May 2016

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December 1st, 2015

[info]sisterskeeper in [info]the100

network post: simon tam

If you're with my sister, or if you've seen my sister, tell me where she is. [...] Please. I told her to warn me if she was going to wander off

[info]beverlycrusher in [info]the100

Chatty to Betsy Braddock
» I'm about to help Simon locate his sister.
» Can you tell me if she's registering in your psyche?

Chatty to Tony Gates
» I'm going to be a little bit longer than expected.
» River Tam is missing.
» Quentin is asleep.
» If he or you or Sarah needs me, I'll come back immediately.

[info]seattleangel in [info]the100

Log; Jacen Solo & Max Guevara

Who: Max Guevara & Jacen Solo
When: Sometime in November-ish after this conversation. Wibbly wobbly timey wimey.
Where: Within the 5 mile perimeter.
What: Jacen promised to show her wild animals, so off they go.
Rating: Low

...Hey, what do you call a lost wolf? )

[info]onlybrokeone in [info]the100

I find myself for the first time in 30 years quite looking forward to Christmas. While not something we celebrated in our land. Our time in the Land Without Magic was quite enlightening. And, Christmas is quite an interesting holiday.

But, for the first time I can actually spend it with my Son. Which seems to be the purpose of the holiday, entirely.

[info]dn38416 in [info]the100

[ Sarah Connor ]
You know, maybe we should just tell Pops we've  done it.

[info]glasswater in [info]the100

... speed dating is all very well and good, but what about Christmas? Are we doing Christmas? Please, I do hope that Christmas didn't also get ballasted to smithereens. I know that there is much to be anxious about, but much to be thankful for too. I fervently hope that Christmas will occur.

My dearest Lucy,

Again I fear that I live in a land where it is always winter and never Christmas. As the snow flies deep and regular, I cannot help but be reminded of Jadis in the days before our rule. Indeed, when I am about my patrols, I cannot help but listen for the jangle of sleigh bells.

Fate would not bring her to me without you, without Peter, without Edmund? Fate could not ...

[info]feelingepic in [info]the100

Chatty to Deadpool

~ So, hi
~ I'm Lexi. And also desperately want to know if they say 'thank pod'. And if they have pod prayers. And podfessions. And podmunion. So I propose going along to the next meeting with an interesting amount of blue vodka and a notepad.
~ It'll be educational or some crap. Also potentially hillarious.
~ You in?

[info]heelsoverhoodie in [info]the100

I've been thinking a lot about honesty.

I mean the world would be easier if people didn't keep secrets so much. From everyone around them, from themselves. Secrets can be dangerous things in the wrong hands.

And even without someone knowing your deepest darkest. They eat away at you. From inside. Watching it happen is weirdly facinating sometimes.


So, next prodcution? Anyone else thinking something big. Like not Les Mis big, also they're like, right there. But we could totally pull off Aida or Evita or something?

Something people can get involved in and enjoy.

...Anyone know Jekyll and Hyde. The musical, OBC has the Hoff in it? Facade, In his Eyes, Dangerous Game?


So today I have so many freakin plans. I did most of my work inside a few hours and I've sketched like three upcoming ideas for shows. I need to keep busy. And I know what you're gonna say but I'm fine. And all that secret stuff isn't about you. Or anyone here, it's just an observation.

But all the same, busy is better than sitting and obsessing over it all so, hey, come help me with ideas?

[info]victoryred in [info]the100

Bollocksed, all of I've had some time to myself and created my own little Advent Calendar. I know that some of you share similar traditions.

So, instead of keeping little trinkets I've made, I'll probably simply share them.

All right. I've quietly endured the silent stares of your bodyguard for quite long enough. Who is he? Why is he here? When is he very well leaving? If I hear the word mate one more time, I may very well shoot him.

Troubled, still?

[info]toiletseatgirl in [info]the100

Okay so I appreciate speed dating as a thing. I do. I'm sure it works for people. I hope it works for people.

But is there anything social to do, that's a little less...intimidating and sum up your life in two minutes'y?

It's a really boring life. I'd be done in like two sentances.


I kind of feel like we should do some kind of getting to know you thing. Haven't shared a room with a stranger since college.

[info]borntoresist in [info]the100

Has anyone seen Tonks?

[info]emsie in [info]the100

I wasn't sure my life could get anymore completely fucked up, but somehow it has managed.

I arrived yesterday. It's over a hundred years in the future for me here. I guess things don't turn out so well for Earth or the people on it. All of my advocating for climate change did absolutely bloody hell, so there's that.

Ugh. Stop being negative, Emily. This is a grand adventure, right?

Fuck it all. I'm Emily Fitch and I'm probably a fangirl of at least half of you. Because I've been spending the past two years doing nothing but watching telly and reading comics. I will not apologize for swooning when I meet Harry Potter.