May 2016

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April 20th, 2016

[info]x_facility in [info]the100

I remember the tea party I had for my seventh birthday but not what date it was.

It wasn't even real anyway. I was getting radiated then.

My hands were so much lighter without all the metal in them.

Can I use your name? Instead of Kinney?

[info]deadeye in [info]the100

Yeah, okay. They said I should introduce myself on this fancy doohickey. You can call me Rick if you don't shoot at me. If you do shoot at me, well, it's still Rick, but you should really be more creative. What kind of self-respecting villain calls the hero by his first name? Have some pride in your work.

Now. I only have one question. What big crusty book did you assholes read from?

[info]paleblood in [info]the100

I was sad when everyone was gone, and now I'm anxious that everyone's back. It's just a thrill a minute with you people, isn't it?

Would it be in bad taste for me to suggest that if you don't want the memories associated with your adventure, I can remove them? Or fog them up, if you prefer? It's an utterly personal decision to keep them or remove them, and I don't think there's any moral better one way or another, and I fully understand that if you're not keen on magic now that more in your head might not be in your interest, so please please please don't yell or get passive aggressive at me for suggesting it if it's not for you because my reaction to stress is either curling into a ball on the floor and thinking about baby animals or killing everything in sight so. Be nice. Think about it?

I just want everyone feeling comfortable again. I understand... dissonance. In several ways, really.

[info]willingtopay in [info]the100

Everything's so We met - officially, in person - about a year ago now. And you gave me Optimus Prime not long after. I've been thinking about that, since Sunday. The first time we met, our first date, everything else that happened to bring us to this point right now. Even the things that happened before we got here, and the fact that we're here at all. None of this should have ever been possible, you know? So many things had to go a certain way for this to happen. What are those odds? And here we are. ... I'm really glad you decided to ask me out instead of someone else. I was a complete chicken.

I think I miss the beard.

Is there something I missed here?

[info]runbarryrun in [info]the100

I know there's a lot going on right now, but today is officially the day that everyone can tell Cisco Ramon that he's getting old. If anyone needs the distraction, feel free to track him down and let him know it.

Happy birthday, Cisco!

[info]ihaveashotgun in [info]the100

Oh Keelah, Pod-Whatever-You-Are, these are the cutest.

Sorry Kaidan and Mordin, none for you. .... and I might have left Miranda in the box.

Garrus gave me back my shotgun but who has my drones?

It better be one of you.

[info]seerightthruher in [info]the100

[Carol, Jess, Jennifer (all 616)]
You've all been pretty quiet since you got back. How are you doing?

[info]teamclone in [info]the100

Present for Loki )

[info]cutewiccan in [info]the100

I can't stop playing with myself.

That sounded so much better in my head.

Bonnie Bennett
Hey! Do you maybe want to get together for a drink or coffee or something and witchy talk? I don't know if now is a bad or perfect time to form that group we talked about, but with everyone back, maybe we should talk about it again.

[info]markedbylove in [info]the100

Just when I think this place can't get any weirder, I get gifts like this.

I think I'm more disturbed by the dementor one, though.

In related news, Snape, I got you a present. You're welcome.

[info]agentofsass in [info]the100

So, it's not quite the same, but I have Lola!

I may or may not be amassing a collection. Not quite the same as my vintage cap cards, but somewhere along the same vein.

[info]lettheriverrun in [info]the100

Left on Kaylee's bed with attached note )

[info]thatkidcanfly in [info]the100

Chatty to Gale Hawthorne

>> Hey I was wondering if you'd like to come to card night.
>> With me, I mean.
>> There are a bunch of different games. We have one from home called Sabaac.
>> I could teach you, it's fun.

[info]seventhsmartest in [info]the100

Sure, they're useless but they're also awesome.

Also, calling dibs on the Hulk one if someone finds it. Sorry, not sorry, Banner.

[info]warmaiden in [info]the100

It is, perhaps, a small thing, but it is an extraordinarily reassuring feeling to grasp my sword and feel the familiarity that I had forgotten while away.

