May 2016

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December 25th, 2015

[info]everymansdream in [info]the100

Merry Christmas, everyone.

[info]deeringdo in [info]the100

This is my favorite time of year.

If anyone still wants any last minute Christmas decorations, I'd be happy to wave my wand around a bit and make some for you. And I hope that all my favorite people will join me later for the traditional Pin Decorations on Prongs -- and by that I mean, drape them over my antlers instead of actually pinning them to me, because that would hurt. It just sounds so much catchier the other way.

[info]doctorfun in [info]the100

No alien invasion in the sky makes it rather difficult to consider this as being Christmas. Hah! Don't usually stick around Earth long enough to watch the season roll into the holiday. Didn't altogether realise it was here, but so it is. Anyway! Good talk.Things to do, got to run.

Merry Christmas!

[info]fromfreedonia in [info]the100

Well, being here for Christmas definitely takes the pressure off of doing all the Christmas shopping. My family is not easy to shop for.

I hope you're all having a good day, whether you celebrate or not. Thank you for warmly welcoming me to the bunker this month.

So, tell me. Have any of you managed to get the Doctor (any of him) into a Santa hat? Or reindeer antlers? Or a Rudolph nose?

[info]teamclone in [info]the100

Who: Ben Reilly & Loki
When: December 25, a little bit before moonrise
Where: Ben's werewolf containment cell thingie
What: Ben gets an unexpected visitor and Christmas present.
Rating: F for feels?
Status: Completed

Besides, the way I hear it, Christmas isn't a time to be alone. )

[info]dogstarred in [info]the100

Who's up for a final round of Christmas carols?!

[info]madmaninablubox in [info]the100

Merry Christmas everyone. Always loved Christmas.

And, since River shot my Fez. I now wear a santa hat. Santa hats are cool.