May 2016

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January 2nd, 2016

[info]trishtalk in [info]the100

I thought we could get tomorrow tomorrow around noon for our first meeting. I've asked for a quiet corner in the library, a space that doesn't have a lot of traffic, for us to meet up. I've set aside coffee, tea, and water for us. Unfortunately, I can't run over and grab Dunkin Donuts or else I'd be happy to do that.

If you can make it, that's great. I'll kick off everything since it was my idea, but I'm hoping to be able to share with you all.
[If you missed this and want to be included, we can hand-wave that they talked with Trish!]

[info]asala in [info]the100

log; the inquisitor & dorian pavus

WHO: Dorian Pavus & Asala Adaar
WHEN: Friday, January 1st, afternoon
WHERE: The Hospital
WHAT: Dorian arrives, Adaar hears about it, and there's a reunion.

A light in the dark, yes? )

[info]spiritmark in [info]the100

network post: dorian pavus

Well. Now that I've gotten sufficiently inebriated and paid the price by being sufficiently hung over, let's try this: I'm informed that this functions as some sort of sending crystal, allowing me to communicate with everyone in the place at once — somehow without the use of magic, though I find that claim dubious.

Allow me to introduce myself: Dorian of House Pavus, most recently of Minrathous in Tevinter. Or Qarinus, if I want to keep my sanity. I'm an associate of Inquisitor Adaar, should that information endear any of you to me — if not, my wit and charm will surely make up for it.

[info]19_53_88 in [info]the100

So, how's everyone feeling?

The best thing about not being able to get drunk is not getting hungover.

[info]ignoretheodds in [info]the100

So, after everything that's happened and given the sheer quantities of snow we have around here, I propose:


Tomorrow [Sunday, Jan 3] seems as good a day as any. Everyone's welcome to participate and I was thinking of a space theme, mostly because I want to see everyone build a snow model of their spacecraft/ship if they have one. But, this isn't a hard and fast theme. Just guidelines. Basically, an invitation for everyone to come out and have fun. If I can swing it, there may even be prizes.

So, who's in?

[Spock & Sulu]
1. At what point should I stop keeping a captain's log? Never?
2. There's someone here who looks like Uhura. It's weird.
3. You two are helping me build a kick ass Enterprise for this contest tomorrow.

[info]someonehasto in [info]the100

Backdated to the 31st. Because I forgot
[Filtered to Command and Vampires]

Right, so animals are being frozen. And, I don't know about anyone else, but animals are getting harder to find. Since, they're fucking hibernating.

Which leaves us a problem. We have, at last I counted seven vampires here, from three different worlds. With slightly different needs. But, we at least need some form of blood to keep us, you know. Functioning. So, if you want to not let us dessicate starve to death, or whatever. We kinda need a solution.

And, yes. I know. Some of you don't particularly like me. I don't care. This isn't about me. It's about all seven of us. And, our whole community ethics crap.

[info]the100npcs in [info]the100

WHO: About a dozen Grounders (They're Floukru, but that's not known at the moment until Lincoln points it out). Surveillance. Military. Medical. Command.
WHEN: Late afternoon.
WHERE: The blast doors.
WHAT: A dozen Grounders beg for sanctuary. Go ahead and reply ICly, if you want!
WARNINGS: These people survived being burned and clawed, so probably blood and gore.

Thoma floundered at the door. )

[info]mamafantastic in [info]the100

[Filtered to Carol Danvers]
Got an hour or two to spare today? I've got blueprints on Raven Rock worked up for you and the team, and I'm ready to brief.

[info]lilu in [info]the100

This is so exciting! I really miss Hugo already so much it actually hurts (I was told he's not here?), but this is going to be an exciting adventure! I've always wanted to have one of those. Suuuure, things don't sound super great here. Something about some bloody maries and a werewolf war? (Whaaaaaatttt?) BUT BUT BUT BUT MY POP-POP AND NANA ARE HERE. THE ONE'S I'VE NEVER MET! Aaahhh!

Oh. Oh, right! I'm messing this all up. I'm Lily Luna Potter, the youngest of Harry and Ginny Potter, but please call me Lilu! I need a Weasley/Potter family roll call immediately! And then allllllllll of the hugs! Pronto!

[info]continuityerror in [info]the100

netpost; billy kaplan

Young Avengers + Nico di Angelo
Nerdiest snowman building contest ever? It might be cheating if I do it on my own.

[info]withbloodshed in [info]the100

Lesson learned: space enlarging half a room leads to weird vertigo inducing effects. Um, sorry. I'll fix that when I'm done with the decor. I wonder if I can figure out another way to make my magic food tree. From what I've seen so far I could definitely use it. Pretty sure I used up some vital components for it though.

What's the library like? Does it have a decent magic section? Or... any magic section?

[info]watchusrun in [info]the100

[Command, Military, Surrvailance, Medical]

Blast Doors. There's something out there. People, and they're not attacking. I am entirely sure of that. But they need help.

We need those doors open and I'm going to go ahead and very much assume we need Medical down here as soon as possible.

I can't see them but I can hear them... They're here for sanctuary. I've heard desperation like that before.

[info]blogaboutit in [info]the100

Right. I see why people kept being fascinated by my name.

How many versions of bloody Sherlock Holmes are there?

[info]willparry in [info]the100

I think it's finally type to come clean. This isn't in the confessional sense, rather the thought that it's just more or less a tale of space and logic. You might see a large cat following me around. In fact, I know those of you who got me out of the pod (and those of you in medical, too) have seen her more than once.

Her name is Kirjava and she is my dæmon. This feels so weird to say. We've hidden for so long. She's stayed my secret in my own world. We've been through quite a lot together and though she can stay in my room during the day, it's negatively impacting the both of us. We're really all we've got here.

She doesn't eat or use up any resources. Please don't touch her.

Lesions from either flame or frostbite. These Floukru have had a hard go of it and the injuries match the story the one keeps telling. If you believe in flying lizards.

[info]liedetector in [info]the100

Nothing quite like the headache of everyone deciding to lie about EVERYTHING after a truth spell. You realize you don't have to lie about stupid stuff all the time, right?

[info]whitelightwitch in [info]the100

Teaching here, is a hell of a lot different than teaching at Magic School. It's an interesting experience.

[info]sohawkeward in [info]the100

log; fenris & hawke

WHO: Hawke & Fenris
WHEN: Just after the Bloody Mary attacks, but before Christmas
WHERE: The Hospital
WHAT: Hawke has been spending 100% of his time in the hospital after Bloody Mary, and Fenris comes to make sure he's actually taking care of himself. Fluff ensues.

I was already your favorite. )

[info]spiritmark in [info]the100

network post: dorian (to hawke)

My Lord Hawke:

Putting aside jabs for the moment, I'd like to apologize for our spat earlier. You have an extremely personal connection to the worst Tevinter has to offer, and I'm sure you find all of us — magisters in particular — to be one and the same. We haven't done much to improve that reputation, particularly with Venatori involvement in the rise of Corypheus.

Tevinter despises me, but I love my homeland. I recently inherited my father's seat in the Magisterium, and people are most unhappy about it. Should Maevaris Tilani and I have our way, we'll be razing our cruelest customs to the ground.