May 2016

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January 14th, 2016

[info]malfoyheirdraco in [info]the100

[Harry Potter verse]

Seems we've a wave of sickness on us. Before you all start on me about being unusually helpful, don't.

What ingredients do we have around here that could serve as healing potions? Between Severus and myself, I imagine we can concoct enough for anyone here that is willing to take some.

[info]thingamabobbs in [info]the100

» i'm DYING lils
» halfway dead
» 3/4
» dead now

[info]bymjolnir in [info]the100

Greetings. I am Thor of Asgard. I do not know how I arrived here, nor do I remember going to sleep in such a small craft - though it is not the first I have crashed. It has been good to see familiar faces and I appreciate the concern of the medical staff. A most warm welcome, if thorough. I understand the need, and will aid however I am able as it seems I have arrived in the middle of a plague.

It is odd to me to communicate upon these Midgard Computers, but it is with luck that Jane Foster and Darcy Lewis have prepared me for this day. Perhaps one day I shall form words with all of my fingers. Or defeat the Solitaire. If you respond to this, I shall make every effort to answer in kind. I have also been assigned quarters and can be found there until I had made more sense of my arrival.

[info]stitch_witch in [info]the100

I can start weaving face masks spelled with protection against illness if you think it would be worthwhile. I'm not sure how dangerous this flu is, but I've seen more than one epidemic and we were quite accustomed to supplying the hospitals.

[info]myownmind in [info]the100

It isn't until you're without something that you realize how much you relied upon it. I wonder how many of us never thought about how vital modern medicine was until we found ourselves here without some of the basics.

Pretending to be sick so we can stay in our room is wrong, isn't it?

[info]quigonjinn in [info]the100

Meditation classes, are due to begin Saturday morning at 10am in the common area for anyone who wishes to join me.

Star Wars
I see that a number of you have recently arrived. I'm aware that I don't know the majority of you, therefore I would like to get to know all of you. I'm Qui-Gon Jinn and come from what has been termed as the Old Republic where I was one of the Jedi Knights. I currently work as a teacher here and shall be running meditation sessions which you are welcome to join in if you wish to do so.

New Republic Jedi & Obi-Wan
I know that you do not have the Jedi Code of Conduct like we did. I find myself curious though, was it successful? It is one of the areas that I often clashed with the council over.

Lily Potter
Ms Potter, I have come to learn of the support group that you run. Is anyone allowed to join, provided they meet the requirements of it?

[info]toiletseatgirl in [info]the100

Sucks a lot of you are sick. I seem to be not affected if anyone wants anything. Or need me to step into a job or whatever till this blows over.


You're up

Alec Carlton
He's in the  Warehouses. It doesn't specify where.
12.43 today.

I'll make sure you get in. Then I'll buy you a drink.


One of the Sky People. An old guy. He's not making it through the day. Mason's going into the Warehouses where we housed the Jaha people to reap him. I need you to make sure no one stops him. It's a little before quarter to one.

[info]nosuitnoservice in [info]the100

Sometimes my habit of picking up on tiny details leads to incredibly awkward realisations.

[info]lilqueen in [info]the100

Network Post: Thea Queen

I feel like death on a cracker. Or maybe just death. I don't know. This sucks.

[info]supersmiles in [info]the100

GUARD GROUP BRAVO: (Betsy, Fenris, Ron Weasley, Cassie Sullivan, Jessica Jones)
Hi, everyone! I've seen some of you since we got assigned and touched base, but I wanted to do a group forum for people to chat or talk about our abilities, things we're already used to, get to know each other. I've got a schedule for everyone on their patrol locations and posts, but not much is going to change from what we were doing before, but I did change a few locations and days for people so everything is covered between us and Alpha team.

But, I'll start off! I'm Kara Danvers. Back home I also go by Supergirl, but it seems kind of ridiculous to do that here, so Kara's fine. I'm from the planet Krypton. Short version of the story is that when I was 12, my planet was in the process of being destroyed, and they sent my cousin to Earth when he was a baby. I was sent after him to help protect him, but my pod got thrown off course and I ended up in stasis for 30 years. By the time my pod landed, my cousin was already doing pretty good for himself. So I was raised by a human family until I was older and took up the mantle of Supergirl to help protect the city and occasionally, the world.

As far as abilities go, I can fly, I'm incredibly strong and agile, I'm bullet and.. well, injury proof. Most things can't pierce my skin at all. I have super hearing and x-ray vision, so I usually pull double the location from my guard post, since I can cover a lot of area without breaking a sweat. Soooo yeah. I look forward to working with you guys! I figure we're all adults and we all want this compound to succeed.

Oh! And I'm also willing to answer any questions. Or take requests! I know I got kind of wordy. I babble and over-explain when I get nervous, sorry about that.

aslkfjaljfalkfja omg someone made me a military Corporal and I'm already talking too much and one of them already glares at everything please tell me what to do to not mess this up and get fired. Discharged? Can they even discharge us? Oh god.

[info]finnamonroll in [info]the100

ooc: pretend this was earlier in the week

[Private to Jacen]
Hello. Poe mentioned that you were willing to help with healing my injuries. I'm willing to try, especially if it frees up this bed for someone who needs it more.

[info]goawayanna in [info]the100

So, this is awkward.

I'm ill with this flu that's going round. And Anna my sister has been bringing me drinks and such. But the temperature has dropped around me to the point she's finding it hard to come into the room.

Is there anyone that could cope with that and maybe won't get sick from me that wouldn't mind bringing me more warm drinks?

[info]masterburglar in [info]the100

I've been meaning to ask and perhaps it's just me not knowing this technology just yet. Have we found the dragon that everyone was talking about previously?

[info]myownmind in [info]the100

In light of the illness that's inflicting so many of the people here I would like to volunteering myself and Grant Ward to take on extra rotations wherever needed to ensure we're not left unprotected anywhere.