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Jan. 7th, 2016



You know I could legally kill you now. No one would convict me. No one.


Jan. 6th, 2016


I was thinking we could all use a little community-building exercise. DON'T GROAN. This will be fun. Maybe we're not all up to trust falls, but here's an easy one: where are you guys from? Because I know some of you come from some real zany places, and y'know what? Maybe there's someone else around here who used to live up the street and you never knew it.

I'll go first!

I'm from Forest Hills, Queens. A bunch of you probably know where that is, but it's (it was?) part of a place called New York City, which iiiiis... pretty far away from here if you're walking. It has to be about 250 miles north of here? Let's roll with that. We have a baseball team that never wins, some airports, and we're all fluent in the language of Mass Transit. Mostly because you can't leave Queens without taking 2 buses and a subway ride to get wherever you want, and you get really good at figuring out what they're saying on the broken loudspeakers in the stations.

Jan. 3rd, 2016



I'm alive.

I have an eye patch.

Unpleasant things will happen to you if you call me a goddamn pirate.

Couldn't even get the correct fucking eye, if you can believe my shitty luck.

Long story short, we should drink.

Dec. 14th, 2015


Any tips for room decoration? It's getting close to Christmas, thought it'd only be right to have something on my side of the room. No Christmas trees though, I don't need flashbacks. Maybe we'll have a quiet Christmas this year

A holiday tradition I know I miss are the Christmas crackers.

Dec. 11th, 2015


I would like to thank Mr. Ethan Chandler for providing me with the ongoing glad tidings of a Christmas tree. While we had indeed begun our journey before the pods arrived with decorations, there is some comfort to be found in decorating with what one possesses.

We have tied scraps of ribbon, glass trinkets, strings of popping corn, and even a few candles for lights. It certainly isn't the worst tree I've ever seen. I am glad to call it my own. And I do hope that all of you have good fun with your own trees, too.

My dearest Lucy,

We have seen war in two different realms, we have seen opulent palaces and the most humble of homes. Together, we sought to make Cair Paravel our own (the apple orchard, do you remember?) and we scored the land with our own memories. That is how we made an alien realm our home.

But I tell you truly, the Tisroc's desert gardens do not compare with the beauty of this homespun little tree. I find great comfort in the winking of the lights and each ribbon - thus knotted - tells me that I might tie myself to this place. I might live out the fullness of my life.

Even if Narnia will one day be shut to me, even if you are all swept away in trains and in lion's breath, at least I know that I can make my way. At least I know that there are reasons to believe in the strength of my own heart. I can make a home anywhere, Lucy. Narnia taught me that.

Dec. 6th, 2015


We have a lot of people here who like to sing, and who can sing. Anyone want to join me in putting on an informal holiday concert closer to Christmas? Nothing too big or fancy, just people singing together to entertain everyone else. If nothing else, we can go caroling once a week and put some holiday spirit into the place.

Nov. 28th, 2015


(006) Severus Snape

I've never been so grateful for heating charms.

[Filter: Draco]
Have you found a way to settle in here?

Nov. 21st, 2015


I know that some of you guys are adorably not well-versed in the ways of the internet or how we got to know each other online like, 200 years ago. There were quizzes but one of my favourite things (HELLO HARRY POTTER PEOPLE) was called the "Veritaserum Meme" ... I know, sounds CRAZY right? Well, it's definitely something like crazy. It's like a "Truth or Dare" game without the dare.

Because I don't know you guys yet, but apparently you used to be pals with an old version of me, I figured we could start off all shiny and brand new. I get to find out more about you, you get to find out more about me. So we are going to play the VERITASERUM MEME.

And Mount Weather, you're going to be totally cool about it. We're blizzard buddies. We're going to learn things about each other. No secrets among friends!!
OH NO. You have been given a dose of Veritaserum (basically, this is a thing that makes you tell the truth no matter what). Comment below with your name so that people can ask you questions which you must answer honestly. Feel free to take advantage of other people in a similarly dosed state, too.


Snowstorms aren't unusual to me; they were common during the winter, where and when I'm from. I've discovered, though, in the course of my reading and attempt to catch myself up fully with history, scientific discoveries, and other miscellanea that is kept in the library, that what was normal for me wasn't so in the centuries after my own. I read that I was born in the midst of what was referred to as a Little Ice Age, and that because of the Industrial Revolution and the subsequent warming of the entire world, it ended. That saddens me, as I can't recall a more pleasant time of year than Yuletide and the traditions kept.

It would seem, however, that with the nuclear holocaust this world was subject to a century ago, that the return of snowy winters is upon us. It's early yet, I realize, but perhaps now is the time when those of us who are so inclined to begin planning decorations for Christmas and New Year's Celebrations. Particularly New Year's since only a small number of us would be celebrating Christmas.

