May 2016

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April 3rd, 2016

[info]quitethehero in [info]the100

storybrooke: neal gold, april 2nd

Look who is road legal now, guys!


Big thanks to Katrina for taking me to the DMV today.

[info]foghorn in [info]the100

chatty; foggy nelson (002)

chatty to matt murdock:
» So Jess Drew disappeared and now Frank Castle is my new room mate
» I'm sure nothing will go wrong
» How're you doing, Matty?

[info]kazilik in [info]the100

Mt Weather; Iskierka

If I were still a dragon I could fly over the terrain and look for the missing people instead of simply standing guard. It is boring and balancing on two legs instead of four is tiring.

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storybrooke; caroline forbes



If I just never use the library again then I don't have to actually pay the fee right? How long do I need to wait for it to just magically come off my record? Don't they let it pass after two years? I think its two years. Buying a replacement book if I'd lost the damn thing would be cheaper!!

[info]astromancer in [info]the100


I really feel sorry for everyone who isn't an early riser on the weekend. I'll be adding new cinnamon croissants to my offerings tomorrow morning and the test batch is a-maz-ing. Even Bonnie thinks so.

(If you're very lucky I might cut some of the remaining ones up for samples this afternoon, but they're much better when they're still warm.)

[info]marshmallowmars in [info]the100

STORYBROOKE; Veronica Marlowe + Carlos Ramirez

» My Dads and I are proud to present to you 1 (ONE) lunch invitation for sometime today.
» Burgers, fries, and intimidation.
» There may be weapons; there will absolutely be some hearty side-eye in your direction.
» Feeling brave, compadre?

[info]likeamayfly in [info]the100

mount weather: cassie sullivan

At least I've got a room to myself, now. A lot of people seem to.

Is the training camp still going on? I want to sign up for wilderness survival.

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storybrooke: john smith edition

Overheard in my shop today:

- 'I want to buy Lord of the Rings.'
- 'You idiot, then why are we here? They don't sell movies. Let's go.'

That really how it is with today's youth? I say youth. Could've been a well sheltered adult. Bit concerned all the same. Did appreciate the first person's dramatic sigh that ensued. Bit worried about where that friendship stands.

[info]gavehope in [info]the100

Storybrooke: Anna Murphy (Amy Pond)

I look forward to the days when Harper starts sleeping through the night.

On the bright side, not sleeping meant I was up early enough to snag some of those cinnamon croissants and they were every bit as delicious as I expected they would be.

[info]quitethehero in [info]the100

storybrooke: neal gold, april 3rd, 11 AM

Hey, Dad's being a complete dick. Car's out. You still want to go? We can walk.

We're walking to Any Given Sundae, pal.

Dad is an absolute ass.

[info]secondspectre in [info]the100

(mw) network post: kaidan alenko

So, our offices are trashed. I need help trying to clean this place up and I need people on top of figuring out who the hell did this and why.

I don't know if someone's sending a message or if we got a couple assholes who got bored, but this is the last thing any of us need right now.

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storybrooke: maggie soprano

Josh is starting school tomorrow for the first time ever. I think I'm more nervous than he is.

[info]negativespace in [info]the100


Well. Howdy.

[info]dontdie in [info]the100

!mount weather;

You should be aware that the newest arrival is most definitely not what he may seem.

I am aware of our stance on second chances and murderers, evil-doers and "wait and see", but I thought you should all be aware as I have no idea who he is, yet his aura is blindingly red. In most cases back home it's the kind of red reserved for the killers, rapists and Templars actually hellbent on murdering everyone they come across. And if he was a Templar, I'd be working a plan to

I'll leave this information in your hands, but I would recommend research into his past, if there is no one to vouch for him.

Steer clear of the newest arrival named David, would you?

[info]seerightthruher in [info]the100

mount weather;

[Filtered to Bucky Barnes]
Hello, we haven't met yet but I think we should talk. I was just going over the full list of those sent home, and it turns out you and I are the only ones left in childcare.

[info]angryeyebrows in [info]the100

storybrooke; netpost

Would an impromptu jam session be inappropriate on a school night? I'm asking for someone else.

[info]bymjolnir in [info]the100

storybrooke; thom henderson

[Ben Irons]
You and your crew up to anything tonight? It's been one of those days and I could use a drink and maybe even shooting some pool. Unless you guys are off rescuing kittens from trees today.

