May 2016

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April 12th, 2016

[info]guide_your_soul in [info]the100


WHO: AJ Ramirez (Nico di Angelo) and Anakin Smith (Anakin Solo)
WHEN: April 11th, night time
WHERE: AJ and Anakin's adorable little cottage
WHAT: Fighting over wire goes in a completely different direction.
WARNING: Adorable-ness and making out.

I really don't care about that damn wire. )

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(mw) network post: nate drake

As much as the universe keeps trying to tell me otherwise, I do my damnedest not to believe in God anymore or magic or voodoo or whatever. But just after we win a big fight, then this world takes away over a hundred people in trade for a pile of nightmare-fuel hero masks?

Who the hell is running this crap?

are you

I miss Jake. How a If you need an asshole to bug you on a regular basis, you still got me, okay?

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What's up with these creepy as fuck masks?

[info]astromancer in [info]the100

There always seems to be so many birthdays around this time of year. It must be spring. Feel free to stop in for a free pastry if you're one of them.

And please be careful on the roads. It would be terrible if a child were to be hit.

[info]negativespace in [info]the100

Well, that was an adventure. Got my tablet back, guess everything checked out fine, so... second verse, same as the first?

Logan, Jean, no hard feelings.

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!storybrooke; ben "the bull" irons

Know it ain't our night, but who wants to keep me busy tonight? Anybody need something fixed? Drinks? Bailed out? Bike fixed? Work with me here people.



Shouldn't fuckin be doing this.

He talk to you already?

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Storybrooke; Anakin Smith to Alessandra Ramirez

[Texts to Alie]
-- help
-- So do you ever have that moment where you're not certain if you should blame a thing on the fact that you drank (whether or not you actually drank anything) because you're not really certain if the thing was exactly smart or maybe you're worried it was really dumb?
-- Hey, how're the kids?

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storybrooke network; daniel

Ever get days when you feel there's something missing?

Private )

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MW: network post laurence

The concept of a night of cards tomorrow night is oddly comforting. It's good to know that some things stay the same.

I don't suppose there's anyone here who'd be willing to join me in a game of whist?

Are you the type of woman to enjoy a game of cards?

[Iskierka & Temeraire]
I have not yet had any look in my search for Granby, but given the number of strange things that happen here, I am determined not to give up hope.

[info]guide_your_soul in [info]the100


[Texts to Alie]
- Oh God, I just did something really stupid and bad.
- I think.
- Maybe.
- Good stupid and bad, not bad stupid and bad.
- Like I'm ok stupid and bad.
- So stop panicking.
- If you are panicking.
- Sorry if you started panicking, I'm really, really ok.
- Super ok.

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storybrooke; mary holmes.

I'm going out tonight. Might not be back home. You gonna be okay alone with Parker?
Guys, I need a night out. Take me dancing.

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storybrooke: faith summers

Come out tonight.

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mount weather network; commander shepard (023)

As of yesterday, I'm either 35 or negative 3, and either way, I think I look good for my age.

I was busy last night, though, so if anyone wants to celebrate with me by getting trashed and losing at Skyllian Five, my friends and I will be at The Rose all night.

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mount weather

I have to say the welcome pamphlet is a nice touch. Even if its a bit daunting to see there's been enough time and people arriving to warrant one.

I've got some questions. I will always ha

  • I saw that there's Law Enforcement and Legal. Are the laws of this place posted anywhere?
  • What's the justice system like? Jury/judge? Panel? Vote? Etc?
  • Is news dispersed mainly through the tablets/radio?
  • I have a
  • What's the coffee supply like? Tea is nice and all but it doesn't even begin to compete with coffee. There's still coffee, right?
  • How many of the Podkru—I think I got that right—are there? Any idea how many universes we're from?
  • Who's in charge of the 5-6's for childcare? We're going to need to talk.
  • There's no detangler, is there?
  • I also heard there are people with varying abilities here. Does anyone help work with others who might have just discovered their powers?

And right. Lois Lane.
I wish this was the weirdest thing to have happened in my life.

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Storybrooke: lol, Simon.

[Filtered to Bethany]
You are never gonna guess what just happened at Trivia.

[Filtered to whichever ones of Alex's friends come out for Trivia]
So THAT just happened! I'm typing instead of talking because I don't wanna be next on the punching list. My wife has expressly forbidden that I ever show up in the ED.

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storybrooke; netpost; jason

For a small town, this place sure doesn't lack drama. I was beginning to think I should move on to Boston.

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WHO: Edith Holmes (Flash Thompson), Marshall Cole (Phil Coulson), and a special guest
WHEN: April 12th-13th, late late night/early morning
WHERE: Edie's room at the Holmes house
WHAT: Marshall can't sleep and sneaks over and gets a bit more than he bargained for.
WARNING: Vague mentions of PTSD, sort of breaking and entering, and confused thoughts about surprise kid.

Bye bye monster fighter! )

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[TEXT TO COACH FRED HARRISON] sent late tuesday night after this
-- Um
-- Shit.
-- Swift has a kid.
-- Who's three?
-- I didn't know.
-- Shit. Sorry.
-- It's late.

[info]funkbringer in [info]the100

Sure isn't the same without Coulson around. Can't say the place is quieter, but it sure feels like it in a way, huh?

Heard something about a card game night going, that still happening?