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May. 12th, 2016


Had I known that might be my last cup of coffee here, I might have savored it more.

On the other hand, small children are an equally effective wake up.

How goes the mapmaking?

I want-

It feels

Bones! So, Spock is off charting out the Northern settlement and the room is empty. And I know you're probably being your workaholic self, but if you wanted to crash here, there's a spare bed.

May. 9th, 2016


Who: Leonard McCoy & Jim Kirk
When: Backdated to post-Storybrooke
Where: McCoy's Room
What: Jim came to harass Bones. Because it's how he does.
Rating: Bones has a potty mouth, but it's pretty tame

--- )

Apr. 26th, 2016


Filter: 18 Plus

I'm grateful that fans enjoy writing about us but honestly? If we did all they like to think we do on the Enterprise, we'd never get any work done. Especially you, Jim. You are a busy boy in the world of fan fiction.

Apr. 19th, 2016


Network Post: Christine Chapel

I'd gotten used to my kid being potty trained. Now it's back to diapers but that's okay, she's none the worse for wear and that's all that matters.

Heard I missed some goblins. Can't say I'm very sad about that.


So that was fun. Apparently someone somewhere thinks we make a cute couple.

Apr. 16th, 2016



We've got a huge haul of lobsters, clams, and mussels that we'll be steaming at the spring fling today. I can promise some excellent corn on the cob, cornbread, and coleslaw as well. Come early to eat your fill!

Did we manage to get a sitter for tonight? Was hoping to get a few dances with my girl tonight.

Apr. 6th, 2016


Storybrooke; Rav Mustafa

Dear Mr. Pirate Ship Owner/Captain,

I see you there, trying to make us other fine, upstanding boat Captains feel inferior to your large ship, but it won't work. You know why it won't work?

Because it's not the size of the boat that matters, it's the motion of the ocean. And my wife will tell you that my motion in the ocean? Above reproach.

I like big boats and I cannot lie... )

Apr. 5th, 2016


storybrooke: network post jack church

I know I've been pulling some short nights of sleep trying to get stuff ready for the season, but I wonder if I'm seeing things. Certainly didn't expect to see an old brig with sails come into the harbor while I was repairing traps. Seems a bit early for either the tall ship festival or the tourist sailing cruises.

Apr. 3rd, 2016



I really feel sorry for everyone who isn't an early riser on the weekend. I'll be adding new cinnamon croissants to my offerings tomorrow morning and the test batch is a-maz-ing. Even Bonnie thinks so.

(If you're very lucky I might cut some of the remaining ones up for samples this afternoon, but they're much better when they're still warm.)

Mar. 31st, 2016


Network Post

Bravo Scouts, it's a privilege. Whoever dragged me back, my heartiest thanks. Likewise to the person - persons? - who sewrd - sewed - me up and provided whatever remarkable drugs I'm currently experiencing. I don't think I'll want anymore, thank you, but they truly are amazing. Congratulations, Mount weather.

[ooc: Marcus is fairly out of it, so all spelling and grammatical errors should be considered IC.]

Mar. 30th, 2016


Ravi & Chapel]
Assuming I did something kind of stupid, but not too stupid, should I just go back to bed or do I need to present myself in person to medical for killing/lectures/inspection.

Bonus: No open wounds?

Mar. 26th, 2016


Network Post: Rey

I've finally got this thing powered up, so it's time to share what I got from that pod drop: my computer with working flight sim. Yes, flight sim. It's got all sorts of makes and models loaded, plus countless scenarios and environments. It's how I learned to fly on the ground.

But it's not the prettiest thing to look at because the only display I found was cracked, so if you care how it looks more than how it performs, it's not for you. You get used to the cracks and see past them after awhile. The imagery isn't the most realistic, either, but the programming and controls are fantastic.

Poe, giving you the first shot if you want it?

I'm not going to put it in a public area, though, because it's mine I want to watch and make sure it stays working. You'll have to come visit 505Q to play it. Trades for flight time appreciated!

