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May. 9th, 2016


network; felix dawkins (024)

( ooc; slightly backdated to saturday morning, 5/7 )

Remus asked me to move in with him, and I said yes. So that's probably happening soon.


log: remus+felix

WHO: Remus Lupin + Felix Dawkins
WHEN: Backdated to Friday night, after MJ's dance party at the Rose
WHERE: A hallway on the way to Remus's room, then Remus's room (with the assumption that Sirius ain't there at the moment)
WHAT: Remus and Felix got a little drunk at MJ's dance party, Remus may have given Felix a little lap dance, and after being stupidly romantic and kind of dirty with one another in a hallway, and after sex in Remus's bed (and not the hallway, you're welcome everyone), Remus has a proposal for Felix — because they've shockingly been together for about a year.
WARNINGS: There's some sex talk, it's a little blunt but not terribly explicit (except for the brief part where they're definitely having sex, but that's still not that explicit).

I want to live with you. )

May. 7th, 2016


I'm going to be heading out for a few days to gather soil, fauna, and other samples at the North Settlement. It's going to take a couple of days, so Felix, no having sex in my bed. Not even as payback. Sarah, Alison — I'll bring something fun back for a little science lesson with Kira, Oscar, and Gemma.

Much love!

Apr. 23rd, 2016


network; felix dawkins (023)

Can we all collectively agree not to warp reality or cause earthquakes or, I don't know, blow up the mountain for at least two weeks? Please? Some of us aren't from magical fairy worlds where that kind of bullshit happens every Tuesday. For all you all know, I've got a heart condition and all this stress is just slowly killing me.

Can I ask you something? About Remus? I'm trying not to bother him, especially with the full moon happening so soon after you all got back.

Apr. 18th, 2016


network post: alison hendrix


We are not letting this break us, people. Come to rehearsal tomorrow, we'll be reviewing everything that we probably forgot and catching up and figuring out where to go from here. This is going to be a team effort and I'm going to need all hands on deck. Cast, crew, everyone. I'd make cupcakes, but we've got to pay attention to rations right now, so no cupcakes. I still expect to see all of you!

We're going to hit the ground running and get this up in two weeks. That means long rehearsals, extra rehearsals, working outside of rehearsals. We can do it!

This show is not cursed

Felix, I can't say this enough: I am so sorry we left you alone. If I'd had a say in the matter, none of this would have happened. Thank you for taking care of Oscar and Gemma. I

They took me away from my kids.

Um. Hi. I'm sorry for the hot glue.

We're even now?

Apr. 4th, 2016


[Evie Frye, Willow Rosenberg, Barry Allen, Shepherd Book, Haymitch Abernathy, Felix Dawkins, Spock, Kira Yukimura, Tara Thornton, Bonnie Bennett]
I'm pretty sure you guys are all the last ones only people from your worlds now. I really, really don't want to be mawkish with people's personal items at all, but at least in your cases where there's someone who probably knows which bits are important I'm going to see if I can put them all at the bottom of the list and focus first on the people who didn't leave anyone behind. That still puts you on a deadline unfortunately but the only other thing I can offer is someone to ask if you want help from a stranger.

Apart from that I'm going to try to make sure that any obvious personal items will be labeled and put into a separate storage area in case the owners come back. But anything you can hold onto yourselves is so much the better.

By my quick count, there are thirty different worlds that we've just lost everyone from, and another ten where there's only one person left.

Apr. 2nd, 2016


(mw) log: remix

WHO: Remus Lupin + Felix Dawkins
WHEN: March 30, 2016, after the battle calms down
WHERE: Remus's room
WHAT: Remus and Felix come back from volunteering in medical and consider how lucky they are.

Every time something like this happens, I think it's going to be like it was at home. I think I'm going to lose everyone. Even if it's just a day. All it takes is a day. )

Apr. 1st, 2016


mount weather network; felix dawkins (022)

Has anyone seen Remus? Or Sirius Black? Or Lily and James Potter? Or Alison or Cosima or Sarah or Kira?