Darcy, would you care to continue our trainings now?

[info]fromfreedonia in [info]the100

Look, Doctor, I've got my own TARDIS now.

cut for image )

Not nearly as nice as yours, of course. But it's strangely comforting to have it around. I wonder if it'll come back with me when I

[info]sportsmetaphors in [info]the100

[Alpha Team (Soldiers): Flash Thompson (TRN123), Rocket, Thor (MCU), Sif (MCU), Cassie Sandsmark, Frank Castle (MCU)]
Sorry for disappearing for the past few weeks. Heard about the goblin attack. Anyone who was left behind want to do a sitrep? Everyone else, how are you hanging in there?

Also, we've got a new member of the squad, Frank Castle. Welcome to the team. Don't lend Rocket anything you don't want blown up later. Also, he accepts all muffin donations.

[Filtered to Peter Parker]
My younger self decided to get wasted the other night and fucking Frank Castle is on my team. You have any good news?

[ETA: Filtered to Frank Castle]
Guess you've figured out your way around here by now. Marines, right? I was Army. I worked with a different version of you back home.

[info]burningwings in [info]the100

If anyone finds another doll of me, especially the one in the red dress, give it back. So I can really set it on fire

[info]thebuffster in [info]the100

Look what I found among the many giant-headed dolls.
Cut fo pictures! Not anything else )

And Peter?

You should know that Flash totally cheated on you in Storybrooke with Superman. Had a big poster and everything in his bedroom.

[info]likeamayfly in [info]the100

[Frank Castle]

We're not on the same team anymore, I don't think.
[Sherlock Holmes]
Hi. We haven't talked in a while.
[Katniss Everdeen]
You really remember being here before?

[info]romantichero in [info]the100

WHO: Aramis & Porthos
WHEN: April 17th, evening. After they’re back from Storybrooke and settled.
WHERE: The Rose
WHAT: Talking out Storybrooke, a little awkwardness, a little of their normal flirting, figuring things out and where to go from here.
WARNING: PG, some dirty talk and a little swearing, that’s about it.

’...I’d have to seriously wonder how bad I am in bed, eh?’ )

[info]mentore in [info]the100

WHO: Claudia Auditore & Ezio Auditore
WHEN: April 18th, 2016
WHERE: Intake
WHAT: Claudia arrives. Ezio hugs her a lot. She threatens to stab him. Ah, siblings.
WARNING: None really. For assassins, they’re pretty well-mannered here.

The Auditore are not dead. )

[info]thevenomchoseme in [info]the100

WHO: Flash Thompson and Flash Thompson
WHEN: April 18th, after their conversation on bbFlash's network post.
WHERE: starting in the dining hall and ending in an unused alcove
WHAT: The Ghost of Thompson Future needs to give a big talking to the Ghost of Thompson Past.
WARNING: hahahaha, oh boy. language, alcoholism/under-age drinking, ptsd, slight-ableism, allusions to abuse/neglect & bullying. AKA the Flash Thompson character history cocktail.

Next time you feel like partying, remember that feeling. )

[info]endureanything in [info]the100

This is not where I expected to end up next, but all right, universe, I can roll with the punches.

I'm Agent Abbie Mills. I've been getting caught up in what this place is all about, so now that I think I'm getting a handle on that, hey. From one apocalypse into another I was an FBI agent back in Sleepy Hollow, and before that I was a cop, so I'll be working in law enforcement here too. Home sweet home, right?

What else are we supposed to say here? I like red wine, trashy romance novels and cooking. I was easing myself back into caffeine recently, but I hear that's in short supply here, so it looks like I had good foresight. Crane would probably have a meltdown if he wasn't able to have a cappuccino.

I've met a lot of you already, but for those of you I haven't, hi. I wanted to take a moment to say I'm looking forward to working with all of you. I don't expect anyone to trust me right off the bat, especially since I can't exactly produce any credentials beyond a badge that doesn't mean much here, so if you have any questions for me - hit me with it. I'll answer to the best of my ability.