May 2016

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March 17th, 2016

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During an earthquake is a bad time to be upside down on a balance beam supported by one arm, if anyone was wondering. (I'm fine, just took a small tumble.) Relatedly, after many failed attempts and a lot of bruises I've managed to nail my old nationals routine, which is a pretty decent effort for being a month off thirty and a good three inches taller.

Are you eating?

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I wish I could say that was the first time a tiny, bearded man flashed me and then gave me a bag of gold. Well done, tiny sir. You should be proud.

Why is everything so strange here?

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Filtered Network Post: Rachel Summers


    Sometime when Mom is feeling better, I was thinking it'd be nice for the three of us to get together, just the Grey-Summers girls. We all have stories about Nathan. And we've all been the Phoenix, if we want to get into that.


    I didn't want to bombard you two on arrival, but hi. I'm one of the mental health counselors here, and I've also had plenty of personal experience with the whole "wow your timeline is different" thing. I came from the future myself, and I've faced that confusion of different people being in the X-Men, different relationships, that sort of thing. If you need to talk to someone about the adjustment, I'm here.

    And Alex, we're kind of related. I know you from my time as my Uncle Alex. I'm Scott and Jean's daughter, Rachel.

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network post: shepherd book

Awhile back, Dela offered some of us a chance to participate in her rituals for the dead and I wonder if a monthly service of remembrance drawing on various traditions represented in this place.

I tend to view most of my work more as what some would call simply being there, rather than preaching or leading service, though I did both of those things during my time at the monastery. However, with Easter fast approaching, I would be happy to lead a service for those who celebrate it.

Lily Potter
I believe you are the one in charge of the life support meetings and while I meet the criteria, I was uncertain if it would be helpful or distracting for me to attend since I'm also part of the mental health staff.

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If I can get plastic or metal or I guess wood might work? Maybe? But could someone somehow make those pieces into hollowed out eggs so we can make sure the kids get to have an egg hunt?

I've got candy left over that I was saving. But I'll give it up so we can have an Easter egg hunt.

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I need to practice. I will be in the gym.

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A tiny man gave me a pot of gold. I don't need it. Do you want some?


Do any engineers want some gold? Laura said would you like it.

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I cannot be the only one that feels guilty about putting our roommates out for an evening. Or two. Or three.

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Sif, tomorrow is your first attendance at the Club of Fighting. You will likely be paired up with very skilled fighters. Without weapons, it is purely technical skill. I wish you luck, my friend. Make Asgard look good, aye?

I have been pinched three times today.

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Right, so - Bell here, and I've got a small project.

Henry Mills is looking to have an Easter egg hunt. He wants 200 or so eggs, hollow, that he can put candy in. I asked if I might have a bit of fun with it, and he says that as long as they hold candy, they can do whatever else we like.

Anyone else want in? I've got a basic design set, based on what I use for making smoke bombs, so there's no need to go re-inventing the wheel, but I imagine the children would enjoy whatever creativity folk might like to put to it. Would anyone else like to help?

[Filtered to Jacob, Miss Frye, Miss Dela, and Signor Auditore]
Brainstorming time, mates. Things a hollow egg could do that would be entertaining but not harmful to children: go.

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network post: lucifer (to dean)

What is it with you?