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Sep. 8th, 2015


I hope everyone enjoyed my news broadcast on Sunday! It was an honor and a privilege to carry on the work of my dearly departed (from this world, that is) best friend, Cecil Palmer, even if just for one day. I think he would've been proud. And it only took me four hours of rehearsal to feel adequately prepared! A year ago I would have needed ten times that amount at least. Therapy!

Last month I celebrated my 46th birthday -- well, actually I ignored it completely, because there were more important things going on, and also because the prospect of aging terrifies me to my core. I much prefer the idea of skipping this one and chalking it up to time travel. But strangely, being here is helping with that fear. Or perhaps it's just replacing it with the much more pertinent fear of dying before I ever get the chance to age any further. Hard to say.

At any rate! All of this has reminded me, more than ever, that our time here together is fleeting. I don't want to die or disappear without having made every one of you a close personal friend. So if we haven't met yet, let's change that! I can't wait to make your acquaintance. And if we have met, let's hang out again! Let me make you a cup of herbal tea, or come join me for a run outside! You're all beautiful people with incredible souls, and I am so fortunate to be here sharing this mountain with you.


On the anniversary of what was known as the Culling, on September the 22nd, a ceremony will be held to honor all who have devoted time, energy, and well-being to protecting this community. This new observed holiday will be a day of remembrance, and no work will take place that day. From now until the 20th, we will be accepting stories and nomination of bravery and sacrifice. Medals of honor will be accorded, and we will celebrate what the fallen have given us.

If you would like to volunteer to help out — with music, food, or speeches — please let me know.

Sep. 7th, 2015


[Filtered to Storybrooke]

I'm afraid to say, that Regina is no longer with us. It appears that the powers that be, whoever they are, have decided to send her back home.

Sep. 5th, 2015


network; bigby wolf (004)

Grounder werewolves will never be a problem again, unless one of you newly turned fucknuts does something stupid and decides not to learn from this.

And I'm human again, for what it's worth.

Sep. 4th, 2015


network post: remus lupin

I realise this may be a bad time, but [...] there's never going to be a good time.

Last night I wrote up something about being a my condition, and it may be helpful for those of you who are now affected — and helpful for those of you who aren't, as well, so you might understand the specifics of what people here will be going through.

If you've been bitten, or if you've been scratched, I'm so sor here to offer whatever advice I can and emotional sup perhaps emotional support. I also understand that I might be the last person you'd like to speak to, considering the circumstances.

A Practical Guide to Werewolfry/Lycanthropy.

Thank you, for what you told me. It made me feel a bit less hopeless. Maybe somehow, here, I can do some good, too.

Unrelated, but how, precisely, are we dealing with the ~Severus~ situation? I've done my best to have a civil conversation with him and I think given the war we're all past the point of namecalling and pranks. But I've got a few creative hexes that I

I've a question for you.

Sep. 3rd, 2015


It's a pity more things can't be beaten by dance-offs.


Probably as good a time as any to make you lot check in. I hear it's a thing.

Sep. 2nd, 2015


[Filter: Once Upon A Time]
Some of you have only just arrived and others have been here for some time now. Many of us from different moments in time. The timing is not ideal for us all to get together and discuss what we last remember. So, this will have to do.

Sep. 1st, 2015


As far as kidnappings go, I'm really impressed how this was done. I mean in the middle of a crowded diner, that takes a lot of skill to get past all my friends.

Which I'm told a few of my friends were here? I really hope that's true because it just isn't a new world hop without friends, am I right?

Jul. 17th, 2015


network; hawke (010)

Everything you need to know about Pirates of Penzance:
» I am brilliant.
» You're welcome.

( ooc; for reference - Galavant's "Secret Mission" vs Pirates' "With Catlike Tread". )


You know what's probably a little ridiculous, but I still miss them? Magazines with quizzes that have little to no accuracy in them.

What color looks best on you?

Answers that I really don't care about, but I bet most of you would still take the quiz to find out!

Jul. 12th, 2015


network; asala adaar (016)

I won't be available to answer any questions or concerns for a couple of days. Now that the debate's passed, I have surgery first thing Monday morning. I should be awake by afternoon, but I'm supposed to actually try to relax, so don't let me do anything productive.

FitzSimmons & Erik:
Thank you for offering to make the arm for me. I've talked things over with the surgeons, and they think I'll be ready to be fitted for a dock and possibly start using a prosthetic in two weeks. I don't want you to rush, though; if it takes longer than that, I'm perfectly comfortable being patient.

And Erik, if my staff won't work, any strong metal can work as a magical conductor. I can always find something else.

