May 2016

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May 5th, 2016

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chatty; dean winchester (040)

chatty to cas:
» Hey, trouble
» You all right?
» Still you?

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Today is Pixie's birthday. She is 16 now, which is almost a real grown up person.

I found some berries for you.

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I feel the need to say something for the safety of our community.

And before anyone starts in on me for being anonymous, I want you to stop and think about the fact that the punishment for treason is execution. We haven’t been down here long, and I don’t like the way things have been going, and I don’t want to find a gun at the back of my head because I said the wrong thing and somebody in charge decides it’s part of a plot.

So here it is: I don’t think getting tied this closely to the Grounders is a good idea.

Their first response to seeing us, when all we did was land, was to attack. Not “hey there,” not even “who the hell are you?” They rolled up and kidnapped a kid and left him to die on a tree. That’s their idea of a warning. They’ve shown signs over and over of being a brutal culture. This whole “blood must have blood” thing? That’s really something we want to be part of? I thought we were supposed to be moving away from the whole Ark philosophy of “you screwed up, now you’re dead.” Finn Collins should have been brought to justice, but not like that. The person who gave scared teenagers guns and thought they’d make good decisions with them should have been brought to justice, too, but you know we’re not going to see that happen. The Grounders decide who’s guilty, and then the Grounders torture them to death unless somebody steps in with a mercy killing. Looks to me like if we join up with the Grounders, we subject ourselves to their laws, and those laws don’t look like they have anything to do with justice. They’re about revenge. I don’t want to see any more kids die because adults put them in a situation there was no getting out of.

And that’s not even touching on how we ended up here at Mount Weather.

The Grounders do not, and will never, consider us their people. It doesn’t matter how much we try to fall in line with them. Even when we have the exact same goal, they don’t give a damn for us. They were willing to let our kids be drained of every single drop of their blood to get their own people back. They trusted the Mountain Men, who they had fought for years and years, to keep their word rather than trusting us to get in. We can learn their language and follow their rules and stick to their borders all we want, but when it comes down to it, they’re always going to sell us out if it benefits them. Right now Trikru hates Azgeda, but if there’s another enemy out there, they’ll still pick Azgeda over us. They like us when we’re convenient, and they’ll kill us when we’re not.

This alliance is a mistake. Honestly, the best thing we could do is get some of these Pod people who can travel long distances easily to help us find a genuinely uninhabited place where we can start over and get the hell out of here. No alliance with the Grounders is ever going to get us anything but death.

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If you don't want generalising bigots who never shut up to be your representative, let me know below, because I'm going to storm the comms team and put out a message. Peacefully storm. I'll knock politely, probably. Comms team, radio people, you're great, but I need to borrow your stuff.

Anyhow, whatever turns out with the coalition, I don't want to be associated with the disgusting messages spewing onto our network that put all Grounders in one basket. You lot who argue back on the network are doing a bang-up job and keep at it, but I don't argue worth rot. But I can talk. Our friends who happen to be from different tribes with different takes on what's happening don't deserve to think ill of all of us just because some cretin who's more savvy with tech than he or she is at basic human decency is blasting us full-stop with their sordid opinions. I'm not about to be one of them because I didn't loan my voice when the time got right. Who's with me?

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» How was it?
» Oh, scusa. How was it for your friend?

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Are you back?

I've just realized it's almost my birthday.

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Chatty to Teddy:
» I joined a magic support group.
» I'm Billy Kaplan, and creating alternate dimensions should be my Tumblr name.
» Can we write fanfic about our lives, or would that be gross / weird / not cool? Check yes or no.

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If I get arrested for hacking into the radio system, break me out of jail. Don't let me rot. I'm not made to survive prison life.

It should be easy since you're all cops.

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While a great many of you are now personally familiar with the way magic works where I come from, that simply isn't just me. And even if you're in the midst of a trying time, if the radio is anything to go by, it's only polite to introduce oneself. Captain Killian Jones, at your service. But you may also know me by my nickname. Captain Hook.

Alpha Scouts, I'm stationed with you.

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I do not understand. What is everyone arguing about? Am I supposed to kill anyone at the moment or not quite yet?

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network; mystique (021)

Is anyone else getting the feeling that someone went "oh, you thought the Emma Swan debacle was a witch hunt? We'll show you a witch hunt"?

If you were wondering what life felt like just before the Sentinel program started, this was it.

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Someone guess what my favorite part of not being in the government is?

quick cut for baby stuff discussion! )

Something you want to get off your chest before you start a riot, or are you all right?

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network post: han solo

I know I'm a day late, but if anyone finds one of these in Wookiee size, send it my way. It's a very important gift.

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Would somebody else like to try telling my oh-so-pregnant wife that she come to bed and stop cleaning?

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I liked the message that was on the radios earlier, but all of this tension makes me anxious. I suppose peace is never really that easy, though.

[ fenris ]
Excuse me, I hate to bother you. We spoke recently at the tavern -- my name is Kate.

If it isn't too much trouble, and if you have any interest, I'd very much like to learn some of your skills with weapons. I have spent a lot of time recently feeling very vulnerable and [...] well, as though my actions are not my own to control. I'm tired of feeling that way, and I'm trying to learn defensive skills from anyone I can.

I understand if you'd rather not, however! You won't hurt my feelings.

Thank you either way.

[ trigger: drugging, kidnapping, etc. -- kate talks about her experiences. also spoilers for Life is Strange! ]