May 2016

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February 3rd, 2016

[info]thingamabobbs in [info]the100

- copper (american pennies NO GOOD they're largely zinc)
- rubber bands or hair ties
- actually i could also use ZINC so send your pennies
- a nail file. preferably a metal one
- plastic cup?

i can compensate you! inquire below

[info]lunie in [info]the100

My birthday's coming up rather soon. Does anyone else have February birthdays? I'll make you all gifts.

I miss Harry and Neville. I guess you don't need me reminding you about that. But I do.

We should do something together.

Hello, Draco. How are you lately?

Do you mind if I ask you some questions?

[info]19_53_88 in [info]the100

I'm really, really sorry about the power cut yesterday. I can still sort of hear them, just... now I know it's not real.

Thanks for not leaving me.

[info]katebishop in [info]the100

Cassie's gone. She's gone back to die

[info]hardinhightown in [info]the100

paying in blood

Fair's fair, Seeker. You played a mean hand of Wicked Grace and this dwarf honors his losses. Just don't expect these too often, I've got better things to do than sit around writing this stuff. Since I don't expect to make any profit here, I'll just share it with anyone who might be interested while I'm at it.

[attached] Swords & Shields: Into the Wilds

OOC Info )

[info]divinevictoria in [info]the100

Despite my initial misgivings I have volunteered myself to act as a voice of Thedas in what is called an "AMA", or "Ask Me Anything". Despite the nomenclature, do not ask me anything. I will only answer questions that I can answer truthfully or fairly. However, as I have had my hand in a wide variety of political maneuverings, religious ceremonies, and assorted adventures, I would hope that I possess the ability to respond to most queries with enthusiasm and accuracy.

My name is Cassandra Pentaghast. I was a Seeker back home for many years, eventually starting the Inquisition and becoming a high-ranking representative of the Chantry called 'the Divine'. I have not been fully honest regarding my position in the Chantry because I had reason to believe that this place was the result of magic or ill-intended illusion. Now, I am not so sure.

Thank you for your time.

[info]poedontdoit in [info]the100

Alright you two. Clear your schedules for a few hours tomorrow. 5pm.

I know you two are smart and I'm not trying to trick or embarrass you here, but I definitely need some company for this "sex seminar" thing.

[info]isababble in [info]the100

Hello! I snuck in yesterday with my husband, but I'm Isabella. I'm Princess of a land called Valencia, where my family has (finally) been restored to their proper place on the throne. I appreciate our two roommates, who I think have already spoken to Gal and gotten along fairly well. Thank you for being understanding!

My people are known for singing and theatrics, so I apologise in advance if any of you are horrible and don't like those things. And I'll be working with the children here, which will be a very nice change of pace! How many are there?

[info]stitch_witch in [info]the100

Mages and magic-users

Where I'm from one of the biggest lessons we learn early in our magic studies is to establish a warding circle. I'm not sure if this is the same anywhere else, but unpracticed mages are prone to spilling magic everywhere when they try to use it, so we stress the importance of making sure it can't get away from them. My first student, who was reluctant to recognise his magic in the first place as he had never heard of someone working magic through dance, neglected to consider this sort of necessity and accidentally levitated three cousins four feet into the air, where they were stuck for hours until he managed to track me down and bring me back to help him fix it.

It occurs to me that this radiation is, effectively, causing similar issues. I know I have taken to meditating more often and I've been careful to limit my magical use. Even so, I've already seen and heard grumblings from other residents about magic going wild and what they ought to do about it - some, I fear, less hypothetical than others.

Are there others of you familiar with methods used to contain magic in this way? Or who would be interested in learning such a technique? Obviously there aren't going to be any guarantees as to its effectiveness, but I suspect we need to be seen to be attempting to solve the problem or we may find ourselves quite unpopular.

[info]mocking_you in [info]the100

Hey, I'm Bobbi. I hear there may be a few people around who probably want to shoot me know me along with a HYDRA agent and his dead.

ETA: Scout Squad Alpha
Looks like I'm joining your ranks. Bobbi Morse.

[info]sharpenedshot in [info]the100

Anyone any good at repairing hats?

[Susan Pevensie]

I've come across a letter I started for you last time I appeared here.

[info]lukanthropos in [info]the100

network post: remus lupin


As some of you may know, the Mount Weather Book Club has fallen into a bit of a mess because we lost its chairwoman. In the interest of keeping things going, I'm assuming the responsibilities of the club and hosting discussions on Friday evenings at seven o'clock in the library.

