May 2016

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January 17th, 2016

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network; selina kyle (002)

I've been here for less than a week and I'm already sick. If I figure out who sneezed on me, I'm kicking them right in the shin.

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network post: simon tam

Where is Dr. Gates? This isn't like him.

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log; fenris & hawke

WHO: Hawke & Fenris
WHEN: Jan. 3rd, evening
WHERE: Their room
WHAT: Hawke and Fenris are adorable and get engaged.
WARNING(S): They kiss, so... idk I guess if you're offended by men taking off their shirts and being mushy.

Who said there was a height requirement for capes? )

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network; mystique (017)

I know there's some distance between me and the rest of you for a variety of reasons, but I'd like to change that if I can. I think we should all do something together, if not now then soon, after this cold is done infecting everyone in the mountain. We're all stranded in the same place, we should stay connected. Or be connected.

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log: shepard+kaidan

WHO: Commander Shepard and Kaidan Alenko
WHEN: After Fight Club
WHERE: Their room!
WHAT: In a quiet moment, Shepard finally confronts Kaidan about what he said during the truth plot, because he'd expected Kaidan to come to him first. Kaidan's migraines are becoming more than just migraines, thanks to his faulty L2 biotic implants, and Shepard learns that Hawke's been doing some fucked-up stuff to keep Kaidan out of pain.
WARNINGS: (Bull and Dorian aren't the only ones who had sex after fight club, just sayin'.)

You don't know if that magic is doing more to your brain than just healing it. )

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network; bigby wolf (012)

Went out to hunt and ended up in that dragon's territory. I didn't see the thing itself, but I heard it from a distance, and something about the way it's marking its space smells off. Wouldn't be surprised if it had something to do with the radiation. Something immunized all of us, but the dragon probably didn't get the treatment.

It's thinning out the hunting, though. If it starts moving too close to us, our hunters are going to have a serious problem on their hands.

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log: magneto + rogue

WHO: Magneto + Rogue (movies)
WHEN: Backdated to... idk, a little while ago. A short time after Erik got out of his Rogue-induced coma, and before Charles disappeared.
WHERE: Rogue's room.
WHAT: Erik confronts Rogue after she almost killed him, but he's not really as angry as he probably ought to be. In fact, he has some ideas about where to go from here.

Tell me what it feels like. )

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Well. I did want to get the hell out of North Salem for a while, but it seems I overshot my mark.

Thank you to everyone in Medical. You were very professional and I appreciate that no one tried to kill me. It's refreshing, honestly.

As for those I haven't met, hello. My name is Jean Grey-Summers. I feel like an alien so 'I come in peace' seems apropos.

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Dragons, fight club and capture the flag certainly make for an exhausting few days. It's a good sort of exhaustion and reminds me of home in a way. Well, minus the dragons. Didn't have those.

[ Nico ]
Next month, how about we not have capture the flag the day after fight club.

[ Faith ]
Watching you kick ass at fight club = definite turn on. For the record.

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Suppose we should do the obligatory introductions and cross-reference skills. It'll help with strategy in the long run to know a bit about each other and how we all work.

For those who don't know me yet, I'm Alastor Moody. I come from a world where the use of magic is normal, though we also run parallel to a non-magical community. I was less familiar with that world than I am now due to my experience here. As I understand it, magic in each world does not function the same, so for reference, back home we channeled most spells verbally and through wands. The higher the skill, the more non-verbal and wandless magic you can potentially perform. I arrived here from the middle of a war, where I served the government as something called an Auror, or magical law enforcement. Law enforcement is in the family, so it's as much a legacy as a passion.

I'm open for questions and anything else that might be needed, and if I can't answer or help you, I'll make damn sure I can find someone who can. But for now, I'd like to know more about you all.

[OOCLY: Let's pretend this was posted a bit earlier in the week, I've been sick! D:]

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Filtered to Harry Potter verse

I'm so glad that Hagrid isn't here to see this.