Medical & Betsy:
Since your anaesthetic doesn't work on me as well, Betsy's agreed to turn off my pain receptors and keep me under during the surgery.

Thank you again, Betsy. You're doing me a tremendous favor. If you ever need anything from me, please ask.

Jul. 8th, 2015


Maybe it's time I came out of my shell long enough to actually make some friends. Spent enough time sulking, and it looks like it's a dangerous world so no time like the present.

Vampires and werewolves and people from outer space are real. And here.So if I said zombies are real too, you'd all say no big deal?

Also, I think I'm becoming friends with Spider-Man. Do I ever have to leave here?

Glad to see you're alive, man. Was worried for about half a millisecond there.


Definitely one of the major upsides to being in the food service industry. It's good to see everyone in happier spirits. It definitely makes me a little homesick, but today has definitely lifted my bad mood.

Filter: Food Service Workers
Great job, everyone! I hope we're able to do something like this again soon.


I have always enjoyed a chocolate cake, and the one served with this evening's meal was especially good. My thanks to the kitchen staff for the treat; you have outdone yourselves.

Jul. 6th, 2015


network post: remus lupin

I feel like it's my responsibility to say something.

[...] My name is Remus Lupin, if you haven't met me. I've been a werewolf since I was four years old. More people know about this than I realise, because my private life isn't as private as I'd prefer.

When I first got here in April, I spent the full moon outdoors instead of being contained. We I was attacked by mountain lions, and in the fight that followed I ended up finding and attacking one of the Grounders. I lost track of him, and my memories are fuzzy, but I bit him.

I didn't tell anyone, not until a werewolf killed a Grounder village. [...] The situation here is my fault, and after the werewolf escaped the cells tonight I tried to run. But I can't in good conscience run anymore, and I feel it isn't fair to keep lying to so many of you and pretend that this isn't my fault.

I'm sorry. I am so sorry for what's happened and for the violence I've inadvertently caused. The people in charge here have known about this for a while, but I'm lying to everyone else and acting like I'm not responsible. I know apologies mean nothing, and I'll assist in whatever way I can, or deal with any punishment you see fit.

So there's that.

We can't do this anymore
I can't
I don't know if I can keep doing this with you.


network; asala adaar (015)

So, after talking to the doctors, it looks like my arm won't be getting much better. My fingers barely twitch.

I've seen some the prosthesis that you have here and done some reading while I was stuck in bed, and I had an idea. The staff I had with me when I was taken channels my magic; it's forged from a veil-touched metal from the Frostback Basin. If I offered it as a material, could someone use it as part of a prosthetic?

Jul. 5th, 2015


While this place might have some redeeming qualities I truly don't care. What I do care about is returning to my son. So, who among you, is able to assist me with that?


Here goes attempt at distraction So I was just informed that yesterday was fourth of July (I stopped paying attention to the dates here, tbqh) which means my birthday was three days ago. I'm not thinking of anything big and spectacular because for like 97% of my life, I didn't even know what my birthday was and never did anything.

If anyone's up for it this evening, though... Cards Against Humanity Makeshift Stack is complete! Who wants to join in?


network post: erik lehnsherr

This attack was
I'm sorry that your people suf

In the world I come from, the only people with gifts are known as mutants. These powers are inborn and genetic, usually manifesting at some point around puberty.

Here, only a few of you seem to identify as one of us, while several of you have gifts through other means. Magic, scientific experimentation, radiation, extraterrestrial genetics.

I'm curious to know what you do and how.

I've promised a friend not to kill you.

Jul. 4th, 2015


network; asala adaar (013)

My sincerest apologies to anyone who lost a friend yesterday. Something this sudden and this senseless is difficult to mourn. All five passed were Sky People. The Sky People have been more than welcoming to us in the last few months. They opened their home to perfect strangers, they've fed us and given us work and safety. We owe them our lives in most senses of the phrase, and yesterday, many of us failed to save theirs.

This was the result of sabotage, of that I have no doubts. I've taken on more responsibility than most when it comes to the prison, and so I take responsibility for this tragedy as well. We still don't know who opened the door, but we will find out, and we'll ensure that they never get the chance to inflict this on our people again. That's a promise I intend to keep personally.

Someone opened that door.

I know we're still forming a set of laws and haven't elected leaders for the Pod People specifically yet, but we need something in the interim in the way of sentencing and punishment. And we need guidelines for how to handle prisoners who will neither talk nor are safe enough to release. I'm as against the death penalty as anyone, but we tried it this way, and in this situation, it clearly cost us too much.

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