May 2016

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March 18th, 2016

[info]absorbs in [info]the100

[Chatty to Mystique (616)]

» I want to do dinner.
» Just you and me.

[Chatty to Erik]

» Can I borrow your powers?
» We didn't find robots
» But Susan thinks she targeted Marie because she was powerful
» And I want to look for the witch's sleigh

[info]maskedmenace in [info]the100

WHO: Ben Reilly & Peter Parker
WHEN: March 18th
WHERE: Tech engineering
WHAT: Radioactive spider-blood + prolonged exposure to more radiation = uh oh.
WARNINGS: Nothing awful!

’Let’s you and me find out how to fix this and fast so I don’t gotta have a hard talk with MJ, okay?’ )

[info]astromancer in [info]the100

I have this feeling like waking up and remembering that we're on the way to somewhere amazing and familiar, a favourite place where I can walk around seeing what's changed and meet up with old friends and reveurs.

It would be nice to visit Istanbul or Prague. Somehow I don't think they're quite the same here as I remember, though.

[info]kayleefrye in [info]the100

Where'd that tiny little fella go? He left a pot of gold behind, and I've been tryin' to find him to give it back.

[info]thisisuppity in [info]the100

How the hell do you folks deal with leprechauns and shit like it ain't nothin'? I seen one runnin' around, opening his green ass trench coat to folks and runnin' away. I'd have stepped on his coat to keep him from runnin', but I don't give that much of a shit.

[info]hellotrickster in [info]the100

network post; gabriel

So many patrols, so little time.

Hey, bro.

Still hiding?

[info]emeraldimbecile in [info]the100

AMA: Norman Osborn

This is such a bad idea Come on, opening up and talking and honesty are good things

Well, Han Solo and Chewbacca are a hard act to follow, but I'm do my best.

My name is Norman Osborn. From what I understand, if you take a world with the Avengers, Spider-Man, and the X-Men and fast forward the timeline, you get my universe. I've been running OsCorp for a few years now and helping to provide superheroes with tech so that they can do their job easier.

So, ask away and I'll answer as best as I can.

[info]victoryred in [info]the100

Honestly, you're all just about the most fantastic configuration of misf individuals I've ever met. You're insanely talented, gifted and moreover passionate about justice. I've seen you route your energy to beat the bloody snot out of one another and then, turn about to defend your space and it's really quite something.

I admittedly miss my friends. I miss Howard Stark's mad hatting capabilities, though you should all be quite glad he's not here. We'd have a lot of trouble on our hands otherwise. I also frequently think about Mr. Jarvis and his wife Ana, the latter who I'd only recently met. I'm glad they have time to themselves - I wouldn't dare separate them - but they have that air of familiarity and camaraderie I'm only beginning to build with all of you. They know the world as I know it.

There are others, of course. Rose and Angie, Dum Dum and even bloody Jack Thompson. They know me as I am known. And I cannot hope for their presence here.

My writing this is simply to say I hope you do not lose heart. Women such as this Jadis merely serve to remain in hiding to garner power and wear away at the nerves of those who would seek to subdue her. It's what I would do, anyway, if I were a megalomaniacal half-giantess witch.

So, cheers.

[info]ignoretheodds in [info]the100

Since I'm still entertaining the lovely folks in medical, seems I'll be missing this month's fight club. Best of luck to everyone who's participating and I'll give three drink rations to the person who gives me the best play by play account of what I missed.

Private )

[info]maskedmenace in [info]the100

Hi. Hey. I have to take a day or two sabbatical, so here's the deal: if you need anything, Ben's my stand-in. And if there's anything really big going on, he can loop me in.

I love you. Also, there's something you should know.

[info]romanpraetor in [info]the100

I wanted to take a moment to thank the Frye's for organizing Fight Club and Commander Shepherd for the training camp that's been so useful to a lot of us in practicing our skills and acquiring new ones. In that line, I was wondering if there'd be any interest in a sort of fight club but with weapons - swords, axes, staves - whatever your close combat weapon of choice is.

We could practice on a semi-regular basis and do a tournament of matches once a month if folks want.

What am I doing?

ooc: signups here

[info]imbittered in [info]the100

(011) Severus Snape

It is amazingly nice to have proper cauldrons. I may have to start leaving the pod god an offering.

[Filter: Lupin]
I have an entire jar of Amur Tiger blood and another one of Chizpurfle carapaces. Unfortunately we lack mandrake yet.

[info]poedontdoit in [info]the100

» Hey pal, I know it's not any of my business, but you all right?

[info]bluethree in [info]the100

There ought to consolation prizes. Or free drinks if you get out in the first round. Good job all around, folks.

Wedge, I think we've mastered a special brand of pilot mascohism. How come Poe is immune?