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Jan. 4th, 2016


I'm real glad that I was able to spend my holidays with you folks. You're good people, and I'm happy to know you. Sort of wish we could have kept the decorations up a while longer, though. They helped make the place more homey, and everything just seemed warmer.

Filter to Peggy
You know what I want? I really want a bottle of schnapps and pie. Any pie. I wonder if there's any pie, and if we can get even half a bottle of that Iceshine they made in the brewery.

Dec. 21st, 2015


I have a — I guess a question. I'm not very good at talking about this stuff, because that's just not what I do back home, but if you've got a moment, I could use someone to bounce things off of.

Dec. 16th, 2015


I got a new housing unit for us. Pops is itching to be useful, so he's already been packing everything up.
Kyle and I are moving out. I know that Pops is a bit much. He's been this way for 30 years, so I don't think he's going to be changing any time soon. We also have another person to look after, so we're heading out. Thank you for being who you are.

Dec. 13th, 2015


Filter to Command, Guards, Law Enforcement
I just saw a woman carrying around an axe. I think I saw her in the mirror awhile I don't recognize her, at all.

Dec. 10th, 2015


And now for something completely different! If you're interested in joining our little temporary holiday choir-carol group, meet tomorrow evening right after dinner in the mess hall. I found some books in the library that have words and music in them, and they look like pretty decent tunes, so we should be able to scratch out a little bit of something tonight, and maybe Sunday afternoon we can try again, and try to have a little concert on December 24.

And remember, anyone who wants to sing should come. Being able to sing isn't a prerequisite for this. It's just people who want to spread a little holiday cheer.

You said you're getting up to new tricks, English. I want details.

Dec. 6th, 2015


We have a lot of people here who like to sing, and who can sing. Anyone want to join me in putting on an informal holiday concert closer to Christmas? Nothing too big or fancy, just people singing together to entertain everyone else. If nothing else, we can go caroling once a week and put some holiday spirit into the place.

Nov. 22nd, 2015


Sure was good to see full houses both Friday and Saturday nights for the Revue. I can't speak for Steve, but I definitely enjoyed our dance. Now we all just need to convince him that he'll have to try out for an acting part in our next show. Alison, you definitely know how to put on a good show. Thanks.

Nov. 13th, 2015


My goodness, I didn't think it'd get this chilly in this mountain. I'm getting to the point where I might need to get someone to cuddle with me. You won't be bored, though, I promise. I'll sing for you, and act out some scenes from memory, all for your entertainment.

Any takers?

Nov. 2nd, 2015


When November starts, my mother and grandmother always started the Christmas cooking. Even during the war, they started so early, and we always had a soldier or two or three at our table on Christmas -- boys from the base who weren't able to go home. Last Christmas was strange, though. We had a full table, but so many were missing. I can't even imagine what it'll be like here.

Filter to Roommates
So I found a book today. I remember when I was a kid us girls were always trying to do these games to figure out who we were going to marry and it was always the best fun, especially at sleepovers. This book has some "spells" in it, and one of them says that you can divine who your true love is. So what do you say? Girls night, where we see who our true love is? I think we're overdue.

Filter to Steve Rogers
I think that a little bit of extra practice is paying off, soldier. Your footwork's looking pretty good. You ready to wow them again tomorrow at practice?

Filter to Alastor Moody
Hey handsomeyou. You all right with that look-alike>?

Oct. 26th, 2015


I have to admit, when I pictured a nuclear holocaust, [...] this is exactly how I imagined it. Of course, with a lot more bunkers.

And a lot less - what was it again? Interdimesional travel?

Oct. 22nd, 2015


Filter to Audrey Parker
You're sure? That handprint's gone? I can make music and it won't hurt anyone?

You ever have anyone's handprints move to somewhere else on their body?

Filter to Peggy, Rogue, Alastor, Herc
Audrey said that she can't see that handprint that came with my Trouble anymore. She says that it's gone. But what if it's not? What if those handprints just fade or move or something?

added about an hour later...
Audrey confirmed it. It's gone. I can sing again.

Filter to Peggy & Sarah
I need you two to stay away from our apartment for a little while. Audrey's checking me out, and I'm going to test my voice on her. If I still have this trouble, the only one who's going to have anything happen to her is Audrey.

added about 20 minutes later...

It's gone. It's really gone. I can sing again, and it doesn't hurt anyone. Blessed Mother, I'm all right.

Filter to Alison Hendrix
I just want to let you know that I've been officially declared trouble free, so I'll be at the next practice.

You doing okay?

Oct. 19th, 2015



Still sunshine and roses or do you actually want to talk?


How are you adjusting, Meadowes?

Oct. 17th, 2015


I need help, right now, in the mess hall. They've all gone

they're all crazy, please help me, we were just trying to have practice


I'm all right, just a little sock to my chin. But there are a lot of people here who need taken care of until they recover. Which I'm told they will.

Oct. 16th, 2015


I have to say that I'm glad I wasn't hit by whatever got so many of you. I like my body the way it is.

Anyway, I'm going to get in some practice tomorrow for the revue, and I always do better in front of a crowd.

Filter to Rogue
How you doing today, honey? We need to make sure you take advantage of this and store up being able to touch, in case this isn't permanent.


You smell like rotten meat.

Is this the way you live? Is this what you smell, what you see?

When I suggest to the populace that the strange new sensation of easing into a hunter's skin isn't so much alien as it is a homecoming, they'll lock me up. I've killed before and now, I think, I could do it so neatly.

What structures are here to keep us from succumbing to these natural instincts?

Oct. 4th, 2015


Can't really say that I'm sorry I missed both movies. But I'm hearing a lot of you say that you enjoyed them, so good for you. I'm glad you did. Me, I had a good night in with Peg and a book and more girl talk than you can shake a stick at. You can thank my curls today for Peggy's patience. I only wish I had somewhere to go to show them off!

Filter to Moody
How you doing, honey? I haven't talked to you in a few days.

Filter to Steve Rogers
You never showed those sort of moves when you were on stage in Passaic, Brooklyn. That was fun. We should do it again sometime.

Sep. 14th, 2015


Sometimes this place is Well, I definitely had fun last night. And I managed to keep my clothes on, which was probably a good thing, considering the locale.

Filter to Peggy Carter
I can't find Mr. Jarvis.

Filter to Friends & Roommates of Edwin Jarvis
Have any of you seen Mr. Jarvis? I can't find him.

Filter to Alastor Moody
Thanks for walking with me the other day. And, you know, the hug and things.

Filter to Severus Snape
How you doing, sourpuss? Settling in all right?

Sep. 8th, 2015


So the moonshine that the brewers have is potent. Really, really potent.

Filter to the Risktakers (Peggy, Herc, Alastor, Angie)
Anyone else feel terrible? And did last night really happen?

Sep. 3rd, 2015


September already? I My son's birthday was three weeks ago. Slipped my mind when I got here. Usually Max would h He would have been twenty two.

Things like that, birthdays and anniversaries, holidays, those feel different here. If you're the only one who remembers what it means, if you're the only one who knows, there's not much to do about it, and everyone here keeps busy enough. I think that's a blessing, in a way. No remembrance ceremonies to attend. No big speeches to write. I could do with less of those. I never did like the spotlight, and I've seen enough to last a lifetime. There are things I'd rather not remember.

How's Neal been doing since the weekend?

Aug. 17th, 2015


Who: Angie Martinelli & Edwin Jarvis
When: Monday, August 17
Where: Jarvis's Apartment
What: Angie is Concerned
Rating: Low.

In being strong for her parents, Angie had found a way to be strong for herself. )

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