May 2016

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April 6th, 2016

[info]anotherhope in [info]the100

We have all suffered great losses in this exodus, and I won't pretend that we're not still reeling from it. I wish that I could say that it gets easier. I wish I could say that the pain will end some day, but that would be a lie. It comes and goes in storms, in waves that sometimes threaten to swallow you whole. Then you'll find some peace when the storm is over. You're still in the ocean, however, and a storm will come back. They always do, except you know that you can survive them. You can prepare for them.

I'd like to take a moment of silence for those we have lost in this recent exodus and remember how much they were a part of us. I will do my utmost to preserve the new traditions and laws that we have established here and hope that I continue Councilors Steve Rogers's and Asala Adaar's legacy with respect and dignity. I am only your voice, and as such, my ears and heart are open to your needs.

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[info]partnerintime in [info]the100

Okay, so all you people picking up shifts in the kitchen, hi, and thanks. I'm Chloe, and since I've been the loudmouth in the kitchen for a while now, what I say goes. Before you do any kind of shift we're going to go over safety basics, shit like holding knives safely and where the fire extinguishers are all and all that. Also I don't give a flying fuck if you're a superhero impervious to everything on the planet; you're still going to get the lecture.

People come, and people go. There's no reason to be assholes in the meantime.

[ Edited to Add ]: Yo, can I get a volunteer for Medical to do a basic First Aid spiel thing to the new recruits?

[info]ahole in [info]the100

Storybrooke: Pete Lord

Ugh. Two-For-One ice cream. More like Half-Off Death. I'm dying. I'm definitely approaching the vicinity of death. Yup. Gonna be shaking hands with Jesus any second now. Why do you hate me, Dairy?? You're so delicious and I am so WEAK!

Welp, I've done my part to support local business for the day. Time to go home early, right, boss?

[info]lux_ferre in [info]the100

storybrooke: network post david lightwood

Two for one ice cream? Sounds like an excellent use of my afternoon.

[info]dammitjim in [info]the100

mount weather post: leonard mccoy

Dammit, Jim. What kind of mess have you gotten us into this time?

[info]cortex in [info]the100

MT. WEATHER; simon jarrett.

So. I’m not at the bottom of the ocean anymore. I’m fleshy again. Two hands, sort of. There is an Ark here. Not alone.

Of course, I don’t know any of you, the Ark is apparently destroyed, this is apparently another apocalypse, and this skin isn't actually mine.

So I’m guessing this’d make me Simon 5.0. So that’s something.

Weird fucking day. Fuck.

[info]unicornsforall in [info]the100

mount weather;

I'm gonna go out. IDK where yet. But if we need anything or you want to go anywhere just say so. I can't fly yet because my wings are still healing but I can teleport. I get why Laura likes to lea

[Mystique (616)]

Rogue had a picture of her when she was little and you and some other lady. Do you want it?

[info]actions_speak in [info]the100

storybrooke; carol wu

I can't study any more. I feel like my brain is going to explode.

I really hope this test isn't as killer as my prof is making it out to be.

[info]inthealley in [info]the100

Attn: Mount Weather. It's my six month anniversary. I realize I'm not the chummiest of guys, but that's because a) I was raised by my butler and b) I'm still waiting for one of you to try to kill me. However, let us raise our glasses and lower our standards, for tonight I celebrate losing my sunny, generally radiation-less retirement and gaining one hell of a... whatever this is.

To the Rose, away!

[info]dosex in [info]the100

Storybrooke; Rav Mustafa

Dear Mr. Pirate Ship Owner/Captain,

I see you there, trying to make us other fine, upstanding boat Captains feel inferior to your large ship, but it won't work. You know why it won't work?

Because it's not the size of the boat that matters, it's the motion of the ocean. And my wife will tell you that my motion in the ocean? Above reproach.

I like big boats and I cannot lie... )

[info]fortheone in [info]the100

Storybrooke Network Post

[Audrey Parker]
Two for one ice cream. Time for a fifteen minute break?

[info]sohawkeward in [info]the100

mount weather network; hawke (030)

Second of Medical now. Yaaaay.

I'm finishing the inventory that got set aside just after the disappearance. I'll probably just stay in the hospital until it's done, there's not much at home for me anyway.

Don't mind the dog. He's huge, but harmless.

[info]bordercollie in [info]the100

storybrooke: sam mickens

All right, since everyone seems to be eager to take a ride, we're gonna figure out how to get Ben's bull set up at the bar. I'll let y'all know when it's ready to go. We'll have some rules once it's up and running, so I expect everyone to behave or we'll have to take the toys away. And the alcohol.

We've got karaoke tomorrow, and I've started to roll out new seasonal brews as they become available, so keep checking back for the new ones.

And if you haven't seen her yet, Maggie's back in town and she's got her old job back, so I'm sure she'd appreciate it if everyone came out to welcome her back properly.

[info]redtwo in [info]the100

Mw chatty -> chewbacca

» I heard you give good hugs.

[info]youngestsolo in [info]the100

Who: Anakin Smith & Angelo Ramirez
When: Storybrooke backhistory, around 7 years ago.
Where: The Smith's house.
What: Well Angelo's left his house, and he's got a spare room at Anakin's, and now there's some explanations needed.
Rating: Low-ish generally, Angelo's coming out to his friend, so there's that talk.

I could go back, but I wouldn’t… they don’t want me to be /me/. )