May 2016

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May 7th, 2016

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network; asala adaar (042)

I'm heading up the committee for the northern settlement, and as much as I'd love to go up there and trudge around in the mud all by myself, it would get lonely.

The mapmakers' Alpha squad is already assigned to mapping out the terrain, and further assignments of military and infrastructure personnel will be made closer to the date, but I'm also asking for volunteers for when the time comes. Why am I looking for more people? Because not everyone assigned to work on the settlement will end up living there, and the assignments aren't going to give us the numbers that we need long-term, especially not with three other settlements in the works as well. I would like as many people as possible who want to live in the northern settlement to be the ones building it.

We're closest to the Azgeda border and the last stop between Mt. Weather and Polis, so even if you're not volunteering or assigned as military, we recommend that you consider what sort of combat skills you bring to the table before volunteering. It's very possible that war may break out between Azgeda and the Coalition, and as the 13th Clan, we'll likely be roped in at some point. If you're squeamish about killing in battle, this may not be the place for you.

We're specifically looking for medical personnel and other skilled workers, as well as people with skills that would suit the military or infrastructure work. Our numbers in those last two aren't so great that we can expect them to work on multiple settlements at once and make it livable before we all get old(er). It's likely you'll be assigned to a specific task or build site once we get started, but consider this an all hands on deck project. Our first building goal will be a barracks, but you should assume that until that roof goes up, we're roughing it in tents. If you've never gone camping before... I don't really care, just don't volunteer and then complain.

We aren't starting this right away, of course, we need some time to map out the area and make a solid plan. For that I'll be picking a small committee out of my available volunteers that will include members from each specialty, and we'll contact the rest of you when it's time to move out and get our hands dirty.

Keep in mind that there will be at least three other settlements to work on in the very near future, with different terrains, social requirements, and levels of danger. If you want to help but the north settlement doesn't sound like a place you'd want to live in, sit tight. At some point we're likely to be working on all four at once, so we need to spread out in general.

(ooc; hey hey! even if you miss this post, there is one up in asala's journal to keep track of the north settlement stuff specifically, including the small planning committee, a full list if volunteers, and a spot to suggest names for the settlement once it's being built!)

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network; dean winchester (041)

Hands up, who wants to get the hell out of this tin can?

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network post: spock

[Mapmakers: Alpha Squad (Annabeth Chase, Baelfire, and Jacob Frye)]
If you have read the Lieutenant General Adaar's announcement, then you know we are heading north to map the northern settlement's terrain. I must advise you that this will not be an easy assignment. I need to know that you are prepared for anything we may encounter. We will be on the frontlines against the Azgeda borders, and as we have seen, not all Grounders are amenable to our continued presence here.

Should you not feel up to this task, I can speak with Sergeant Lopez about reassignment.

[Leonard McCoy, Jim Kirk, Christine Chapel, and Hikaru Sulu]
My squad has been assigned to help with development of the northern settlement.

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You're welcome.

ooc: It’s a great lollipop adventure! Calendar event

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[Clarke, Octavia, Bellamy, Lincoln]
Shit's not good, guys. While you were gone Podkru have been coming up with huge projects like communication towers that are going to affect other people. Planning how they're going to do it before they've even checked with department heads. When I called them on it and pointed out all the kinds of information they need that they can only get by consulting us I basically got told that we were hypocrites to object because we made mistakes in our first months here. And now one anonymous person uses the network to say the Podkru are scary, as a complete aside in a post about Grounders, and suddenly they're talking about killing us and taking the mountain?

I don't like this. Any of it. We welcomed them here, we've been working with them, learning from each other, trusted them enough to include them in our government, and they're acting like we're pests that need to be eradicated.

If anyone feels like they're getting shit from Skaikru, tell me and I'll deal with it. Get a name if you can.

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It's weird, not having TV and radio and everything everywhere just bombarding you with ads here. It's so much easier for time to slip away. Of course, apocalyptic future, so who even knows if our holidays still really exist, but then I remembered what tomorrow is and it feels weird to know it's coming and..

Did you have any traditions you did? Back in our world.

Can you How are Ugh, this is so Hi.

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Need a few lab hands to go out to the areas marked for new settlement and bring back soil and water samples. You know the drill, make sure the land is inhabitable, can grow crops and all that rubbish. There's only a few of us Podkru in the lab, these days, but a few Skaikru-medical have already offered to go along. It'll likely take a few days, so pack ahead and go in prepared.

I don't think any of us have issues with our fellow Skaikru medical team, but if you do, speak up now. Or forever hold your peace.

Don't actually forever-hold-your-peace, if you ever have an issue and you don't feel comfortable going to Dr. Griffin, please come to me. And apologies in advance if I've been more distant and frazzled as of late. Long hours working on my projects and a slightly more immediate timeline wasn't what I was expecting to deal with this month. Neither was an arseload of new memories. But I'm always available if you need to air grievances or just talk. Or just to stare at my glorious beard, as I know how fantastic it is.

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I'm going to be heading out for a few days to gather soil, fauna, and other samples at the North Settlement. It's going to take a couple of days, so Felix, no having sex in my bed. Not even as payback. Sarah, Alison — I'll bring something fun back for a little science lesson with Kira, Oscar, and Gemma.

Much love!

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Magical support group today at four. Everyone interested is welcome!

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[Filtered to Once Upon a Time Fandom minus Baelfire]
I've been waiting to make any sort of announcement until after I spoke to Baelfire and to be honest I wasn't completely convinced this place was even real. It's been a week and I'm still here. I even started a job in Law Enforecment last week. I guess I'm going to be here a while.

You should all know (if you don't already) that I'm expecting. I'm about five weeks along right now. It came as a complete surprise, but I'm really happy about it. Especially being here where we are both safe

[Filtered to Medical]

I disclosed this information during intake, but I'm about five weeks pregnant. Does the mountain have an OB/GYN I can start seeing? I want to make sure this goes as smoothly as it can while trapped inside a mountain. I also want to make sure that whoever has been delivering babies around here isn't headed off to one of the new settlements.

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Looks like I'm going to have a big project of my own soon. Which is not to be interpreted as running off. I'm still here.

Are you making any progress?

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Different universe, same shit. People really don't learn, do they?

Think y'all could use someone who can shift into animals? Figure if I'm stuck here, might as well make myself useful.
Let me guess, you're not gonna rough it.

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I'm going to be gone for a little while. Spock said to prepare ourselves for a week but it could turn over into two. I figured I should inform you all before we head out.

Hey, what's going on? You've not said anything to me in days.

*You can go ahead and assume! If you are from OUAT, you're definitely part of it.

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[ Filtered to Friends - Assume Away! ]

Might have Fight Club all on your lonesome, Evie. Looks like I'm going to be playing settler for a bit. You lot try to keep it together, yeah? I'll be back in a few weeks, so try not to have a second goblin invasion; I'd be sore to miss another.

(Feel free to use this space to tell me how desperately you're going to miss me.)

[ /Filter ]

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» A moment of your time, if you please.

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I want to be sure I'm going to wake up and find out this is all a dream, but I have a feeling that isn't going to happen.

Hello, everyone. My name is Snow White. You can also call me Mary Margaret if you wish. I was told there are likely people I know here.

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Things calmed down enough in your head yet?
Do you want reports on how Barnes is doing with the new arm?
Up for another round? It's not like you're sleeping.

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You know, I actually genuinely miss woodworking. It was always a half-assed hobby, for when I had the time, but I miss it. Guess I could put that to use with these settlements.

[ emma ]
How's it going, Swan? Hanging in there okay?