Mar. 23rd, 2016


Alright, all of the cool kids are probably still playing cards, but I have to stay off my foot another couple days and I'm already going stir-crazy. Got my entire collection of holovids from home in the Pod giving thing a few days ago, I tinkered with BB-8 a little and improved his holoprojector, I'm turning this room into a theatre. Who wants to watch Captain Rygaen's Ploy? Or... hm, let's see. Sacrifice at Endo- No that's Scrivner's Revenge, one of my favorites. I've got Kallea's Hope's to go with it, too.

I have Han Solo and the Pirates of Kessel, too. OH and Luke Skywalker and the Dragons of Tatooine. Classic.

Who's in?

Mar. 22nd, 2016


This is a depressing place to visit. It's not the worse I've ever seen but it doesn't exactly scream destination spot. Note to self: fire travel agent.

This pamphlet thing says there's a tavern around here. Anyone want to point me in that direction?


network post; spock

I am truly grateful to be out of medical quarantine. I do not know any more logical ways to teach a toddler how to sing "happy birthday." Jim, if you require a serenade, I know a very well-qualified child.

Minerva McGonagall
If you are amenable, I'd like to introduce my 3-D set at this Thursday's chess club.

Mar. 20th, 2016


I'm happy to announce that the medical team working on Mr. Kirk's infection have successfully isolated the infection, studied it thoroughly, found weaknesses and through that, Dr. Banner and I were able to replicate an antibiotic that is showing signs of being effective against the strain, and Mr. Kirk is now on the mend.

All of my team is brilliant and deserve all of the drinks, snacks, chocolates and goodies you'd like to send their way.

It still stands that if you start exhibit symptoms of any sort of infection you should come to us right away.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to devote as much time to a beautiful, smart woman as she'll allow, as I've been horribly neglectful, and then sleep for eight days.

Mar. 18th, 2016


Since I'm still entertaining the lovely folks in medical, seems I'll be missing this month's fight club. Best of luck to everyone who's participating and I'll give three drink rations to the person who gives me the best play by play account of what I missed.

Private )

Mar. 16th, 2016


I've heard it said that introducing yourself here is usual, and my dragon who isn't a dragon has agreed not to set anything on fire for the time being, so I finally have a few moments.

Hello. I am Captain John Granby of the British Aerial Corps. I fly with Iskierka normally, but as she has appeared here in human form, it seems we won't be doing any of that. I'm presently in Medical as I wait for an infection to clear from a rather severely broken arm, and I have to say, the doctors you have here are a marvel. This would have been an amputation for sure at home, and that's if I survived the fever long enough to get to someone who could perform it.

Last thing I knew, it was 1810 and I was in Brazil, and the British were at war with Napoleon. I am given to understand that none of those things are the case now, and that you're all from different worlds, and that even in the worlds that have dragons, yours don't talk. I am originally from Newcastle, but I've served in the Aerial Corps since I was 6. Once I am cleared to leave Medical, I will be joining the folk who take care of the animals here. Do not let Iskierka near them in the meantime. She is liable to bite a cow.

And for anyone or anything that Iskierka may have set on fire or threatened to set on fire, you have my apologies.


Fight Club on Friday! Looking forward to seeing your smiling faces get punched.

[ Filtered to Edmund ]

Speaking of, I say this from a place of love and concern: next time you have one of those screaming around the room bits, is it better to let you wake up naturally, wake you up, or knock you out with a brick to the back of the head?

Christ, mate. You scared the shite out of me You need to sleep, you know, there's probably someone around here who could get you some sort of tea to put you under or something. Potion. Something. It's been ages since you've made it through the night all the way.

[ /Filter ]

Mar. 14th, 2016


Granby! Granby! They said you were here. Are you well? Oh! I shall burn down their barracks if they have hurt you.

Granby, I do not know what has happened to me! I am so very small now, and my wings are gone. I look like a girl!

Mar. 12th, 2016


log; spock & kirk

Who: Spock & Jim Kirk
When: 28 February
Where: 505.E1
What: Jim & Spock celebrate Spock's birthday. Warnings for general schmoopiness.
Rating: PG-ish.

It had been nice, to sit down with everyone for dinner. )

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