May 2016

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January 16th, 2016

[info]cdrcullen in [info]the100

I do not understand people who think dragons should be kept as pets, or ignored while they continue wreaking havoc across the land.

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I've been sitting in front of this computer for about 30 minutes without typing anything, because I have no idea how to start. End of the world! Radiation! No internet! All very horrible and depressing things. We're talking nightmare fuel here, ladies and gentlemen.

But. BUT. This is better than the Central City Comic Con. I may have made very unmanly and slightly inaudible noises for the better part of the day. I have seen SO MANY cool people, and none of them are charging me $20 for an autograph or $40 for a picture.

So, uhm, hey. I'm Cisco. Sup?

[info]nosuitnoservice in [info]the100

The podgod seems to be bringing us a lot of new people at the moment (Hello new people) so to make things easier for anyone who's sick, shall we have a master list of anyone who's got reason to believe they can't get sick and is willing to do errands? That way no one will have to search through all the most recent posts to find someone.

I know one of the Doctors said he could, as well as Kara Danvers. Anyone else?

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[ Filtered to Max ]

Thing one: after seeing our roommates go at it in every possible combination, I can now say without a moment of hesitation that I'm hella gay. No question. No confusion. Gay. Gaaaaaay.

Thing two: have you talked to any of the capes here about your powers? Because I mean, they might be on the same wave-length. You weren't experimented on by aliens or dropped in a vat of acid or something but like, the responsibility part (aka, the ass part). They could give you some perspective maybe, right? But seriously, bail the fuck out of there if they want to turn you boring; we did not sign up for that.

Thing three: throat hurts. My body is a cage.

[ /Filter ]

So I work in the kitchens and I'm definitely getting sick, and since you're contagious like THREE DAYS before you start showing symptoms... You're welcome, Mount Weather. My gift to you.

[info]likeaknight in [info]the100

I haven't been that bruised since Graduation. And, at least I got knocked out by the girl in second place. Well done Rey. And, congrats Logan.


You did good. Let me know if you want more training though, yeah?


How you feeling?

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Do you see them? All the children. Frightened, confused. Don't know where they are, they don't. All lost and alone. Not here, yet though. Only they are.

Angel and Darla

I'm hungry. Can we go for dinner?

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WHO: Dorian & The Iron Bull
WHEN: After Fight Club
WHERE: 506.I2
WHAT: Dorian and Bull have an adorably cute fluffy heart-to-heart. It’s pure sugar and schmoop here, guys.
WARNING: Nothing explicit, but vague references to a healthy BDSM relationship, also some vague references to the fact that they just had sex. Also all that fluff, seriously.

'There was no better feeling than this.' )

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[Star Wars]
Sabbacc games Tuesday and Thursdays after dinner in the tavern for anyone who wants in.

Nice job in the fight club. If you've got time some night, I'd love to hear your stories about flying the Falcon sometime.

Are we taking any time off from morning runs because of fight club. Or push through the soreness and the sick?

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(007) Mara Jade Skywalker

[Filter: Scouts Bravo (Jaina Solo, Buffy Summers, James Kirk, Samirah al-Abbas, Jessika Pava, Raven Darkholme / Mystique (616)]
Bravo group, I'm your Sergeant, Mara Jade Skywalker. Some of you I know quite well, others I know a bit from here, and some of you I don't know very well at all.

Since we'll be working together I thought it might be a good idea to get to know each other a bit better. Can you all tell me something about the world you're from, your experience at home, and what you think you'll bring to the team.

I'll go ahead and start by saying that I'm from the galaxy that probably some of you will know as Star Wars it seems. I grew up primarily on Coruscant, which was the center of the galactic empire at the time. I was trained to work as an undercover agent and did so until the Empire's collapse, at which point I worked for several smuggling groups and then the Republic, and I have most recently worked with the Jedi. I have tracking and stealth skills, as well as being a trained Jedi Master which are probably the most relevant skills here. I've worked with and led teams before and am looking forward to doing so again here.

[Filter: Luke Skywalker]
Is it just me or is Ben more fussy than normal?

[info]maz_kanata in [info]the100

Is there a group for those who like to knit? Because while I don't mind knitting alone, it is more fun to do it with others and share stories. I'm happy to teach anyone who wants to learn as well.

Also, my roommate and I are in search of paints of pigments. We might be able ot make our own, but I thought I would check to see if anyone had any they were willing to share first.

[Star Wars]
Favorite colors? Though I can't guarantee that we'll have them here.

It seems you have many talents child. And I would hear of the rest of your adventures if you're willing.

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network post: donna noble

WHOSE FLIPPING IDEA WAS IT TO GET EVERYONE SICK? I was JUST starting to feel fine and now I'm leaking out my NOSE.

DOCTOR (10):
Bring me something to eat, I'm not getting up.

Also, when you do, I want to talk to you.

If I weren't sick, I'd feel good, and I've got you to thank for that.

Dunno what you did, or how, but you saved my life. Can't reckon how someone fixes a soul, or even what that is, but you did it.