check everything over and store them properly for now.
  • Personal items need to be cared for, either by finding a home with someone the missing person was close to, returned to friends or family from their own reality, or put into storage to clear space in their room. If your housemate disappeared and you have items of theirs that might mean something to someone from their own world, but you don't know who those people are or if they're still around, post here to find them.

    In some cases, almost everyone from a group or apartment has disappeared. Volunteers for anything in this (laundry, clothing, weapons, or going through rooms and apartments that would be neglected otherwise) are appreciated. Cleaning out empty apartments is usually difficult enough when it's just one or two.
  • Apr. 2nd, 2016


    WHO: Everyone in Mount Weather
    WHEN: Today at 4pm.
    WHERE: Mount Weather gymnasium
    WHAT: Emergency meeting. If you're out of pocket due to doctoring people or being laid up in a hospital bed, it'll be broadcast on the TVs and intercom system.
    STATUS: IC/OOC. Please wait until I've got the sub comments ready!

    Emergency Protocols. )

    Apr. 1st, 2016


    mount weather.

    We are getting massive reports of people missing all throughout Mount Weather. I ask that all of those who have discovered people missing leave a message here with those you are looking for. If you know of any places they normally go to "get away from it all," include that too.

    Ahsoka Tano
    Alexander Graham Bell
    Alison Hendrix
    Amy Pond
    Anakin Solo
    Asala Adaar
    August Booth
    Bethany Hawke
    Bobbi Morse
    Buffy Summers
    Carol Danvers
    Catherine Chun
    Charlie Weasley
    Cisco Ramon
    Clara Oswald
    Cosima Niehaus
    Dawn Summers
    Donna Noble
    Dorian Pavus
    Edward Elric
    Ezio Auditore
    Faith Lehane
    Felicia Hardy
    Han Solo
    Hikaru Sulu
    Hope Summers
    Isaac Lahey
    Jacob Frye
    Jaina Solo
    James Potter
    Jessica Drew
    Jo Harvelle
    John Granby
    Jordan Parrish
    Kallian Tabris
    Kara Danvers
    Katniss Everdeen
    Kaylee Frye
    Kira Manning
    Lady Maria
    Laura Kinney
    Lily Potter
    Lucifer Morningstar
    Lydia Martin
    Malia Tate
    Marcus Cole
    Maz Kanata
    MJ Watson
    Nico di Angelo
    Normie Osborn
    Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Peggy Carter
    Penelope Murray
    Pepper Potts
    Phil Coulson
    Poe Dameron
    Prue Halliwell
    Rachel Summers
    Ravi Chakrabarti
    Remus Lupin
    Remy LeBeau
    Reyna Ramirez Arellano
    Rory Williams
    Rose Hathaway
    Rose Red
    Rust Cohle
    Sam Merlotte
    Sarah Manning
    Sarah Walker
    Severus Snape
    Sirius Black
    Stacker Pentecost
    Steve Rogers
    Tali'Zorah vas Normandy
    The Doctor (10)
    The Doctor (12)
    The Iron Bull
    Thorin Oakenshield
    Tony Stark
    Verity Willis
    Veronica Mars
    Wanda Maximoff

    Mar. 29th, 2016


    Network Post

    [Command + Pevensies + Legal + Law Enforcement + Containment Team + Bethany Hawke]
    Will the Witch's wand be needed any further for the trial or in helping heal the statues? If not, we should dispose of it now.
    [Private - following this]
    Peter would not have done it this way. Aslan may not most likely would not approve. Perhaps that's why He I know better than that. He will come when He comes, and that time will be best. If He doesn't come, He will send.

    Ceding control is still the hardest. I can think of very little I would do differently.
    Added late March 29
    [Shepherd Book]
    Are you free to speak, or to write rather, tonight?
    Added early March 30
    [Reyna and Jacob]
    So. I'm doing something foolish.

    Mar. 24th, 2016


    network; max caulfield (007)

    I'd like to help with the White Witch.

    I'm not military or anything like it, but I can buy you extra chances if you try anything with her. I've been practicing with my powers for the last couple of months and I can push back a little further than I used to be able to.

    This probably seems like an odd question, especially right now, but is there an extra sun lamp I could borrow or trade for? I got my plant in the last pod drop and I don't want to leave her outside to get any light. :( If not, could I have a little space in the greenhouse? I'll come by to water her, she'll just get all wilty and die if I just stick her on my desk.

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