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May. 10th, 2016


Master Qui-Gon Jinn had planned to have meditation sessions and extend an offer to those who would be interested. I am no Jedi, but I have the training and would be happy to show you the techniques that we use in my galaxy.

If you would like, please sign up here.

May. 4th, 2016


This library is surprisingly light on John Keats. Very good, library. Do continue in your shunny ways. I have a memory. And the goats, well. They have ears.

There's been quite a few birthdays pass these last couple days. Mine included. I didn't get a present.

Apr. 28th, 2016


Goodbye I'm glad knowing, despite manifold dangers and duress, we do get back to the business of living as best we know rather quickly.

At least the bird shit, the goat shit and the cow shit reminds me of such things. Everything and everyone has a job.

Welcome back.

Apr. 19th, 2016


Today's forecast:
Ripe for vengeance, Mount Weather will tip the scales of Spring and catapult directly into Summer. As there is not a dose of sympathy for miles, be prepared before you venture out of your rather well-appointed rooms and ensure that you do not anger the mob, desperate for someone's head.

Apr. 2nd, 2016


STORYBROOKE: Scott Summerlin 001

I don't know why I'm doing thi Three great things happened today: I got a candle at the Farmer's Market, one of the Mayor's apple turnovers, and I found my old Bright Eyes CD. Lots of nostalgia today. And the sun, too. So warm. Spring is finally here.

Mar. 24th, 2016


What is it called when you see dead people? Really?
'asking for a friend'


Mar. 8th, 2016


To everyone in the play, you're kicking my arse rather soundly in practise and I'm going to be sore for the rest of my days. Cheers to the lot of you.

And up yours, White Witch. If indeed you do exist.

Private: tw for PTSD, talk of the dead, mental illness )

Mar. 2nd, 2016


That whole sudden jolt of new memories? They're not messing around.

Half of which included my being tested on and had holes drilled in my head while I was half-catatonic. Who wants to play Operation! with the Banshee?

Mostly I just need something for the migraine. And probably an exam because - ow-.

[OOC: Spoilers for the latest two eps of Teen Wolf in comments!]

Feb. 7th, 2016


Given that I used to be a book, I would appreciate curtailing any behaviour which would potentially injure them. This includes drinking too near to them and it most especially involves fighting round them, too.

Whoever you are, I do hope your knuckles smart for days.


If you absolutely must confront someone in a physical manner, I respectfully request that you do so in an area that is has enough room for those who are not involved to be able to give wide berth, if necessary.

Jan. 27th, 2016


Quiet contemplation has been the order of the day. And I suppose I never wrote to you why. When we received our messages in the week past, I had been reminded of my very own Evans. So here, because I do find ergotherapy to be stimulating - and writing a grounding principle - let me describe him to you.

And if you find yourself inclined to read, my hat's quite off to you.

Not an IC cut. TW: War, death, etc. )

Jan. 1st, 2016


New Year memories can be strange, and stranger still. I have several that I would like to share with you:
  • New Years 1917. Piled into a dugout with my brothers in arms, telling stories and shivering through the mud. Tompkins got a pack of cigarettes and he shared them. We all took a sip of coffee (rum, really. When soldiers tell you they had coffee, it was rum.) out of the same mug and slept as sound as we dared.

  • New Years 1919. Our world had come to an end, but those of us who made it through were desperate to sear the new one with our presence. We caroused, we sucked in life, we celebrated one another. Soon after midnight, I lost my mates following a girl with a green ribbon in her hair through Piccadilly Circus.

  • New Years 1921. I had a new wife and an Italian family. We celebrated with the Palatine Hill as our backdrop, and me swearing in another life I had been a charioteer in the Circus Maximus. My little bird didn't like that, she didn't. But she smiled all the same.

  • To see a new year, with a whole new passel of friends, makes me happy indeed. And to think the last one could have had that leaden peal of finality. Instead, here we are. I am hopeful for the lot of us and I believe that we can only become closer still in the coming months.

    So cheers to all of you.

    Dec. 28th, 2015


    It wasn't until I actually lived with people who can see the dead and are, moreover, really okay about it that I wanted to tell you I almost got put in the hospital for talking to my dead CO. I loved him. I love him still. He died saving me and I miss him every time I hear Clair de Lune. He would hate that.

    And, you know, I'm very sure and very aware of the cliche nature of what I just imparted.

    Lydia Martin is very pretty.

    Dec. 21st, 2015


    Everyon We The fight was brutal, but everyone did their part. I'll leave the stirring speeches to Cap people who are better at them than I am.

    I can't apologize enough for my part in what happened. From what we can tell, when someone supernatural dies, I-- do that. The walking-around-on-fire thing. I'm so glad no one was hurt; Lydia is right when she says that it's best to just leave me alone until it's over.

    If anyone knew the woman who was killed, I'd be happy to take you to her resting place. I think I can find i

    [ Filtered to Will Graham ]

    Hey, man. Can't thank you enough. I would've gotten hypothermia best case scenario if you hadn't have shown up when you did.

    [ /Filter ]

    [ Filtered to Law Enforcement + Command ]

    In the light of all this, I fully understand if you would feel more comfortable reassigning me to a different position.

    [ /Filter ]

    Dec. 14th, 2015


    It has been quite some time since I was given to hope, being thrown thus from summer to winter, from war to 'peace'. But in truth, I fear neither sun nor snow and am only too glad to breathe a free man.

    Even if you are all dead as I should have been, I am only too glad to greet you with a fully beating heart.

    Fear no more the heat of the sun nor the furious winters' rages. Is this a truth when the world is broken beyond repair? When a fresh apocalypse burnt the sky? No one has an answer for me that is a truth I yet know how to read.

    But perhaps it is all in the learning. And I shall attend studiously upon this new teacher.

    Jul. 2nd, 2015


    This week I read a book about innate characteristics; how, even the shepherd dog is fooled to believe it cannot kill the sheep. And I am given to wondering if I am sheep or if I am the shepherd dog.

    But the play rehearsal is going very well!

    [FILTERED TO: 505.U1-2]
    I heard the announcement. Are you all safe? Please tell me you are all safe.

    Jun. 7th, 2015


    To those of you who saw the echoes of what battles passed before you, I can only offer my commiseration as you bear up grimly within your memories. It hasn't been too long since I, waking ever managed being easier. Only, eventually, I have learned to carry what is incommunicable. So, I am sorry.

    But to those of you who will be in the play, I say bravo. I hadn't ever thought to be an actor, so it is kind of you to cast me.

    Jun. 4th, 2015


    Filter: 505-U (Roommates)
    Hello! My friend Annie, she's so great, she has a four year old son. Well my friend Katniss, also great, volunteered to watch him on Friday. I was wondering if it would be all right to invite the two of them over?

    May. 26th, 2015


    FILTERED TO: 505.U1-2
    It seemed expedient, now that we are all living with one another, to say hello. My name is Septimus and while I might be fictional to some of you (having read the book which chronicles my story in days gone by), thusfar I have not met anyone fictional to me.

    An interesting world, this. Leastwise you did not come until I was assured that I still lived And for our sakes, for the fact that we will yet be within it, I hope that we might all be friends.

    May. 21st, 2015


    Being a telepath here is so much better in a lot of ways. It was so much louder there than it is here. It's much easier to tune everyone out.

    I'm sure you noticed during today's session that there was some discomfort coming from my end. I needed to discuss a few things with you about some of those memories I found. Do you have time to talk?
    [Trigger Warnings in Comments: talk of rape, kidnapping, mind control.]

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