May 2016

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November 19th, 2015

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log: kaidan+hawke

WHO: Kaidan Alenko + Garrett Hawke (Bioware boys ftw)
WHEN: November 19, morning
WHERE: Somewhere in medical, in a relatively quiet area
WHAT: Kaidan's headaches caused by his L2 implants are worsening, and he fears that his luck's run out and the common side effects of being an L2 biotic (crippling pain, insanity) are around the corner. He seeks out Hawke for pain relief, as usual, but Hawke's magic is tapped. Hawke can't bear to see Kaidan in that much pain, however, and considers an alternative method.

What was that? What did you -do-? )

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Chatty to Leia

Chatty to Leia
you ever think we'll get a break from all this?

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I realise that to many eyes that this world seems little more than a skeleton of the civilization that came before, but I find many aspects of it still beautiful. Granted, I have low standards due in part to my own home-world where beauty was in short supply - "the bonfire where they are burning the dead is lovely tonight!" - but also I have the privilege of not knowing what it looked like before. Ruined cities are only romantic to those that have never known their face.

But there is something timeless about a sunrise. It may be colder than a Hemwick Witch's embrace out there, but the colours and their meaning are nonetheless worth pausing over.

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Okay, I'm an inside dweller, but this is ridiculous. I need sun, and I need it soon before all work and no play makes Cosima a dull girl. Love Alison, love Felix, but trusting either of them in the woods? Probably not a good idea. That leaves you, buddy.

Let's go for a hike.
I feel a lot better living closer to you guys. Thanks, Felix.

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network post: nathan drake


I tried to catch you but I think I just missed you. If you see a strange guy in your rooms, it's not a strange guy, it's me. Hi, I'm Nate, I just moved in with Elena. She says you're good people. I'm also good people.

Where are you? Come with me.

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network post: alison hendrix

Hello, everyone!

Maybe you've seen the posters around the mess hall, or you were handed a flyer on your way to the gym or the library, but just in case you missed it:

Mount Weather Community Theatre
* * * MUSICAL REVUE * * *

Songs! Dance! Entertainment!

Directed by and starring Alison Hendrix
Mona Vanderwaal
Angie Martinelli
Steve Rogers
Garrett Hawke
Neville Longbottom
Mr. Gold
Belle French
MJ Watson
Lito Rodriguez
Beverly Crusher
Tony Gates
Beth Greene
Dean Winchester

Friday, November 20 and Saturday, November 21 at 8:00 PM
Mount Weather Gymnasium

In addition, I'm also taking suggestions and ideas for our winter production, to be put forth to a selection committee next month. Please keep in mind that we can't just call up Samuel French or MTI and ask for a show; the materials need to be available in the library or you must provide them yourself. Consider available talent, cast size, costume/set requirements, etc! Happy hunting, theatre lovers!

Tomorrow's opening night, people! I know it's been insane with people disappearing and me getting possessed other drama, but that's what we're here for, right? The show must go on.

Sera, please try and do your song without the obscene gestures. You're married to the Councilor, I don't see how you You too, Hawke.

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Uh. Hey. What the f I guess I'm the new guy again.

Lincoln Campbell. I'm from Cincinnati, but it doesn't sound like that exists anymore. I was a doctor... still am, I guess. Didn't bring any of my credentials, though.

I'm not sure what else to say. This is weird. It's really 2150?

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1. Widow just left me completely in charge of tech. You know what that means, right? If I have a sick day, you're my fill-in.

2. MJ and I are Does she have a name?

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How do you feel about magical snow that's not cold in the bedroom?

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Star Wars People
1. Exactly how many of us here are there?

2. Given that I seem to be the only one from my period of time, with the rest of you coming from much further in to the future. How impreative is it that I know the future? Obi-Wan has informed me of some of it already.


Since I shall be working with you. I do have to ask, what sort of lessons and curriculum are we following?

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Oh, hello postapocalypticlandia. The name is Daisy. Sup? Good to know we survive past the end of the timeline, and like. We're not doing too bad! Right? Right. Totally. So, I get the feeling we're all going to be super awesome friends. And when I say super awesome friends, I mean if this were MySpace (#TBT HOLLA) you'd all be in my Top 10.

Because, basically. I'd have no other choice. Unless I ki But it's a good thing we'd all pretty much break Myspace with the collective power of our Type A awesomeness. And I'm rambling So I have a job, I have a room and I guess we'll all have to get used to each other really quick. You guys are used to this. I am not used to this.

But I will be soon. Promise.

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[ooc: mistakenly made public instead of being filtered to mental health]

I'm sorry, I should have done this sooner. Before I met my first Dementor, for example. [...] I guess I've finally found someone I can't be friends with.

My therapist is gone. Has been gone for a while now, actually and I think I'm. How do I go about finding a new one? I don't mean to be picky, but I would need someone who can put up a psychic wall between my emotions and theirs. Or else someone who's willing to communicate in sign language.