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Sep. 7th, 2015


After consideration, I've asked Peter Parker to co-lead the Technology department with me. Between the two of us, we should be able to direct you to the person you need.

I'll leave you all to figure out whether I picked another spider codename on purpose or not.

Aug. 23rd, 2015



I would like to know more about my role in the Avengers, please. And how well we know each other.

Aug. 12th, 2015


[Filtered to Friends (a loose filter)]

Pietro is gone.


This should be over. If this is withdrawal, it should be over and done with by now. I shouldn't be spending every minute watching the second hand go by. My fish would be telling me to move him to the goddamn window, and Angela would eat him, trying to pass off me a bite across a cubicle wall. I wouldn't be sitting in my same old clothes, watching my roommate trying to button his shirts while missing a finger. How did he lose that finger? That seems like an odd, important detail, but I can't figure out what it symbolizes. At least I could do that before. Where is Krista? I need to talk to her. She could help me. Or I could help myself by helping her. It's a toss up.

Is there a therapist here?

Aug. 9th, 2015


How many of us are sick? Or maybe the better question is who isn't?

If you're not yet, meet me by the kitchens. We'll be checking on the ill and keeping an eye on the mountain while Octavia takes her friends to guard. They've been through this before and none of them are sick now, and she's expecting some sort of attack to follow. I want anyone able to fight to take care of themselves and keep a radio handy. Do not overexert yourself. The more you slow down, the more energy your body will have to fight this. Stick together, take care of each other. I'll be by to check on all of you at some point.
How's everyone doing? If you can answer. Or you can answer for someone who can't. If you need anything, let me know.
I've never seen anything like this before.

Aug. 4th, 2015


My brother's gone.

Do I need an escort outside if I just want to fly straight up? It's not like anyone's gonna catch me.

This mountain feels so small sometimes.

Aug. 3rd, 2015


Hi. I'm Scott. It's been a really interesting week, so I'm just going to cut to the chase and ask one thing.

Has anyone else tried to hold down a conversation with a tree, or should I head back to medical for another check-up?


I've already said this, but like Councillor Adaar said, I think it's worth repeating. I'm humbled to have been elected to the council, and very grateful for this opportunity. To those of you who have supported me in this decision, thank you - from the bottom of my heart, for believing in me. This wouldn't be possible without you, and I hope to make all of you proud. To everyone else, I know it can be discouraging to face a result you didn't want, but I hope you'll give me and Councillor Adaar a chance, and I hope to make you proud too. Your compassion for one another, your desire to do what you think is best for our community, and your dedication to what you do here inspires me every day. My door is open to all of you if you want to talk about what's happening here, if you have ideas or suggestions for us, or concerns, regardless of what choices you made in the election. At the end of the day, we're all in this together.

I know the message on the Memorial Wall, has people worried, and while I don't have any answers right now, I assure you we will get to the bottom of it. That said, if you saw anything out of the ordinary over the last few days, please come talk to one of us.

All right, I'll cut this short here, I'm sure you're all probably tired of hearing my speeches.

And since it seems like someone listened to me when I told Phil that I wished I had my art supplies here, thank you to our mysterious benefactor. It's a pretty good celebration gift.

Jul. 31st, 2015


Filter: MCU Avengers
Any of you experienced anything like a second memory update?

Filter: Betsy Braddock
I have a question in regards to memories. Mostly if you'd be able to look into it and make sure its real.

Jul. 28th, 2015


I've never voted before.

Its something I realised recently. Its just never been an option

I was too young on Zehoberi and Thanos, as I'm sure will shock no one, wasn't one for democracy.

I've decided, I think. I just also think its wonderful that we get to do this here. We have a say in our future. In the future of this world. Its nice to know I will have helped in that.

Jul. 26th, 2015


netpost; kevin tran

Look, if anyone's planning to vote for Crowley because he can make it rain coffee and burgers, which he can't, by the way, I can list a hundred reasons why you shouldn't vote for him. But that's up to you. If you want to trade your soul for a coffee / burger / condom fix, go for it.

So, I've been thinking about our proposals to get community radio off the ground here. It's probably the closest we're going to get to live television.

Jul. 15th, 2015


Filter: Steve Rogers
So on a scale of one to ten, I'm assuming your guilt levels are in the upper 20s?

Filter: Natasha Romanoff
How are you feeling now?

Jun. 29th, 2015


There are a handful of people here that know me here and what I did back home. And if you don't because you only recently arrived, my name is Sam Wilson, I was a counselor and former Armed Forces's pararescue back home and now a soldier here. I worked for Veterans Affairs and as a certified counselor, I dealt with other war veterans going through PTSD. Back in DC, I had a meeting room for group sessions.

Basically, the point in me bringing this up is because I decided I'm going to continue that service here, either as a group session or one-on-one, for people here, regardless of whether you're a war veteran or not. You don't have to be a soldier to suffer and I know there are people who have suffered here. If you're interested in either a group or one-on-one, please don't hesitate to let me know. I will try my best to accommodate everyone, and I will also take conversations over the network if you don't wish to meet in person.

Jun. 19th, 2015


Filter: Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff
I'm toying with an idea here and I was wondering if you got some insight if it could work or not. Remember the VA counseling from back home? (I say "remember" because it practically feels like ten years ago.) Thinking of kick-starting something like that here.

May. 31st, 2015


I know many of you know who we are, but I would like to properly introduce ourselves.

My name is Wanda Maximoff. My brother is Pietro. We come from the same world as many of the Avengers.

May. 25th, 2015


Где мой брат?

May. 24th, 2015


Has anyone seen Caroline Forbes? We were supposed to meet up.

May. 22nd, 2015


Haven't they learned yet, they can't keep me down?

It's good to be back. Although, the docs have said no visitors until tomorrow afternoon. I think they might fudge for tomorrow morning, though.

May. 20th, 2015


I saw that Antoine Triplett has gone missing. Has anyone seen him since he was reported as absent? I should hate for his grandfather to show up and not be able to see the fine man that Trip grew into. Regardless, I'd like to join any searches that are ongoing for him.

Filter to Sam Wilson
You name was given to me as someone to whom I might speak about various troubles that I've been having since arriving.

Filter to Septimus Smith
Hullo, old chap. I'm Monty Falsworth, although I don't know if the name will mean anything to you. Your name is vaguely familiar to me and your story as well from a course I took whilst at university, and I wondered how you have gotten on here, since your arrival.

May. 17th, 2015


It's come to my attention that some people have recently woken up with new memories. I find this quite concerning, firstly because we have no idea how these memories are being put into people's brains. And secondly, because the brain is a very complicated organ, and we have no idea what kind of affect this could have on it.

I would appreciated it, if anyone who has recently woken up with new memories would come and see me in Medical. I just want to check that there is nothing abnormal with your brain function, or any evident damage caused by whatever or whoever it is that is causing this.


I hate it when we fight
Can we talk about

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