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May. 3rd, 2016


Sooo, I think we can all agree that communications is less than optimal in a world like this. People are at Polis right now and we can't talk to them given how far away they are. Walkie-talkies which are so old are incredibly limited and I can't even get them to sync up with our omni-tools.

I have hundreds of blueprints and I can turn anything into a communication device with scrap metal, tape and wiring, so I'd like to see if we can do a few salvaging runs and work on building communication towers? We have a lot of people who can fly and teleport to do drop-off installs, and setting up wireless beacons with a transponder could be possible?

Anyone else familiar with communications enough to help me? With enough brains and tequila, we can do anything!

Apr. 28th, 2016


Shout out to everyone who was in the mess hall the other day and ended up being a great audience during an impromptu wedding. And shout out to the unseen forces that let it happen without anything crazy putting it on hold.

Uh, you okay over there?

Apr. 25th, 2016


[18+ peeps]
Ah, they grow up so fast. Congratulations, tumblrlite, you have now reached tumblr levels of 'oh wow, I can't unsee that'. Mazel tov!

[Bossman Pete]
Hey, you got everything handled with Tech? 'Cause as cool as the tech face imprint is, I really shouldn't risk adding 'ruins circuit boards by drooling on them' to my resume. Stark would never let me live it down and this is Stark we're talking about.

So, important question. Does that tub of yours come with magical bubble bath and/or epsom salt? Asking for a friend.

Apr. 22nd, 2016


Who: Peter & MJ
When: 4/22 in the morning
Where: Mess hall
What: They are MFEO and you can never convince me otherwise, Marvel Comics.
Rating: Schmoop.
OOC Note: If your character is present when this goes down and can/wants to officiate, let us know!


Apr. 20th, 2016


Look what I found among the many giant-headed dolls.
Cut fo pictures! Not anything else )

And Peter?

You should know that Flash totally cheated on you in Storybrooke with Superman. Had a big poster and everything in his bedroom.


[Alpha Team (Soldiers): Flash Thompson (TRN123), Rocket, Thor (MCU), Sif (MCU), Cassie Sandsmark, Frank Castle (MCU)]
Sorry for disappearing for the past few weeks. Heard about the goblin attack. Anyone who was left behind want to do a sitrep? Everyone else, how are you hanging in there?

Also, we've got a new member of the squad, Frank Castle. Welcome to the team. Don't lend Rocket anything you don't want blown up later. Also, he accepts all muffin donations.

[Filtered to Peter Parker]
My younger self decided to get wasted the other night and fucking Frank Castle is on my team. You have any good news?

[ETA: Filtered to Frank Castle]
Guess you've figured out your way around here by now. Marines, right? I was Army. I worked with a different version of you back home.

Apr. 14th, 2016


mount weather

WHO: Peter Parker, Ben Reilly, and Benjy
WHEN: April 14th, night
WHERE: Loki's apartment
WHAT: Bro commiserating while being their usual evasive selves. Plus Benjy cuteness.
WARNING: the sads?

So you’re looking after your uncle for me? Knew I could count on you, kiddo. )

Apr. 1st, 2016


mount weather.

I'm going to need you all to check in. Rogers, Danvers, Rocket, and Groot all disappeared this morning. Rocket and Groot, I witnessed myself.


mount weather.

We are getting massive reports of people missing all throughout Mount Weather. I ask that all of those who have discovered people missing leave a message here with those you are looking for. If you know of any places they normally go to "get away from it all," include that too.

Ahsoka Tano
Alexander Graham Bell
Alison Hendrix
Amy Pond
Anakin Solo
Asala Adaar
August Booth
Bethany Hawke
Bobbi Morse
Buffy Summers
Carol Danvers
Catherine Chun
Charlie Weasley
Cisco Ramon
Clara Oswald
Cosima Niehaus
Dawn Summers
Donna Noble
Dorian Pavus
Edward Elric
Ezio Auditore
Faith Lehane
Felicia Hardy
Han Solo
Hikaru Sulu
Hope Summers
Isaac Lahey
Jacob Frye
Jaina Solo
James Potter
Jessica Drew
Jo Harvelle
John Granby
Jordan Parrish
Kallian Tabris
Kara Danvers
Katniss Everdeen
Kaylee Frye
Kira Manning
Lady Maria
Laura Kinney
Lily Potter
Lucifer Morningstar
Lydia Martin
Malia Tate
Marcus Cole
Maz Kanata
MJ Watson
Nico di Angelo
Normie Osborn
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Peggy Carter
Penelope Murray
Pepper Potts
Phil Coulson
Poe Dameron
Prue Halliwell
Rachel Summers
Ravi Chakrabarti
Remus Lupin
Remy LeBeau
Reyna Ramirez Arellano
Rory Williams
Rose Hathaway
Rose Red
Rust Cohle
Sam Merlotte
Sarah Manning
Sarah Walker
Severus Snape
Sirius Black
Stacker Pentecost
Steve Rogers
Tali'Zorah vas Normandy
The Doctor (10)
The Doctor (12)
The Iron Bull
Thorin Oakenshield
Tony Stark
Verity Willis
Veronica Mars
Wanda Maximoff

Mar. 31st, 2016


I'm just checking in on you to make sure you're doing all right. That looked pretty painful.

