May 2016

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May 4th, 2016

[info]taserqueen in [info]the100

Normally I'm all respectful and shit, but this isn't an opportunity I'd like, ever have. Ever.

May The 4th Be With You, people of Mt. Weather.

Also by looking at most of this porn, y'all are way more vanilla than I expected.

[info]runbarryrun in [info]the100

Hey, everyone! I just got word that a pod drop was located, and that we've got a group headed out to pick it up. Anyone freed up to go take a look?

[info]outofmyskull in [info]the100

Where's Karen?

[info]deeringdo in [info]the100

Right! So, two things. Maybe more than two things. I'll start from the beginning.

First, the boring stuff. Well, not boring, but way less exciting than the other thing. There's some magic group thing forming, here, and it sounds like other worlds don't have nearly the kind of schooling and training that we do. So if we want to see less magical mishaps around here, seems like we should help them out, yeah? Moony, you're our resident professor-to-be, you should be good at that sort of thing. And Seve hrm

Second. How many brooms do we have now? Harry and Ginny, you've got yours, right? There are people putting together a team of people who can fly and go up and get things from space. Obviously brooms don't go into space (at least I'm pretty sure they don't - so tempted to try, but I won't) but we're going to figure out how to go up really high and bring things back down for them. Teamwork, and that sort of thing. So, we need to figure out how high we can go, what sort of magic we might need to breathe up there, and how to carry some probably pretty big stuff back down from way high up and make sure it lands safely.

Okay, that was two things. Ready? Give me all your ideas, and go.

[info]believeinmagic in [info]the100

Hi. My name is Emma Swan, which is probably not a name you're really eager to see so soon under this kind of filter.

However, Bonnie Bennett and Willow Rosenberg have started a magical resource and support group so that we can assist one another, understand each other's magic, and be of help to the community at large. They're both very talented witches in their worlds and they're both eager to helping as much as they can. My involvement is strictly support, as I still have the enchanted cuff that prevents me from doing any magic, if you were, understandably, worried about that.

The group, which doesn't have a formal name yet, will be meeting in the common area outside of the library on Saturday at 4pm, but I thought we could have an informal introduction here to see if this is something you'd be interested in. I want to make thin

So I'll start. I'm Emma Swan. I'm not really sure how old I am anymore because of too many curses and time jumps and world jumps. I was in my early 30s last time I checked. Until recently, I was also called the Dark One, which is an entity in my world that possesses and poisons a person until they are consumed. It's because of my son, Henry, that I'm no longer possessed. If you have any other questions, I'm willing to answer them.

[info]septimussmith in [info]the100

This library is surprisingly light on John Keats. Very good, library. Do continue in your shunny ways. I have a memory. And the goats, well. They have ears.

There's been quite a few birthdays pass these last couple days. Mine included. I didn't get a present.

[info]shulkie in [info]the100

Girls, I have got to get out of this post-Janitor Tony Stark funk. Wish me luck.
Hey there, stud.

You catch your breath from round one?

[info]youngestsolo in [info]the100

(026) Anakin Solo

[Filter: Jaina]
You probably already know this, but I have a boyfriend.

So that's a thing.

[Filter: Chewie]
I talked to him.


[info]thatlanewit in [info]the100

news report; 2 (May 5th)

[OOC: EVERYONE PRETEND THIS IS POSTED TOMORROW. I just am not sure when I'll be able to post it tomorrow so its going up now]

During the return from Polis, members of the Council came into contact with survivors of the Argo Station. This Station had once been the agriculture center of the Ark that the Skaikru are from. During evacuation last year they landed in Ice Nation territory and were not welcomed by those already occupying the area.

Families were reunited and then broken apart again as they struggled to survive the harsh winter and even harsher conditions levied against them. “Traps we set for animals were deliberately tampered with,” one survivor told me. “At other times our parties who went searching for food were slaughtered and left as warnings to not go any further into their land.” Starvation and the lack of habitable shelter led to many more deaths, but most talked of losing loved ones who stepped in to save children from the Ice Nation who continued to drive them further out of their territory.

Over the months their population has dwindled to one third of the size it used to be. Marcus Kane has allowed the surviving members of the Argo Station to join Mount Weather in hopes that their farming expertise can be utilized during these spring months.

Members of the Ice Nation were not available to give their own accounts of these various encounters.

[info]willingtopay in [info]the100

It's been a busy and difficult month for all of us, so I wanted to take a moment to say a few things. Let me put my Councilor hat on real quick.

First, I'm proud of the way we've handled ourselves in the wake of Storybrooke. Many of us were put into uncomfortable situations, myself included, and we all have to find a way to live in the aftermath of that. And many of us were here, instead, which caused its own problems. When I first considered running for the Council, one of the things that was important to us was fixing the justice system here. Essentially, that's involved starting over, almost completely. It was important to me that we let go of the system from the Ark, and that we moved towards something more productive for society. We've had some trouble. It's been a slow and difficult process. But I believe it's working. I think we've proven that recently. With your help, and with the hard work of our law enforcement and lawyers, we were able to fully investigate what happened. I'm proud of that. What justice means to each of us is different. We all come from different places, and we all have unique experiences. That's a good thing, but I know it's difficult, too. Sometimes that's going to mean letting go of what we're used to and finding a compromise. Adapting to a new system isn't easy for anyone, but that's why it's so rewarding to see our community come together. My biggest hope moving forward is that we can find a way to heal from our experiences, individually and as a community.

Second, I know there's been a lot of discussion about the offer made to us by the Coalition. This is an enormous decision, and one none of us took lightly. We should be hearing from our delegates soon, with any luck, and they'll be able to tell us how their time in Polis went. There are a lot of concerns, and a lot of fear. I get that. But I'm sure there are a lot of those on the other side, too, and that's why encouraging a positive relationship with the other Grounder clans is crucial. There's so much we don't understand about each other, and if we continue to isolate ourselves from the world at large, we will only give fuel to that fear. We have so many things to offer each other, if we're willing to try. We see that with Lincoln. We've seen that with Dela and the other Floukru. We know it's possible. We can help each other instead of continuing to feed into a cycle of isolationism. Whatever the outcome of this meeting at Polis is, I hope we're able to continue building relationships with the other people who inhabit this planet.

... I guess that wasn't as quick as I thought it'd be. Oops. I'm done now, I promise. May the 4th be with you.

How are you doing?

[info]snowflakeinhell in [info]the100

Network Post: Illyana Rasputina

I am Illyana Nikolievna Rasputina, or Magik. I understand that "I" was here before. I'm not that girl any more, and don't remember this part of that life.

I also understand that the people I know aren't necessarily from the same point of linear time. That isn't a new difficulty for me. Since sharing our details probably won't break the timelines more than simply being here, let's place each other in time. I'm not one of Sam's team any more. I'm no longer a prisoner in Utopia. I'm also no longer one of the Five. I'm currently affiliated with the New Charles Xavier School for Mutants.

Apparently I know just enough about farming to become a farmer here. Is there even any equipment to use besides hand tools?

[info]bornunder in [info]the100

backdated to may 2nd

-- This is your dumb idea of a joke, isn't it.