May 2016

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December 5th, 2015

[info]thecat in [info]the100

log; felicia + matt

WHO: Felicia & Matt
WHEN: Friday, November 20th
WHERE: Matt's temporary apartment
WHAT: Foggy is worried about Matt, so he asks Felicia to check in on him. Turns out Matt has been super depressed and hasn't showered in a few days, so Felicia talks him into taking one with her instead.
WARNING(S): Really mild sexual content, mostly nonsexual nudity.

Maybe I don't like it when people are smelly. )

[info]cityelfwarden in [info]the100

It's strange how people who have always been able to rely on the rule of law react to a mess, as opposed to those of us who haven't.

The people here who grew up in stable societies or in the dominant group of their society tend to assume that nothing's going to "go too far." It never occurs to them that "just a little brawling" is going to end up with a few corpses at the end, or that "getting a little disorderly" could land them in any greater trouble than a night in the gaol.

When I was seventeen, a bunch of drunk human lords showed up at a wedding in the village square. We asked them to leave, but the law was on their side, because they were humans. The law was still on their side when they kidnapped several of the women and carried them off to their estate to be abused. The law was still on the humans' side after the women fought their way out. And that sort of thing was a regular occurrence: humans doing whatever they wanted, particularly the wealthy ones, while those of us at the bottom tried to either de-escalate any situation that looked like it could turn bad, or keep our hands on our blades and our feet ready to run.

I've spent a lot of time with humans, and even in my own world their casual approach to a lot of things remains strange to me. Here, most of the humans are completely alien to me. You start a fight, and it never occurs to you that anyone might end up dead in it. You get drunk and belligerent, and it never occurs to you that anyone would look at you and think they'll probably have to put a knife through your ribs for their own safety before the night is over. You walk in a room and it never crosses your mind that someone might report you to the guard for stealing just because your things are too nice for you to have--and if such a thing did happen to you, you're sure you can just explain and they'll let you go without a scratch. I don't even know what to make of feeling that safe all the time.

[info]agelessbeauty in [info]the100

So the fact that this kidnapping doesn't involve any torture so far is pretty nice but the location sure could be better. Like the beach.

But they said I should introduce myself on here because that apparently helps with the whole 'SURPRISE' you're in the future or a future which is seriously crazy.

Anyway I'm Caroline. Is this what introducing yourself in an AA meeting feels like?

[info]waytogo in [info]the100

You guys! My best friend Leslie Knope is here! The Pod God really does answer prayers. Some of them, anyway. And only once you've been saying them for nearly half a year. But I'll take it!

Anyway, you should all go say hello to her! She's the most amazing person -- truly, you'll never make a more loyal friend or a more fierce advocate than Leslie Knope. We're so lucky to have her. Now to work on my other best friend (and Leslie's fiance), Ben Wyatt! I've made some real progress on my jobi nut flour-based calzone recipe in his honor.

Oh, but don't worry, new best friends I've made here. There's enough room in my heart for each and every one of you. How are you all doing this weekend? Who's going to try speed dating tonight? I hope I'll see some of you there!

[info]angryeyebrows in [info]the100

log; rose / twelve

WHO: Rose Tyler, The Doctor (12)
WHEN: Early November, midday, backdated
WHERE: The mess hall.
WHAT: The Doctor and Rose reunite, a bit of angry glaring and general emotions ensues.
WARNING: Vague talk of losing people, as the Doctor does, and alternate universes.

There’s a lot about this place that doesn’t seem to be possible. )

[info]continuityerror in [info]the100

netpost; billy kaplan

I'd never ask this of you, but these people seem pretty desperate.

What do you think?

[info]doctorfun in [info]the100

( Filtered away from Jessica Jones* )

Well, now that I've stopped seeing cartoon birds flying about, I'd like to say thank you to those of you who came to help this evening. I'm sorry for the trouble, though it can't be helped. Perhaps I'm only sorry I can't make it better.

Ah. Anyway, there it is. Hope you're all recovered and without any severe detriment to your person. And... more importantly, I do hope no one holds it against her.

[ *Until further notice, his posts will be this way because he doesn't want her to have to relive seeing Kilgrave any time he updates. ]

[info]malfoyheirdraco in [info]the100

This place is more than a bit loony, but I suppose every place has its quirks. My initial introduction was a bit off, so let's try again now that I've learnt a few things about this place and have come to accept where I am.

I'm Draco, for those of you who are new here. I enjoy a good wizard's chess game, Quidditch, and stargazing. I fancy sweets of all kinds. Pretty decent at my spell work too.

I still don't like this place, but I can't really change that. At least You-Know-Who isn't here.

[info]jadeshadow in [info]the100

(004) Mara Jade Skywalker

Since I have settled just a bit more, I thought I would ask which of you are also parents of young children? My Ben is just around 6 months and I would very much be interested in getting to know some of you better.

Have you spoken to Jacen any more?

[info]inthealley in [info]the100

Liars and trials and ice bears, oh my. This place is the gift that keeps on giving.

And a welcome to the new people. I'm Bruce Wayne. Not much of a conversationalist, so consider this your meaningful nod of affirmation that yes, this isn't a hallucination.

[info]thegoodblood in [info]the100

I've been doing a great deal of reading on the topic, but I confess to being no closer to understanding the dominant religions of this world. Not to say that I don't find their stories fascinating - I do! - but there seems to be such variety and disagreement as to interpretation that I hardly know what is popular and what is erm. Niche. Not that it's any different in my world - one moment a martyr, the next a heretic - but there's a broad deviation from what I believe to be true in my faith that I'm afraid I'm left quite confused.

So, let me ensure that this is correct: this season that we are in now - "Yule", or tomorrow - "Hanukkah", and later on "Christmas" - these holidays are all from separate faiths, correct? The first is a Pagan holiday celebrating the season of midwinter, the next is a holiday commemorating the unlikely survival of a people against a tyrannical ruler, and the last is a celebration of a child with godly parentage who will eventually be revered as the holy undead.

(Please correct me if I've phrased something incorrectly or been offensive. Yharnam is terribly isolated, in its own way, and while all these religions are interesting to read about it does make me homesick for the Bloodletting Feast of the Great One Reborn. Such revelry among the burning pyres! But alas.)

[info]whatwedid in [info]the100

I know I'm supposed to want a fair trial, but I wish Fox's dad had killed him.

[info]mynightoff in [info]the100

You know, there are a lot of things about this place that are totally messed up, but waking up remembering things from home that hadn't happened to me yet is taking the cake this week. Talk about disorienting.

You awake?

[info]notanazi in [info]the100

Funny what grief'll do to people.

It's funny, no one blames the guy but legalities and all. Just looks so damn broken. Same situation, most of us might do the same.


As first days go? Not the easiest.


So, Kara's here.