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May. 11th, 2016


I'm heading up the eastern settlement committee. Maya and I already did our initial run through of the area to get a better lay of the land and try to map out where exactly we wanna try setting it up at. I know military is already being divided up for where to go initially once the ground breaking happens and I'm sure all the rest of the job areas are gonna be sorted out too but I reckon that putting out some feelers can't hurt.

I'm looking to see who wants to specifically help out with this one though. I figure we'll all help out with all of them as best we can, but you tend to put in the extra effort and finesse when you're building a place that you're gonna end up calling home. Also figure those that plan on calling it home should get a some say in what the end product is gonna be.

I think this one is gonna be near where your village is, yeah? I was wondering if I could pick your brain for some insight into the land around there and any customs we're gonna want to know to make sure we don't get off on the wrong foot with anyone.

When the hell did I become leader material? My X-Man team don't count. That was the most haphazard team we ever had.

[ooc: Annnd the sign-up info stuff is over here so everyone can have an idea of who will be where]


[Filter to Team Demigod] (ooc: y'know, demigods of all types and friends, feel free to assume)
There's been lots of talk of settlements and Magnus was wondering about the possibility of just sleeping outside. Continuing on all that, I don't know who is thinking of going where with these settlements. I don't really have a problem with the mountain, but hey, that'd be me being weird.

That being said, I wanted to test the waters of maybe starting up a camp here. There's plenty of space here, even with the settlements expanding out. We all know we can handle ourselves and any possible danger on our own. And, I don't know, maybe if we're really homesick, we can expand on growing strawberries or other food. Do we know if the seeds in the Cornucopia's food are bad too?

Anyways, thoughts? I know there's going to be a ton of paperwork to go through to probably do this, so I figured getting the yays and nays first would save us all some time.

May. 8th, 2016


Network Post

The new settlements will be an exciting change, even above the practical aspects. It will good to be more a part of this world.

We're soldiers. We'll go where we're ordered, of course. After, though, what do you think? I wouldn't object to having less stone between myself and the sky, but I'd rather stay together.

At home, we celebrate Mothering Sunday earlier in the year, so I nearly missed this until someone mentioned it at breakfast. Happy Mother's Day to those who mother, whether your own children or someone else's.

May. 3rd, 2016


Does anyone here know how to give tattoos?

I've been here a year.

May. 1st, 2016


Network Post

Lu Are you free?
[Shepherd Book]
Would you forgive a rather intrusive question?
[505N + Reyna]
Lucy's gone.


Thanks to everyone for coming out to weapons club. It was a great first tournament and I'm looking forward to next month.

[Remy LeBeau]
Up for sparring some time? I feel I could use more practice against you and your staff if you're up for it?

[Anakin & Nico]
Took you two long enough. Are we all done with the brooding and avoiding now?

[Team Demigod, etc]
What say you all to a group dinner? Or group training?

Apr. 27th, 2016


Network Post

Congratulations, Magnus! And well done, everyone who competed today! You made the first Weapons Club enjoyable.

Sir Aramis, tales don't do you justice. If I had to be knocked out in the first round, at least I can salve my pride by saying I lost to a musketeer.

Still sore? Are you sure you're not

Apr. 21st, 2016


So, last month, we talked about a weapons club and I'm happy to say we are getting it up and running. With the play and fight club, we were short on weekends this month, so April's fight club will be on Wed Apr 27 (info and signups here). In May we should be able to get it on a weekend that doesn't conflict with fight club or capture the flag. Can't wait to see a lot of you there.

[Military Sergeants]
It looks like I'm joining your ranks as the new sergeant of Charlie squad. I think I know most of you at least a bit since I've been here for awhile now, but I'm looking forward to working with you. I know previously we had some friendly competitions and such going between the squads and I'd love to get that back up and running.

Looking forward to working with all of you.

[Soldiers: Charlie Squad - Mikasa, Obi-Wan, Jenny, Stacker, Edmund]
With Sgt. Pentaghast's departure, command saw fit to put me in charge. It's an honor. I've fought with many of you in the past few battles, and personnaly, I think we're an awesome squad. Some of you might thing I'm too young for the job, but at home I was praetor, in charge of leading and training over 200 troops of Roman demi-gods and legacies. I think you know that I'm tough but fair.

Some of you have probably noticed that Edmund and I are in a relationship. I do not intend to treat him any differently than the rest of you, but I realize some of you may have a problem with this. If you do, please let me know and we'll work out a solution. Edmund and I both believe the squad comes first and he's volunteered to transfer if people think that would be best. For those that have been here awhile, this isn't the first time something like this has happened here, and people were able to separate things out.

My door's always open if any of you want to chat or have any suggestions. You know your strengths and weakness better than others.

So things got sorted with Edmund. And I'm now a sergeant. Not quite praetor, but still. Hopefully I don't mess this up.

I told Edmund what happened with my dad.

Why do I the urge to cook a big multi-course Italian-PuertoRican meal for our friends/family?


The weather is far more enjoyable than it was last month, and I'm feeling restless. After my shift with the children today, is anyone interested in a shooting contest?

