May 2016

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December 31st, 2015

[info]dethronedking in [info]the100

So, well done to all of you who sensibly hid their computers for the duration of the ridiculous truth telling.

Not that I noticed a difference. Bluntness is kind of a trait.

Anyway, I've had this idea to run a Chess tournement. For those of us who want something more cerebral than punching each other. Me and Vassy would adjudicate. Not participate obviously, that'd just defeat the purpose.

And we're looking at lessons, Beginner, intermediate and advanced. It focuses the mind, its stratagy, its tactics and it's been around in one form or another since the 6th century.

There'll be a sign up for both sooner or later, but, yeah. Sign up.


So, you avoided the hell out of me last few days.


[info]skaikru in [info]the100

Heads up. We got to the sight of the dropped pod. It's empty. Either the Grounders got here or it's another case of someone not having a body or something. Either way, it's open and empty.

But there's something weirder out here.

Clarke, you mentioned pauna? That enormous gorilla thing? We've found one out here, but it's like a statue. Frozen or something.

Please advise us what you want us to do with it.

[info]godofstories in [info]the100

Do you have a favorite wall here? Yes, it is the strangest question to ask. Yes, I'm actually asking it.

[info]teamclone in [info]the100

Test test one two three. Can you hear me now?

[info]diktat in [info]the100

    » it's good, your progress
    » might even let you fight my other arm next
    » if you want

[info]willingtopay in [info]the100

-- It's hard, being away from home sometimes. It's hard missing New York. But I'm glad I'm here with you tonight. Make sure you find me before midnight.

[info]marshmallowmars in [info]the100

I can't decide if I'm going to go to bed at 10:30pm tonight or do something I'll regret. Is there going to be a place where a gal can grab a drink somewhere quiet, or is the general consensus happy-shrieking-woo-hoo as far as the eye can see? Not trying to be Debbie Downer; I'm just not one for the big parties. AKA: boring.

[info]escortof12 in [info]the100

This is a very strange place.

[info]ihaveashotgun in [info]the100

Mordin is it safe for me to kiss people? Apparently there's a tradition and I have a bottle half-full of alcohol and have never really kissed anyone because there was my suit, and it was awkward and things were too dramatic with the war going on with Garrus to ever get under the suits and there was too much of a risk of jeopardizing the mission so. Not that any of you need to know that.

So basically what I'm saying is that I'd like to kiss someone if it doesn't mean that I'll have to take antibiotics after or worry that I'm going to die. The line starts after Mordin says it's okay.

[info]virtualvirgil in [info]the100

The first couple who leans against my interface in a display of New Year's Eve passion is going to get shocked.

Thank you, and Happy New Year.

[info]herosjourney in [info]the100

If you have a spare moment, my love, there's something we should discuss. Don't let me take you away from your adventures, though, might you be in the middle of a good one.

[info]19_53_88 in [info]the100

Sooo I put all my music from my phone onto the server, there's some good stuff for dancing there but it's not like a huge amount because it's just my phone. But it could be good for tomorrow night.

[info]breach in [info]the100

Look, my ideal NYE is spent on the beach with a barbie going, but if we've got to see in the new year with a bash in a mountain bunker, fine. Least we're alive. So, happy new year.

[ Pacific Rim folk ]
    So. Yeah.

[info]withbloodshed in [info]the100

Well. Shit.


[info]cdrcullen in [info]the100

For many years, I thought it unlikely that I would ever marry. Templars seldom do, and I had troubles of my own, and it seemed unlikely my life would ever take such a turn.

I am very glad today that I turned out to be wrong. I would have been glad to have more of our friends and family present, but I am immensely grateful for those who were here with us today (especially Asala, who was so kind as to officiate), and if not for the circumstances that forbid the attendance of the others, I would never have met my wife at all.

My wife. It has a very nice sound to it.

Thank you to all of you who celebrate with us today. I cannot think of a better way to begin a new year here on Earth.

[info]goldenratio in [info]the100

I have a date. This is not a drill. I have a date with a hot quarian who wants to experience a New Years Eve kiss. Aww yeah.

[info]superchill in [info]the100

So, there's a new year coming and that's really weird, because it wasn't this close from whence I came. But, I'm adjusting and not as starstruck. ..That's not true, I'm still starstruck. In fact, I've made a brand new autograph book to make up for not having my old one that's ready for signatures from every hero I've ever had in the White House.

I've veered off subject, I'm sorry. So, my resolution is to be more open, and by that I mean... Accepting of this place and where I stand in it. I'm Leslie Knope, I don't stay down for long. I can't.

My second resolution is to get every possible Harry Potter-related person's autograph, because you're all amazing and heroes and I love you. I'm not weird. You're weird. No. You're not weird. You're wonderfully real people that I admire a lot.

[info]sweetxmas in [info]the100

New Year's Eve in the underground. This the first time the Pod People or whatever we're getting called celebrating it here?