Alternately, can someone please give me a paper bag to breathe into before I collapse, because Gemma and Oscar do not need to see that right now.

Mar. 24th, 2016


network; lily potter (016)

You know something? In my experience, people like that White Witch out there are on shakier foundations than they think they are. The last time I met someone like that, my infant brought them down.

Food for thought.


network post: nathan drake

It's been almost a month, and now I got someone else in my room. I guess that means she's not coming back. Sorry I've been

Do we really believe all this crap, about people "going home", or is that what we tell ourselves in order to feel better?

Have I been a jackass? I might've been a jackass. Not your fault you're here.

Mar. 8th, 2016


network; felix dawkins (021)

Please save me from the Audrey II sweatshop.

Feb. 25th, 2016


network post: alison hendrix

Attention, everyone! Auditions for Little Shop of Horrors are today in the gymnasium! To accommodate everyone's work schedules, I'll be there from lunch time onward, so stop by with a song in your heart and a spring in your step!

We'll also be doing crew requests with our stage manager, Cullen Rutherford, so even if you don't want to sing and dance, stop by anyway and see him.

Even if you've never been on stage before, this is a great community enrichment opportunity and way to make friends. We've just lost a lot of people, including a few of our veteran actors, so we'll need all hands on deck for this one, okay? Give it a shot, first-timers!

♥ ♥ ♥

Oh, God, I lost Mona. What am I going to do? She was a pain in my ass and I think she was ready to kill all the other actors but she could sing...

Please tell me this isn't going to be a disaster.

Feb. 12th, 2016


chatty: remus → felix

» Question for you.
» If I were to send you this, what would you make of it?
» Asking for a friend.

Feb. 10th, 2016


Alright, this one might actually be in the running for strangest thing that's ever happened to me.

Name's Siobhan. I'm told I'm to be working as a scout and they have assigned me somewhere to live, but more about that later.

I was told my family are here?

Feb. 4th, 2016


Right then. I guess I've not actually gone mad and you lot are all real after all. Or real enough, anyway.

I'm Sarah. How bad is it here?

Clone Club
Already saw Cosima, but I heard Felix and Alison are here too? I've got Kira.

Jan. 26th, 2016


network post: alison hendrix

If anyone has newfound children that they would prefer to not to drag to the tavern, please come see me in Childcare Services and drop them off with me. We have toys, coloring books, and Tuesdays are music day.

Um. Remus is making friends with Oscar.

Felix, this is too weird.

Jan. 20th, 2016


network; felix dawkins (020)

Is anyone else weirded out that dragon steak looks like beef but tastes like chicken? Because that was trippy.

Jan. 9th, 2016


network post: alison hendrix (to felix and cosima)

Felix, I know I told you not to say "I told you so" and not to talk to me for a little while, but ...

I feel sort of relieved. I knew that Foggy and I weren't going to last, and the guilt about Donnie was getting to me, especially when Foggy did something that really reminded me of him. I knew at some point I was going to have to break it off, or I could just keep on being selfish. The universe made that decision for me, though, so ... hooray?

Maybe if I keep thinking about that I'll stop thinking about how now I miss two men instead of just one.

Jan. 1st, 2016


There's this unspoken rule that you're supposed to wait a few days before telling someone you had fun on a date, but I think most rules are kind of stupid. We're always trying to prove or disprove rules in science. End up mostly disproving them, so it kind of makes sense that I'm always trying to push the limits.

I'm babbling again.

My point is that I had a lot of fun last night, and you're cool and sexy as hell and I wouldn't mind doing it again. Sometime. If you were up for it.
Date went well. Really well, I think.

Dec. 31st, 2015


I have a date. This is not a drill. I have a date with a hot quarian who wants to experience a New Years Eve kiss. Aww yeah.

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