Filtered to Ron, Luna and Ginny(sorry, I meant to)

Who'd have thought I'd go from fighting for House Elf rights, to dragons rights.

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I have two big announcements:

One: Teamwork, ingenuity, magic, and dedication to the pursuit of quality drunkenness has granted us a glorious gift: the queen of all liquors, the water of life...whiskey. With a little help from Messeres Nico Minoru and John Constantine and Serah Kili the smith, we've been able to age it in magical barrels and have produced something that is, I dare say, quite drinkable.

Two: I realized that a name for the tavern's actually been staring me in the face this whole time, and I just didn't see it. The place is henceforth to be called The Rose. Feel free to ask me for the story on why, unless you're the type who hates mushy stuff - if that's the case, you'll only be disappointed. Now, who's got some artistic talent and wants to make us a sign for the place?

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There is much discussion on what to do with the dragon that has been attacking villages. Here are the facts:
  • We have several Grounder refugees who made it here in the nick of time.
  • We do not have a map of Grounder villages so we cannot send this creature to live somewhere else that is uninhabited.
  • We have no assurances that the food in some fairytale preservation area would not run out, and that it wouldn't seek food nearby, endangering Grounders and us alike.
  • We are currently in the midst of a very serious food shortage. We've run dangerously low on meat for most citizens, blood for vampires, and brain for our zombie citizen.
  • We have all of Camp Jaha to support which we were not prepared for when we stockpiled our food for the winter.
  • Wizards would be able to get dibs on dragon bone and blood for potions and spells.
  • The scales could be used in clothing and armor.
  • We have no solid hunting leads, especially not with the amounts of animals that are being found frozen by what appears to be magic.
Many of you want to destroy it, many want to preserve it. A few want to transfigure it into something else. All of those are legitimate ideas that deserve serious thought for. However, this administration cannot forget that we have another three months of winter with supplies running well below normal.

I am sorry to say that the chancellor's feeling on the matter is confused. Her compassion drives her to want to preserve the creature, but the pragmatist who cares for her people considers its ethical death to be a priority. The pros and cons are simply too great for her to ignore.

Priority to those who could kill the beast, but those who would like to attempt transfiguring are welcome to try. However, if you get in the way of those attempting to bring it down, there will be consequences.

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Okay. Now I definitely don't feel bad about getting beaten my first fight.


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Forget about Manny. Forget about anything he's ever told you. That bastard deserves to die.

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Stiles and I broke up. That's what I saw in the water.

I was waiting for him to I'm angry and I'm sad and I'm angry that I'm sad, and if he shows up here I think we should donate him to the vampires.

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My God. I have seen much that baffles the mind: artifacts that can fell whole civilizations, echoes of supernatural beings from before the dawn of man, and a pretty redhead in Florence who could put her entire foot in her mouth. But this?

This little square macchina that writes out my words and can paint a handsome face in the blink of an eye? Fantastico! I only wish I could show it to da Vinci.

Perdono. I am Ezio Auditore da Firenze. Please forgive me if I process the rest of this madness in my own time.

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Whatever is decided with regard to our fire-breathing neighbor, I pray that there is minimal bloodshed in the results. And that the infighting reaches a moderate amount of clamor rather than its current din

[ Filtered to Dame Frye ]

I might have something with regards to my recent fire paper project, if you wouldn't mind testing it out?

[ /Filter ]

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Netpost; adrian ivashkov

Vampire Academy
I saw Jill in the water.

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I have an opinion on the issue with the dragon but there are too many already. Whatever action is taken will be on those who take it. Either way.

I mostly wish to know, has anyone else seen things in the water again. For...a longer time. As moving pictures.


Marius. He lives.

He surrvived. He was back at the Musain.

He was alive. He alone.

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I saw my William, I did. In the water.

Except, she took him. He's not mine, he's hers. All hers. It burns inside him. The bravest knight in all the land, I said. But, he's not mine no more.

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I think I just saw Storybrooke.


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Chatty to Lexi

Snow White said that blood was getting low for vampires. How low?

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I can't get sick, right?