Mar. 30th, 2016


WHO: Emma Swan, Peter Parker 616
WHEN: During the battle
WHERE: Outside
WHAT: Peter starts to mutate again, Emma comes to the rescue.
WARNING: No one dies!

It was agony, and Emma had never been able to keep her head down and keep moving when someone was in pain. )

Mar. 26th, 2016


I wonder what it says about me that I'm really not all that surprised to be in an irradiated post-apocalyptic future?

Johnny, they told me you're here and that this isn't your fault. I'm not completely sure I believe them on the second part. I hear there are a few other familiar faces here, too.

Mar. 22nd, 2016


This is a depressing place to visit. It's not the worse I've ever seen but it doesn't exactly scream destination spot. Note to self: fire travel agent.

This pamphlet thing says there's a tavern around here. Anyone want to point me in that direction?

Mar. 21st, 2016


Okay, here's the thing: I don't know how everyone got their powers, but I know there's gotta be a few of us who would be on a talk show titled "How Radiation Changed My Life." Mostly because our world was selling radiation-based powers like fad pants for, like, ten years.

What am I getting at? Maybe go get a non-routine checkup if you've been here a while. Maybe just let some people in the labs know that you glowed slightly in the dark even before this place. Just to be safe. Okay? Okay.

Mar. 18th, 2016


Hi. Hey. I have to take a day or two sabbatical, so here's the deal: if you need anything, Ben's my stand-in. And if there's anything really big going on, he can loop me in.

I love you. Also, there's something you should know.


WHO: Ben Reilly & Peter Parker
WHEN: March 18th
WHERE: Tech engineering
WHAT: Radioactive spider-blood + prolonged exposure to more radiation = uh oh.
WARNINGS: Nothing awful!

’Let’s you and me find out how to fix this and fast so I don’t gotta have a hard talk with MJ, okay?’ )

Mar. 16th, 2016


[Peter Parker, Ben Reilly, Normie Osborn]
MJ's getting on my c-

Any of you up for a game of cards or, hell, even board games?


Unfortunately, today's news is not particularly good, but it's a warning. One of our citizens, James Kirk, has been infected with a wildly irradiated mutation of what most of us have heard of: Staphylococcus Aureus. Thus far, it has been medically and magically resistant to any attempts to cure it. However, our medical staff has had a breakthrough and are working very diligently to come up with a cure.

Those closest to Mr. Kirk were asked to see the medical staff for tests. We had a quarantine in place for his house mates and coworkers since they had the most contact with him. The incubation period has now passed, and no one else displayed any symptoms of the infection. We urge anyone who has scraped or cut themselves in some manner not to wait to see a physician, but to go to medical immediately and get checked out. You could save yourself (and many people) a lot of suffering.

This has been a very trying week for many people in the compound. I admire your strength and will in these times, and ask that you continue to work together as you have been. As always, if you have anything to bring before the Chancellor, my office is always open.

Mar. 15th, 2016


All right, you primitive screwheads, listen up!

You're not actually primitive screwheads and I think you're all great, I just REALLY REALLY wanted to use that quote for an announcement and it was a perfect opportunity.

So! I took over the cooking lessons (to add some Latin flair!) when Mr. Bradshaw left. For those of you who've still been coming to the lessons while I kind find my groove in the job, I appreciate it, and I hope you've enjoyed some of the stuff my abuelita taught me.

I wanted to let you all know that there's another change! Instead of "every other Monday and Wednesday," I'm just moving it to every Monday. Same timeslot! It's just easier on my schedule to have something regular and locked down. I'm sure it's the same for a lot of you.

NOW for the REAL announcement. I've been working with our agriculture group (Peace, Mr. Kent, I'll miss you) to get a steady (as steady as plant growth is) flow of fresh ingredients, especially since everything I teach becomes dinner for everyone! Sweet deal, I know. So here's the plan. I'd like everyone to save up some dairy rations to help me with this, because I've got everything I need to make PIZZA. (Thanks, Pixie, for helping collect some plants, too!)

PS, Tony Friggin STARK and I are growing coffee beans in a localized greenhouse, you're welcome.

It'll be a bit different that you're used to, though. Grain is still hard to come by, so I'll be using cauliflower for the bread. BEFORE YOU FLINCH, let me say you won't even be able to tell the difference when I'm done. You'll love it, trust me. And be ready to get your grub on this Monday. And maybe this'll drum up some more people taking my class!

Dear Bossman, permission to requisition some lumber, some rope, and a really heavy rock?
[ooc | THIS is what he's making.]

Mar. 10th, 2016


So, I know we're all a bit preoccupied by the overpriced coffee that doesn't even have latte art on it, but have we got anyone around here that does haircuts, by any chance? I'm two days from just shaving all of this glorious hair off and starting anew, because this Grizzly Adams look just isn't working for me.

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