May 2016

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February 8th, 2016

[info]ashtawawidiwin in [info]the100

There's considerably less over the top romantic marketing for Valentine's Day here, but there's also less chocolate ice cream. I think I'm going to call that one a draw.


[info]heavenblessed in [info]the100

Firstly, why am I being growled at over breakfast? Not something I expected out of my morning.

Secondly, and I loathe to even bring this up, but it's far too quiet around here. I know, I know, it's actually rather noisy at times, but it's.. A different sort of noise, far misplaced from the 13th Century. It's so [...] modern. At times, even the singing can annoy me, mostly because it tends to be from the heart and brutally honest. But really.

So consider this my offer for proper singing lessons. Learning to harmonize. Being lyrical. Maybe you can even use it to woo someone you love! Works great, typically. People love honesty, and duets in the halls of this mountain would go a long way to improving cheeriness, I think. We may die of pestilence, the plague and childbirth in droves, but at least we die with a smile on our faces should we be belting out song.

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WHO: Aramis & Eponine
WHEN: Last night, a few hours after arrival, before posting on the network.
WHERE: Some...where? Aramis is exploring!
WHAT: Aramis and Eponine run into each other, yay out of place frenchfolk!
WARNINGS: Probably N/A, possibly discussion of Terrible Life Choices and revolutions? Will update.

Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise. )

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Chatty Chatty

[Chatty to Cassandra]
>> so
>> Mage-on-mage fistfight in the library, apparently
>> any idea what it was about?
>> I asked the woman who keeps the books, and she said Hawke just went fist first at Dorian's face without so much as a word.

[chatty to Dorian]
>> Are you all right?

[info]x_facility in [info]the100

Rain. The kind that always manages to plop down the back of your shirt. I hope it stops soon. I still want to play football tomorrow.

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[ Filtered to Military, Command, and other Toolmakers + Evie Frye ]

I have news. One of the most-effective form of weapon enhancements in my home world is known as fire paper. When great friction is applied, this lightweight paper transforms to an extremely volatile, flammable substance that effectively coats ones preferred weapon in flames, adding additional damage and a measureless aspect of intimidation to one's fighting. Once the fire paper has exhausted its burning (usually after a minute or so at longest), the weapon is left free of any coating, as it has burned away in the process of immolation.

I should caution you that the high temperature of the flames act as a cauterizing agent in wounds: while you will undoubtedly cause people great pain (and, depending upon your skill, kill them), their deaths will be a result of your blows and not from bleeding out or infection. Some consequently see fire paper as a mercy in my world. As burns are among the most painful of wounds, I would not be so quick as to call it mercy. Additionally, weapons that have already been magically enhanced cannot use fire paper, so those of you who have enchanted weapons will have to go without.

I have been successful at recreating the formula from my home world, and have begun production of fire paper for our soldiers in the event of fighting. I would be remiss if I did not thank Dame Evie Frye, as she assisted me in testing early versions of the enhancement and aided me greatly when I nearly had my eyebrows singed off.

My next project will be to create bolt paper - same concept, only an electrical charge is added to a weapon rather than fire. If you have any questions, please let me know.

[ /Filter ]

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Is there anything, refreshment-wise, that you would prefer? I'm still getting a handle on the rationing and food packs they've got here. I have to admit, it's not my usual fare.

I'm very happy that we've gotten the space in 205. Having a door that closed is much better for us in the long run. We won't have anyone stumbling in on our meetings.

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[Filter to Peter Parker, MJ Watson, and Ben Reilly]
I'm not quite sure what the etiquette rules are here for this situation, but between work and hanging out with you guys and little Benjy, I'm not sure my room is really getting much use as it should. Meanwhile, there's a newly open room in your place... Would anyone be opposed if I moved my crash space there?

[info]imbittered in [info]the100

(009) Severus Snape

I had assumed - perhaps incorrectly - that the tavern here was a respectable establishment, and not attempting to recreate Muggle glam rock parties.

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Chatty to Jack

>> The hot water's back.
>> I /may/ have waited until after using it to tell you.

[info]thevenomchoseme in [info]the100

[ooc: feel free to assume he talked off screen with the peeps who've been in the games before]

All right everyone. I got the football. Teams are getting split up in 15 minutes. Be here or be square (unless you're Parker, then no matter how here you are, you'll still be square).

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If the water goes cold again tonight just wait until the morning, the tanks can only heat so much at once. Try to be sensible about it for everyone's sake.

Anyone got ideas about flames coming from the wall? I had a look down that corridor and can't see anything mechanical to even set a trap off, let alone cause flames.

I don't even care, I'm spending at least ten minutes in the shower. I just wish we had baths.

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Who: Éponine, Enjolras, & Grantaire
What: A reunion
Where: The hospital? Ish?
When: Backdated to just after her arrival
Rating: Low, some mention of Ep's injuries
Status: Logged, Complete

She hadn't expected to open her eyes again. )

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Chatty to Ahsoka Tano

~ Impressive technique yesterday. I always enjoy being surprised. It's not entirely a traditional style is it?
~ And, well, the lightsabers. I was curious. White? Is there a reason to the choice?

[info]humanhurricane in [info]the100

Alright. I don't ask for much. A roof, a hot meal every now and again, everlasting glory. You know, reasonable things. Never thought I'd need to add not being shipped off to a dead world to the list.

Could've at least made Athos suffer this madhouse with us. I mean, yeah France is about to go to war, and they need him, but he needs US, damn it.

Is anyone even seeing this? I better not be bloody talking to myself.

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[info]seejanerun in [info]the100

Is anyone missing a phone? I found one in my pocket, and it was not there this morning when I put my sweater on.

[info]oakenshielded in [info]the100

This is a request I did not ever expect to make, but I felt it warranted an attempt. There are many of you here with assorted magics. Do any concern the creation of metals or stones, or the manipulation of existing materials into such? I have a vision for bladed weaponry that would be better suited to another metal-type than what I have currently.

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[Chatty to Hawke]
I generally expect you to find some amazingly clever and roundabout way to show your anger with someone. I also generally expect to be involved in some way. I'm going to assume there's a lot of private chatter going on about this, since I don't see any open discussions on this tablet. And since none of it is being directed at me, it probably means I'm a suspect already.

Anyway, you want to talk about it with your oldest friend? I may have scraped up at least one drink ration I'm not using. If not, just remember I offered later.

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So, I've been filled in. And, told that my family's here. Albeit all grown up. Which I'm still not entirely sure how to believe until I see you all.

So, Weasleys. ROLL CALL!!!!

And, to everyone else. Hi, I'm Molly. Looks like I'll be working in the kitchens with some of you.

And, I'm really sorry I'm not your wife, Rory.