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Feb. 2nd, 2016


I know a lot of you have lost people recently, or have been affected by recent events. This is just a reminder that the Mental Health staff is here for you, and we're happy to help or support you if you need either. Even if you just need an ear or a shoulder for a little while, we're here. This is open to everyone and anyone.

Feb. 1st, 2016


Hanna's gone. People are leaving and everything is falling apart. Hanna left, Xavier left, there is NOTHING here that is real and we're all just pretending at being a community while hoping we don't get picked off

She's right. She's right. it's all on me. All my games, how did I not think it'd happen

I wondered for a while if any of you were real. But you're real.

Jan. 27th, 2016


Seems I got this habit of falling from the sky, which I don't mind saying is a bit of a problem for us that don't know how to fly. Least I don't remember it this time round and got me a clean bill of health from the nurses after. Still, ain't too fond of what we're looking at here. Had me enough of Apocalypse, as is. What I hear from the talk is I missed some youth problem, which is all good. Last you all need is Le Diablo Blanc running about, believe you me.

Name's Remy. Gambit to some. Been told I got a few friends here, sorry to be late.

Jan. 15th, 2016


Bollocking, fucking, bloody bollocks it all to fuck.

And I thought the worst thing I'd have to deal with was the bloody fucking dragon.


When the bloody hell did we start dealing with natural causes, Georgie?

I hate sick people.

Jan. 10th, 2016


There was a....

Did anyone else see, I...I was washing my face and in the water I saw my Mom.

But I might legit just be crazy. Its been months without my meds.


I'm sorry about Foggy.

Anything I can do, even take the kids if you and yours wanna go to the pub or whatevs?


Do you miss Rosewood? I mean, not just your boy or whatever, and lol how long is it gonna take you to get into the dating game again, it's been ages.

But do you miss it?

Dec. 27th, 2015


Seriously can't decide the level of sucky this whole crappy truthfulness thing is.

I guess it's not like I have a lot of secrets here. And, no bitches trying to torture me or whatever.

Hey, Mona. No signing shit as 'A', alright.

Dec. 28th, 2015



Is anyone else feeling weirdly honest?

Dec. 26th, 2015


At first I was like I so did not do the spell thing so I shouldn’t be somewhere else. But then I was like I don’t usually wake up in a medbay when I teleport so it couldn’t have been that anyway.

Plus there were nice people who didn’t completely freak out. A little freaking out is normal. But it wasn’t like guns in my face so it equals only a little freak out. I can handle a little freakout.

I don’t think I’ve done the different future thing before--unless I totally have and then forgot because that can apparently be a thing? Which is crazy because how would you even know there was another future if you like forget all about it when everything reverts back? I mean I think there was something about like extra people leftover or something like that but history class is so booooring. Or terrifying. It varies.

But right I was told to introduce myself!

So hi. I’m Pixie. Or Megan. I go by either. Top 3 things for me right now are bubblegum, Dazzler, and the fact that there is no homework here.

Dec. 1st, 2015


I've been thinking a lot about honesty.

I mean the world would be easier if people didn't keep secrets so much. From everyone around them, from themselves. Secrets can be dangerous things in the wrong hands.

And even without someone knowing your deepest darkest. They eat away at you. From inside. Watching it happen is weirdly facinating sometimes.


So, next prodcution? Anyone else thinking something big. Like not Les Mis big, also they're like, right there. But we could totally pull off Aida or Evita or something?

Something people can get involved in and enjoy.

...Anyone know Jekyll and Hyde. The musical, OBC has the Hoff in it? Facade, In his Eyes, Dangerous Game?


So today I have so many freakin plans. I did most of my work inside a few hours and I've sketched like three upcoming ideas for shows. I need to keep busy. And I know what you're gonna say but I'm fine. And all that secret stuff isn't about you. Or anyone here, it's just an observation.

But all the same, busy is better than sitting and obsessing over it all so, hey, come help me with ideas?

Nov. 13th, 2015


I'm still not sure how this could at all be possible.

Still, since I'm told that my ex is here. And I feel like I should apologise for whatever Freddie might have said or done without me here. Which is a habit I'd rather get out of.

Anyway, I should introduce myself. I'm Florence Vassy. It's nice to meet you all.

Nov. 10th, 2015


So when I said to myself, "Self, you need yourself a mental break", I didn't actually mean a full-on mental break. I was thinking more liiiiiike a weekend of shopping? Bad TV watching? Cheetos may have featured heavily in this picture. But no, I just had to go and lose my mind instead.

It was almost in the cards. The last thing I said back home? "Well, if I don't make it to the library tonight, it's not the end of the world."

BOOM. Here we are.

Hello, friendly hallucinations. My name's Veronica Mars.


Well this is one hell of a day.

I miss Ben and Jerry's so much right now. And netflix. My precious beautiful netflix

[Mental Health]

So, Charles didn't show for the appointment we were meant to have. Which worries me cause he's usually pretty prompt. Is he still here? What do I do now?


I think the podwhatevergod may have taken my Therapist home.

Which is a new one on me. Usually they say they can't work with me eventually. Or I threaten their kid till they leave town. Which really, only that one time.

He was actually okay

Nov. 6th, 2015


The cold makes this body feel so brittle. [...] If we require fire for warmth inside this cave, I will provide it.

Oct. 21st, 2015


Okay, so so much love to our mystery pumpkin deliverers. You guys are epic!

So are we like, doing a exhibition of them, or a best decorated thing? We kind of have to now, right?


Hey, how are you doing?

I tried to help but,
Guess they had it in hand with the amazing plan I couldn't help with
Whatever. You're safe so

Can I come help the kids with their pumpkins?

Oct. 16th, 2015


Chatty to Castiel

~ If I can find his body. Dean's is it?
~ Can you guarantee he won't hurt Alison? Can you do something to make sure?


network post: alison hendrix

Motherfucker, you have got to be kidding me. This isn't who I was aiming for at all.

( ooc; mild warning for grossness, because demons and Sam-in-Hell references, and for shameless character hijacking. with Kait's blessing, of course. )

Oct. 10th, 2015


[Chatty to Mona]

~ Hey.
~ I volunteered us to run a Murder Mystery Game for Halloween
~ Figured it'd be normal.
~ And, we've solved enough freaking mysteries to be freaking amazing at it.

Oct. 4th, 2015


network post: alison hendrix

Congratulations to everyone in the musical revue! We're still taking signups for musical numbers, so please feel free to let me know if you want to participate in November's performance. I know it's been a rough couple of weeks for everyone, so I can't fault anyone on missing auditions.

I'll be sending along rehearsal schedules to everyone involved! :)

Michael can't come home soon enough. I was up most of the night with Charlie.


Whatever bitch it was that kidnapped me, really needs to get better timing.

Sep. 28th, 2015


Filter to Mona Vanderwaal
How are you feeling?

Filter to Erik and Raven
I have plans to teach.

Filter to Claire Temple
I'm quite interested in the medical school that you are setting up here in Mount Weather. I was wondering, though, if you would have a place on your staff for a teacher of psychology and a teacher of genetics. I realize that there are more than one persons with a background in genetics, and I would be interested in sharing teaching duties for that subject, if the others are willing. I have doctorates in both psychology and genetics, if you wonder about my qualifications.

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