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May. 4th, 2016


Hey, everyone! I just got word that a pod drop was located, and that we've got a group headed out to pick it up. Anyone freed up to go take a look?

May. 3rd, 2016


So hey everybody. I messed up. I mean, sure, there's a lot of distractions going on (Really, not everyone can say that wars and alternative lives get in the way of their plans. Okay, unless they're from comic books. Mad love for you guys!). But I let something get behind and just totes didn't stay on top of it.

Which, considering what it is, that's disappointing to me. Top Priority, Cisco! Thanks for the reminder, Tali! I think this will work AMAZING with your idea for comm relays and towers. Can't believe I didn't think of that. Also sorry to the tech team for horribly failing at sharing info on this. I will suck less going forward.

I have sketched out some ideas for bringing two things back online here in Futureworld - Internet and GPS. It looks like we got the go ahead for the next phase of Cisco's Master Plan (with Help From Peter Parker and Friends (CMPHFPPF for short)).

Resources have been stockpiled, I know what I need. But you're wondering "WHERE DO I COME IN?"

Well, dear reader. If you can fly into space, I need your help. I need SPACE DEBRIS. Specifically satellites that we can refurbish. If anyone has like super metal detecting skills, there may be some that've crashed after a decayed orbit. Otherwise, I'll defer ground-based materials to the comm tower idea. Most of what I need has to be rated for space, etc.

Apr. 20th, 2016


I know there's a lot going on right now, but today is officially the day that everyone can tell Cisco Ramon that he's getting old. If anyone needs the distraction, feel free to track him down and let him know it.

Happy birthday, Cisco!

Apr. 1st, 2016


mount weather.

We are getting massive reports of people missing all throughout Mount Weather. I ask that all of those who have discovered people missing leave a message here with those you are looking for. If you know of any places they normally go to "get away from it all," include that too.

Ahsoka Tano
Alexander Graham Bell
Alison Hendrix
Amy Pond
Anakin Solo
Asala Adaar
August Booth
Bethany Hawke
Bobbi Morse
Buffy Summers
Carol Danvers
Catherine Chun
Charlie Weasley
Cisco Ramon
Clara Oswald
Cosima Niehaus
Dawn Summers
Donna Noble
Dorian Pavus
Edward Elric
Ezio Auditore
Faith Lehane
Felicia Hardy
Han Solo
Hikaru Sulu
Hope Summers
Isaac Lahey
Jacob Frye
Jaina Solo
James Potter
Jessica Drew
Jo Harvelle
John Granby
Jordan Parrish
Kallian Tabris
Kara Danvers
Katniss Everdeen
Kaylee Frye
Kira Manning
Lady Maria
Laura Kinney
Lily Potter
Lucifer Morningstar
Lydia Martin
Malia Tate
Marcus Cole
Maz Kanata
MJ Watson
Nico di Angelo
Normie Osborn
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Peggy Carter
Penelope Murray
Pepper Potts
Phil Coulson
Poe Dameron
Prue Halliwell
Rachel Summers
Ravi Chakrabarti
Remus Lupin
Remy LeBeau
Reyna Ramirez Arellano
Rory Williams
Rose Hathaway
Rose Red
Rust Cohle
Sam Merlotte
Sarah Manning
Sarah Walker
Severus Snape
Sirius Black
Stacker Pentecost
Steve Rogers
Tali'Zorah vas Normandy
The Doctor (10)
The Doctor (12)
The Iron Bull
Thorin Oakenshield
Tony Stark
Verity Willis
Veronica Mars
Wanda Maximoff

Mar. 23rd, 2016


So I know I dropped the ball on cult classic movies when Jack left, and now there's sabacc on Wednesday nights. Is there interest in keeping showing them, and if so should it be,

a) a different night,
b) still Wednesday after dinner,
or c) Wednesday, but timed so people can do both?

[Barry & Cisco]
Also, I have the full report on the Free Energy Project now. The technical details are still incomplete, but there's at least more there than I could remember, if you think it might be useful. There seems to be more about the early stages like identifying the location for the rift than for the actual method of prising it open.

Mar. 22nd, 2016


So, I should probably mention that that big treadmill that was moved into the gym the other day? Yeah, I wouldn't suggest getting on it and cranking it up to full speed. Cisco can get a security lock on that so no one gets thrown against the wall at mach 2 by accident, but I wanted to PSA that.

But, seriously, to whatever inter-dimensional gift-giver is out there... thanks. I wasn't counting on a birthday present, but I sure am grateful for that particular one.

Mar. 10th, 2016


Lois and Clark are gone. Sooo I guess that makes me the Last Kryptonian Standing.

It's all right, I promise. He felt kind of useless here, anyway. Sorry if you wanted his autograph and didn't get it, you'll have to settle for mine.

Mar. 1st, 2016


Hey, everyone. So, I guess we're about to find out how well I do with public speaking, huh? Don't sweat it, you got this

As a follow-up from my last network post about who around here's been able to bridge the gap between different worlds, I got a blessing to go ahead and hold a meeting in the gym next week. It'll basically be an open forum to get ideas going. We have a lot of smart people and a lot of people with experience. I'm sure the right combination of that will start us all in the right direction to get some answers about the pods, and maybe answers about stuff even beyond that.

I mean, I believe we also have a common goal here. Even if you plan to stay here, there are a lot of people who could really benefit from going home. It's worth helping anyone who needs the help, right?

So if that sounds like something up your alley - or if you're just interested to see what others have to say - stop by the gym after dinner on the 7th.

Hey, two things.