I'm ... eh. Moderately good with a gun. I'd like to have a bit of fun with it, however. Also if anyone with one of those lovely "sniper rifles", as they're called, is willing to let me get my hands on one (unloaded is certainly fine with me), I'll treat it with all the respect it deserves.

Apr. 19th, 2016


Network Post

[Separately to Pevensies and Reyna]
There are times I miss can't decide if I miss ruling or am grateful not to have to preside over such madness anymore.
[Bethany Hawke]
I haven't spoken to you since you returned. How are you?

Apr. 18th, 2016


Dead sorry about missing the battle. Evie and I are sorting out times for Fight Club. We'll let you know when's the next time available to hit the stuffing out of each other.

Right then, what next? Suppose there's to be some sort of poking around about the magic that sent us off, yeah? Defer to the magic-users on the specifics; I wouldn't know a rabbit from a hat, and my standing about and glowering's no help to anyone.

Besides that, moving forward. We've had what, three times spells have gone belly up? Isn't right. There's got to be some sort of process in place when doing big magic? Someone to check with at the least? If not, well. Let's do it, let's have a civilization, and all the legal processes that entails, God help us.

So how do we get started?

Apr. 17th, 2016


posted shortly before this log

Edmund? Please tell me you're still here. I need to tell you something. I should have told you before-
I'm coming to find you.

[Team Demigod]*
Anakin, Nico, and I are back. Yes, we remember being here before. Looks like you guys had quite the eventful time.

Everyone okay?

*Includes all Riordanverse, Solokids, Cassie Sandsmark


Log: Reyna Ramirez-Arellano and Edmund Pevensie

Who: Reyna Ramirez-Arellano and Edmund Pevensie
What: Post-Storybrooke reunion.
When: The afternoon of April 17, 2151, just after the return from Storybrooke.
Where: Primarily 505N, although they’re standing in the doorway until Ed gets over his shock.
Warnings: None. Some kissing. They're pretty PG.

I’m either having a very good dream or a very bad one. )


storybrooke: 1:30pm

Edmund? Where's Ed?

Someone please tell me I'm not the only one who just felt that?

[AJ/Nico + Anakin]
Am I going crazy or is there something weird going on? My husband's looking at me like I'm crazy. Of course, I thought he must be Edmund or Jason. Who else would I do this for?

Nico? Anakin?
Please tell me you're who I think you are.
Are you guys okay?

Have either of you seen anyone that might be a king of Narnia in disguise?

Apr. 12th, 2016



[Texts to Alie]
- Oh God, I just did something really stupid and bad.
- I think.
- Maybe.
- Good stupid and bad, not bad stupid and bad.
- Like I'm ok stupid and bad.
- So stop panicking.
- If you are panicking.
- Sorry if you started panicking, I'm really, really ok.
- Super ok.


Storybrooke; Anakin Smith to Alessandra Ramirez

[Texts to Alie]
-- help
-- So do you ever have that moment where you're not certain if you should blame a thing on the fact that you drank (whether or not you actually drank anything) because you're not really certain if the thing was exactly smart or maybe you're worried it was really dumb?
-- Hey, how're the kids?

Apr. 10th, 2016


Storybrooke; Rene d'Herblay

[Filtered to Isaac]
After a rather heated discussion with Deacon Ramirez after Mass, I'm beginning to wonder if I want to be with the Church any longer.

I'm sorry. I shouldn't rant to you-

But that man is insufferable.

I apologize in advance if I put your father in an even more foul mood than normal. I know this doesn't necessarily pertain to AJ, but I may have incensed him enough to make his reach known far and wide. We had a remarkably unpleasant disagreement today.

Moreso than usual, actually. Much more.

Apr. 7th, 2016


storybrooke network; daniel

So who is coming with me to karaoke so I can pester Mags into making me obnoxiously named cocktails? I might even sing, depends how drunk I get.

I know it's a school night, but it's almost the weekend.

Apr. 5th, 2016


Storybrooke: Malia Zale

If you're interested in sharing the magic of the wilderness with your offspring, sign up for this Saturday's hike through the Storybrooke Wilderness Park. Participants will be given a small bag of granola, and water. It will probably be perfect for small children, unless I encounter a snake, in which case I can all but guarantee that the language will be intended for adults only.

You can trust me with your children's lives. I was a child once, and I was a great child. Just ask my sister. I believe in positive reinforcement, capital punishment, not holding back about the destruction of the ozone layer, and reverent silence. If your kid is a whiner I may threaten to feed him to a bear, but I would never do that. It's just a hilarious joke. I would be working at the animal shelter because trust me, I prefer pets to your kids, but the animal shelter requires that I be over the age of 18 for the fun jobs, so here we all are.

The hike is sponsored by the nonprofit organization 'Make Like a Tree'. This post is not. Nature! Yeah!!

Apr. 2nd, 2016


Mount Weather - After the breaking of the wand

Who: Edmund Pevensie & Reyna Avila Ramírez Arellano
What: Edmund breaks Jadis' wand and Reyna comes running. In which both of them struggle with feelings. Cue awkwardness and talking around the issue at hand.
When:March 30, when Edmund breaks the wand. [Slightly backdated]
Where: 603.
Ratings: G/PG for almost talking and acting on feelings?

Thank Bellona you're alive )

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