Nov. 19th, 2015


[ooc: mistakenly made public instead of being filtered to mental health]

I'm sorry, I should have done this sooner. Before I met my first Dementor, for example. [...] I guess I've finally found someone I can't be friends with.

My therapist is gone. Has been gone for a while now, actually and I think I'm. How do I go about finding a new one? I don't mean to be picky, but I would need someone who can put up a psychic wall between my emotions and theirs. Or else someone who's willing to communicate in sign language.

Nov. 17th, 2015


moody got wordy )


How are you doing?


Pending approval, we're going dementor tracking.


Stay vigilant and start practicing patronus charms with each other as often as possible. Per Tonk's post, Potter was volunteered for teaching, and that Vance, McGonagall, Lupin and myself are all available for instruction as well. We're lucky there are so many of us here, but that won't mean anything if we're not prepared.


Filtered to all from HP world

Look, I didn't want to say until the muggle doctors had ruled out any non magical cause. But a day or so ago a man was brought in, cold, staring, scared. No one knew what was wrong but, well, something crossed my mind. With warmth and a bit of chocolate he seemed fine eventually

Later another man same condition, only he didn't wake. He's still just frozen, staring, look of terror on his face.

You all know what I'm thinking don't you?


Merlin, I hope I'm wrong. But there are places still cold. I wanted...I wondered if some of you with more experiance of the things could come and see what you thought of the area before I bring this to the leadership?

Nov. 16th, 2015


I have good news. The brewers have made vodka. The catch is that it's blue. I sent some samples to the lab and was told that there's nothing wrong with it, it's safe to drink. It's just blue. And right now it's being infused with various flavours, so there's that.

It's pretty brilliant, we've got an alcohol now that's not bad, in all honesty. And it's been diluted down to a strength that won't kill anyone on contact.

There was something else oh, right The tavern is pretty well open for operation, and has been for a little while. But we're still working on a name, so if anyone has any suggestions, that'd be brilliant.

Nov. 4th, 2015


I kissed Charlie Weasley on Halloween.

Thanks for the photo album, pod.

Nov. 2nd, 2015


does anyone else miss twitter

like a lot

Oct. 26th, 2015


network; dean winchester (025)

I don't like asking for help, but Lirael's magic didn't get the Mark of Cain off of me, so I'm opening it up. Anyone good with curse-breaking, you're invited to poke at my arm and see if you can't get it off. It's old, old Biblical magic meant to lock away a primordial pre-Biblical force, but Heaven and Hell don't seem to exist here, so taking it off probably won't break anything.

I think I smacked into whatever portal's been dropping us into this reality when I was exorcised. An exorcism is like a forceful launch down into Hell; Hell must not exist here, because I got catapulted up into the sky instead and hit some kind of barrier like a train. I didn't get a good look because I was hurling toward it by force, but something was up there to run into. Don't know. I know I never want to do that again. Worst vertigo of my life.


Mount Weather, I believe I still owe many of you an apology.

During my last radio broadcast a few Sundays ago, you may have noticed I got a bit more emotional than usual during our panel discussion. And then you may have noticed that you became more emotional, too. I didn't know it at the time, but when my emotions grow strong enough, it turns out they're literally contagious. Since then I've taken countermeasures, such as wearing gloves and refraining from speech when possible. I'm also in therapy four times a week. But none of that negates the stress and suffering I've inadvertently caused, and I am so, so sorry.

Obviously, I won't be returning to the radio until my emotions are under better control. Even then, I'll have someone around to cut the mic in case I become upset. But I will understand completely if that's not a risk you're willing to take. The last thing I would ever want to do is harm my fellow residents of this amazing mountain community.

In the meantime, Crowley is doing a wonderful job of hosting our weekly round-up single-handedly. Did you all catch his broadcast yesterday? I haven't enjoyed a radio interviewer this much since Terry Gross! Who, by the way, would make an excellent addition to our citizenry, if the Pod God is taking suggestions.

Oct. 20th, 2015


Now that it's getting closer to Halloween, I'm missing Hogwarts a little. The decorations, the food, watching Quidditch, and general teenage debauchery.


I'd like to thank the physicians who saved my life. And, the sorcerers and witches too.

And, the people who showed me how to use this device. Which I am assured is not sorcery. Are you sure it's not sorcery? I mean how can it really communicate with other people if it's not magic?

Anyway, I was told I should introduce myself on here. My name is Arthur Pendragon. King of Camelot. Not that that last bit is actually relelvant in this situation.

Oct. 19th, 2015



Still sunshine and roses or do you actually want to talk?


How are you adjusting, Meadowes?

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