1. You'll be my backup on this, right?

2. I have a spare bed on the other side of the room with your name on it.

Feb. 23rd, 2016


Everything going on lately started me thinking. How many people around here have actually jumped from one world to another before waking up here? Like intentionally crossing the barriers, I mean.

FILTER TO 505W (Rose Red, Nico Minoru):
Hey, so you both know that John went... I guess wherever people go to when they leave here. I have a friend from home named Cisco, and he's good people. Any objections to me asking if he wants to grab the other half of my room? I can bring him over if you want to meet him first.

I think you might the person to ask, so here goes: I was thinking about all the smart people we have around here and all the people who have these special abilities. I know we have a lot of stuff to focus on just to keep Mount Weather functioning, but I had this idea that I could use the Mess Hall after dinner one day to pull together a Town Hall style meeting. Maybe some of us can start taking a closer look at exactly how we all got here and... well, possibly how to get back home.

Feb. 21st, 2016


Network Post: Thea Queen

I'm starting to think that I'm cursed. Oliver and Felicity are both gone. He wasn't like my best friend or anything but I knew him and Constantine is gone too.

Barry and Cisco, I hope you're both still here because if you aren't, I'm going to be convinced that I'm cursed and not just wondering.

Seriously this sucks. I'm not that good at making friends, not real ones anyway, and having family here helped. Now it's just me.

Feb. 13th, 2016


[Chatty to Barry]
So before I freak out and risk the wrath of Dr. Chun, please tell me you didn't send me an anonymous Valentine's card? Because if I try to hack it (and likely get caught, I mean, I'm good but she's a LITERAL GHOST IN THE SHELL HOW COOL IS THAT) and find out it was a joke, that would be really really not funny.

To Do List:
  1. Shower.
  2. Iron Shirts?
  3. Count drink rations.
  4. Look cool.
  5. Mention NOT mention I'm Vibe, because bragging is a turn off
  6. Felicity could hack-- no, she'd tell me it's more romantic to let it be anonymous. CURSES.
This is going to consume my every thought until I figure it out. It's probably Oliver Queen, since I didn't fall for his glitter reverse psychology.

So, big day tomorrow. You know, for the people who enjoy it. Not so much for the people who don't. Okay, killed the mood there Thank Odin/Zeus/Jupiter/Cthulhu for backspace There any parties for people without dates tomorrow? Just, you know, hang out, play some cards, talk about stuff, be social? Because I'm down with that. Don't want to crash anybody's plans or anything. I could just stay down in the lab, maybe throw a small thing there? Who's with me?

Feb. 10th, 2016


Okay. Somebody put me out of my misery. It's been two days and I'm still finding glitter.
[OOC: This is me, forgetting about plot.]

Jan. 27th, 2016


[ Filtered to Roomates Bucky Barnes (MCU), Matt Murdock, Felicia Hardy ]

Firstly I would like to apologise for the somewhat whopping hole that is currently apparent in the wall of our room; it was not an intentional destruction and with luck, will not be repeated. Secondly, I have moved all of the hunter's traps that I made these past few days beneath my bed; I apologise for any sort of confusion and/or limb devastation that they've caused. Finally, I believe that only my belongings were ever on fire, but if anyone should find anything that my younger self managed to singe, do let me know and I will attempt to replace it post-haste.

Normally I am a good roommate. This week was a little... unexpected. I apologise once again.

[ /Filter ]

Jesus crackers! I get the joke now. Very good! Very good, indeed!


Okay, uh...

What's the going rate on bribes to never talk about what happened ever?

Jan. 25th, 2016


Right then, rather than everyone writing at once, why don't we consolidate our information in one location so that we can reference it in the event that someone's parents or guardians show?

Just fill it out here, perhaps? For example:

My name is Alfred. I'm supposed to be in the Lower Cathedral Ward of Yharnam under the guardianship of Father Gascoigne.

In the meantime, for the very young ones, might I suggest we putting them someplace where they aren't like to wander about and be food for beasts? Just... suggestion. You know?

Jan. 20th, 2016


At least I traded one crazy ass world for another. It would figure that I'd end up here during a 100 hour marathon of Fallout 4. Because holySHITBALLS.

Yo! Darcy Lewis. I came in with that brainiac Jane Foster, and I'm from the same world, just totally more awesome because I'm pop cultured and memed with the world at large. Chances are if you hear Nine Inch Nails in the med lab area, that's me. I'm admin.

Also I hate long walks on the beach because it usually means we have metal detectors and are trying to find alien tech. The way to my heart is through sarcasm, free shit and music - take note hot guys. Bonus points if you helped slay the dragon, triple points if you tried to save it first.

Jan. 16th, 2016


I've been sitting in front of this computer for about 30 minutes without typing anything, because I have no idea how to start. End of the world! Radiation! No internet! All very horrible and depressing things. We're talking nightmare fuel here, ladies and gentlemen.

But. BUT. This is better than the Central City Comic Con. I may have made very unmanly and slightly inaudible noises for the better part of the day. I have seen SO MANY cool people, and none of them are charging me $20 for an autograph or $40 for a picture.

So, uhm, hey. I'm Cisco. Sup?

Jan. 10th, 2016


Does anyone have boyfriend tranquilizer on hand? Maybe suitable for an elephant? No? I'm going to guess no. I'm pretty sure Oliver wants us to use fake names, but I'm Felicity. Annnd I just ruined that for him anyway, so.

Thea? Barry? Sara? Your names were in the system when I umm

looked into it after waking up. Nice tech for the apocalypse!

Jan. 5th, 2016


Network Post: Thea Queen

Well my brother is gone. Helluva way to start the New Year.

Jan. 4th, 2016


Anyone seen that bastard Oliver Queen around?

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