May 2016

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March 8th, 2016

[info]youareperfect in [info]the100

log; mystique & magneto

WHO: Mystique + Magneto
WHEN: After this conversation, Feb. 26th
WHERE: The forge
WHAT: Erik falls asleep on his desk and doesn't come home, so Raven goes looking. They end up having a heart to heart about their childhoods.
WARNING(S): Discussion of the Holocaust and child abuse. No graphic descriptions.

I know who you were when we met. I know you now. )

[info]justed in [info]the100

Network Post

"For this is what it means to be a king: to be first in every desperate attack and last in every desperate retreat, and when there is famine in the land (as must be now and then in bad years) to wear finer clothes and laugh louder over a scantier meal than any man in your land."

King Lune of Archenland

"Be alert, be diligent, be patient, and a solution will present itself."

Richard Pevensie

Well done, everyone working on the coffee shortage. What is the best piece of advice you've been given or heard given?

[Filtered to Lucy]
Lu? How are you doing with all?

[Filtered to Su

[info]elfyourself in [info]the100

I don't not understand this uproar over the drink called coffee. Do you all require it for sustenance? I attempted a taste this morning and it was bitter and tasted of hate.

Are we permitted to build outside of the mountain? Our own dwellings? My [...] former home was open and forged from nature, and I find myself longing to live beyond the stone.

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Chatty to Mike

» Helloooooo
» Mike

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[ Filtered to Teen Wolf + Roommates ]

With the weather warming up, and all the Lucifers showing up, I think it's a good time to get ahead of this hellhound crap. I've asked Dela to give me some perspective on the area that I - no, he - congregates to in order to burn the bodies of the supernatural. I'm also going to spend some time trying to kickstart some of these abilities to see if I can have a better hand at controlling them. If I saw something back home bad enough to rattle me into leaving, it's got to be

Anyway, if I'm not around that much, that's why. I'll be checking in if I'm going to disappear for longer than a few hours at a time, but with the White Witch case going on I don't anticipate that happening. Job takes priority.

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[info]septimussmith in [info]the100

To everyone in the play, you're kicking my arse rather soundly in practise and I'm going to be sore for the rest of my days. Cheers to the lot of you.

And up yours, White Witch. If indeed you do exist.

Private: tw for PTSD, talk of the dead, mental illness )

[info]withoutgrace in [info]the100

network post: lucifer (to lucifer, crowley, gabriel)

I know what you're doing.

The Winchesters have been quiet recently. Why?

When it comes down to it, brother, and it will — who do you stand with?

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network; felix dawkins (021)

Please save me from the Audrey II sweatshop.

[info]takebackearth in [info]the100

network; commander shepard (021)

Paging Dr. Solus. You still alive in there?

[info]thewaywardson in [info]the100

log; dean winchester & matt murdock

WHO: Dean Winchester & Matt Murdock
WHEN: Monday, March 7th, night
WHERE: Matt's apartment (living room)
WHAT: Matt grabs Dean after he's gently ushered out of The Rose and they head back to Matt's place to talk.
WARNING(S): Dean's drunk as shit. Also he's an alcoholic.

That makes me part of the problem, doesn't it? )

[info]maskedmenace in [info]the100

It's March 8th, which means today is the birthday of the kindest, smartest, bravest, and most gorgeous woman I know.

Happy birthday, MJ!

All the best and all the love to you, Red.

[[OOC: This message appears not only in the above network post, but also on every non-essential TV screen/monitor in all the departments throughout Mount Weather today for a few minutes.]]

[info]thecat in [info]the100

network; felicia hardy (023)

Happy Birthday! I got you eyeliner.

Don't tell anyone I got you eyeliner. Also, I definitely didn't steal it.

[info]jadeshadow in [info]the100

(009) Mara Jade Skywalker

The coffee rations aren't ideal, but it really isn't caf anyway, so... I'm sure I will live.

[Filter: Bravo Scout Team (Buffy Summers, James Kirk, Samirah al-Abbas, Jessika Pava, Raven Darkholme / Mystique (616), Marcus Cole, Gabriel, & Jo Harvelle)]
So it looks like the horses were not so wild. So today we'll be returning them to where we found them. Dress warm cause we'll be out for a while.

[Filter: Luke Skywalker]
I'll be out for a bit today on a scouting thing. I'm sure you and Ben will be just fine on your own, but I'll miss you.

OOC: Please pretend this was posted this morning >.>

[info]sportsmetaphors in [info]the100

Happy Birthday. When we get back home, I'm going to owe you an amazing present. And congrats on the dance night. Keep this up and you'll have your own club in no time.
[Buffy Summers]
What do you say to coffee rations and bragging rights?
[Alpha Team (Soldiers) Flash Thompson / Agent Venom (TRN123), Rocket Raccoon, Thor (MCU), Sif (MCU), Cassie Sandsmark]
Listen up, guys. There's been a few shake ups in the roster but nothing too crazy. Make some time on Thursday because we're gonna pull everyone in for a huddle. We've got some new faces to introduce and we're gonna go over some basic game plans.

[info]lildampeer in [info]the100

So, fun fact: I actually HATE coffee.

Which means I might be willing to give up my share if someone makes me a compelling enough offer.

[info]hellotrickster in [info]the100

Who: Gabriel and Lucifer
When: March 6
Where: A beach somewhere hot
What: R&R after cage work
Status: It's a fade to black
Rating: TW because possibly incest(?) between AU siblings.

Caves didn't agree with him )