I missed out on the bake sale yesterday. Work held me up, so I guess it's more storebought for me. Please read this as a subtle request for anyone to offer up anything they picked up and are willing to share. Picture me sitting alone in a kitchen with a ham sandwich, longing for some apple turnover or cherry pie.

[info]komgraun in [info]the100

mount weather network; lincoln (007)

I know none of you want to deal with this, but we have to. It's been days since the mass disappearance, and we need to start putting things in storage or redistributing them. These are the things that need to happen:

  • Clothes need to be given to laundry services so they can be cleaned and returned to the clothing makers. (Laundry and clothing also needs volunteers to help with the workload.)
  • Weapons, especially guns, need to be given to the military so they can be redistributed among the soldiers and the guard. Non-military people who know their way around weaponry could be useful helping them check everything over and store them properly for now.
  • Personal items need to be cared for, either by finding a home with someone the missing person was close to, returned to friends or family from their own reality, or put into storage to clear space in their room. If your housemate disappeared and you have items of theirs that might mean something to someone from their own world, but you don't know who those people are or if they're still around, post here to find them.

    In some cases, almost everyone from a group or apartment has disappeared. Volunteers for anything in this (laundry, clothing, weapons, or going through rooms and apartments that would be neglected otherwise) are appreciated. Cleaning out empty apartments is usually difficult enough when it's just one or two.

  • [info]teddyaltman in [info]the100

    This sucks. First Cassie, and now... practically everyone but us. Not that I want to randomly get taken to another universe against my will, at least not without you, but still. This blows. Don't leave me behind, okay?

    I'm keeping Kate's bow, the Kree one. In case she or Noh come back. Someone should keep it safe for her. I figure I'm probably the only one who has any claim to anything Kree, anyway.

    [info]imbittered in [info]the100

    Storybrooke; Samuel Porter

    I'm taking bets tonight on whether or not we will manage to make it through a weeks worth of lessons on acids without any burns, explosions, or other incidents that require the leaving of the chemistry classroom for any period of time.

    Are you in?

    I swear I did not mean to be late.

    [info]justed in [info]the100

    Mount Weather Network Post

    I'm exerting the authority I don't have to say that neither of you is to disappear. My I'll be on guard shift tonight, but my room is empty and open to you both if either of you want to come by, whether I'm here or awake or not. Ignore me if I yell
    [Evie Frye]
    I'll assume you saw the announcement. I'm on shift right now. I'll be glad to help tomorrow, but if there's anything of Jacob's you'd prefer to take before they try to redistribute now, please do. My sisters may come by the room, but they'll understand.
    [Natasha Romanoff]
    You'd know better than I what Wanda would want done with her things, if her fa other family here should be included or not. It's up to you.

    [info]thetroubles in [info]the100

    You remember that Jane Doe who came in a while ago in a coma? She had that yellow bug we found out by the Storybrooke marker?

    It got stolen tonight.

    Three guesses which group of punks it could have been, and two of those don't count.

    [info]cdrcullen in [info]the100

    MW: Chattys

    [Chatty to Susan Pevensie]
    >> I need to ask a favor of you.
    >> Veronica has had a notebook that belongs to me.
    >> It is blue and says Mount Weather Lexicon on it in both the local alphabet and the one we use in my world. She was adding to it for me, and
    >> As things are collected and redistributed, could you please hold that aside for me?
    >> I can get it from you after our guard shift tomorrow.

    [Chatty to Sera]
    >> Put any arrows in anything today?

    [Chatty to Cassandra]
    >> I was glad to see you put yourself forward for the Council
    >> I think you'd do well representing the people here
    >> Who are you hoping to see take the other open position?

    [info]changingtide in [info]the100


    Who: Finn Magby and Annie Rusk (Finnick and Annie Odair)
    When: This afternoon
    Where: Pool
    What: Finn and Annie have a chance encounter
    Rating: Low

    ... )

    [info]cheerhappy in [info]the100

    mount weather;

    Who: Claire Bennet & Nathan Wuornos
    When: Backdated to around March 19th
    Where: Mess Hall?
    Warnings: Mention of blood, pain, Sylar-related violence (re: Heroes)

    Are we all we are )

    [info]quitethehero in [info]the100

    storybrooke: neal gold, april 4th, 12:15 am

    Want to see something cool?