This month's book will be The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett, and I've made copies of it available on the network so you can read on your tablet. Unfortunately, there's only one physical copy available; if you prefer to read an actual book, you can read it in the library as long as it stays in the library so others can make use of it as well (we're not having another Return of the King situation).

We may take longer than a month to finish it, as it's rather long and there's a lot to unpack and discuss. Meetings will begin at seven and end whenever things end, I suppose, and there will be refreshments.

I hope to see you there!

- R. J. Lupin

Do you think I might make a positive contribution for once?

[info]bullheaded in [info]the100

[...] Shit. Somebody find that little pipsqueak running around the halls and bring him to me. I'm either gonna make him a Charger or wring his neck, if he's the reason why I'm missing my sending crystal.

[info]oswaldftw in [info]the100

I need it back. I had my mum's ring on, I never take it off. I don't play with it. Just a simple loop with a small inset stone. Not even a fancy setting. Please, if you see this ring, could you let me know? It's all I

[info]darkslayer in [info]the100

Who: Faith and Reyna (They need a cool ship name)
What: Nightmare dust and the aftermath
When: 2nd Feb
Rating: I guess warnings for patricide?
Status: In progress

Hear that asshole? She's worth a thousand of you )

[info]lettheriverrun in [info]the100

Who: River Tam and Simon Tam plus random people in medical
When: Wednesday February 3
Where: Medical
What: River wakes up...she is not happy
Rating: PG-13 at least.

He wouldn't leave her, she knew that )

[info]notanazi in [info]the100

Filtered to Friends

And the hits just keep on coming.


You don't need to talk to her at all. Okay? Like you told me, pretend she's not here unless she engages you.


I hope you know I'm keeping my distance here because of you. Because you offered a chance and I'm not blowing it on that bitch.

[info]unicornsforall in [info]the100

I wanted to apologize for the accidental dusting that I did.

I hope everyone is okay.

[info]myownmind in [info]the100

Filtered to Peggy Carter + Grant Ward

I need to speak to you regarding the newest arrival from our world. This is a complicated matter and it would have been better discussed in person but due to the timing of her arrival I feel it can't wait. I will try and explain everything clearly but given how shaken I am please forgive any confusion from me.

The new arrival, Bobbi Morse is directly you responsible for my capture and subsequent brainwashing at the hands of HYDRA. She sold me out and never once tried to help me once I was captured. She then later lied to my face and made it seem like she wasn't at all aware of anything with regards to me and what I went through. As you can probably understand seeing her is not something I wish to do, the thought actually terrified me and so if she is being asked to the gathering you are planning I won't be attending, I can't.

I have included Grant on this entry because he can fill in anything that I might have missed out.

[ooc note: sent straight after Grant told her to tell Peggy]

[info]no_fate in [info]the100

To the person who took If anyone finds a pocket watch, I'll take it back. No questions asked. It's dan- It has sentimental value.

[info]deadbeatmoroi in [info]the100

netpost; adrian ivashkov

I was starting to think that we'd have to spend all winter cramped in here like sardines, scratching cave paintings on the walls. Or was that only me? Well, it certainly looks a lot brighter in here. I do wish I had some yellow paint -- and that rock was a better canvas. Which, by the way, if the Pod God wishes to grace me with paints, I promise rocks will not be my first choice of canvas.

Sydney Sage
I never did phone your father. Do you think he existed in this universe at some point?

[info]lastmutanthope in [info]the100

Thanks for the star, Lincoln. Now I have something for my room!

[info]darkslayer in [info]the100

Filtered : Military Squad Charlie.

So for those who might be new. I'm Faith Lehane. Your Sergeant. I'd like to catch up with you all, get to know your skillsets, have a chat, buy a drink, whatever. I want you all to be able to come to me if you need anything.

But what this is about right now is, I need you all to know. My girlfriend Reyna. She's on my squad. Command have okay'd it but if any of you have an issue with this. I'd like you to make it known now so we can get it out in the open and dealt with. She'll have the same drills as the rest of you, she'll have the same missions and I've been fighting long enough to know that no one in the team is any more important than anyone else and I swear to god I don't play favorites when it comes to the job.

We five by five?

Filtered : Military Sergeant

So, told my squad me and Reyna are a thing. Still kind of confused that command were okay with it but my team deserved to know.

How are the rest of you dealing with your people?

[info]lesbianwitch in [info]the100

Sorry, I've been a little isolated recently, I have been trying to get some things in order around the new house.

So what is going on now and can someone point me to where the library is so I can do some research on this place?