May 2016

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November 14th, 2015

[info]ihaveashotgun in [info]the100

Coffee and pie. Humans, you are much more clever than most people give you credit for.

Living in a world like this isn't too strange for me. Being able to eat the food is, but my people have always lived in space, in what we call a Flotilla. We only just now re-established on our homeworld and things have been ... well. Bleak, in the galaxy. But this just reminds me a lot of home.

I have a million ideas for improvements and projects, I don't know what to start on first. Omni-tools? Drones? Weapon modifications? Improved generators? Vehicle engines?

I don't suppose there's any eezo around here...

[info]thetroubles in [info]the100

last night. around 1am.

Trigger Warning: character death )

[info]tylerose in [info]the100

On one hand it feels like it's been a long week, but on the other I can hardly believe it's Saturday.

How are we?

[info]swhite in [info]the100

As many of you are aware, Carl Emerson has been arrested and is now awaiting his trial for crimes against the people of the Ark and the 100. We have established the details of the trial. I will be presiding over the trial as an arbitrator only, and there will be a jury of ten people within the mountain who will be chosen from the Podkru who arrived after the werewolf war to keep this as impartial as we can. Please refrain from explaining the details of the case from anyone who has come from after that time period. Mr. Nelson will be handling the Prosecution of this case, and Mr. Murdock has agreed to Defend Carl Emerson.

The jury decisions will be made on November 27th, and all of those who arrived after August 29th, the werewolf war, are required to attend a special meeting in G1 for selection. From those, we will chose the best candidates to give Mr. Emerson a fair trial which will begin on November 30.

I ask that you all remember that we must be fair, even to those we believe have wronged us, or this society will not function in a healthy manner.

[info]withoutgrace in [info]the100

network post: castiel (to kate)

Who are you?

[info]tonygates in [info]the100

Who: Tony Gates & Sarah Riley, awwww
When: Toniiiiight
Where: Medical!
What: Tony's adopted daughter shows up, just in time for the holidays :D
Rating: G. Super super G.

The minute he heard, Tony swore his heart stopped. )

[info]beverlycrusher in [info]the100

Chatty to Tony Gates
» I need you back in Medical.
» It's for a good reason this time, I promise. :]

Chatty to the Doctor (10)
» I did an autopsy on Donna. Between my tricorder and the equipment we have here it went fairly quickly.
» I could find no cause of death. Audrey described symptoms of a stroke, but I couldn't find any indication of one.
» I'm terribly sorry.
» Be truthful: how are you and the other Donna's holding up?

[info]mamafantastic in [info]the100

I was told I could introduce myself here. I'm Sarah. And I really don't believe this is actually happening

[info]letothersrise in [info]the100

I'm more tired than I ever expected to be. It seems without a cause I have very little to be getting on with.

How do you move on after a failed revolution?
I was about to die. I knew it. And yet here I am.

Filtered to Medical

Can one of you come down? Grantaire has drunk more than I believe to be safe even for him.

I might be overreacting but...please?

[info]deathdetector in [info]the100

"Okay" is likely not a word that's applicable right now, but how are things?

505 P, O & Q (MCU Bucky, Matt & Foggy, Echo, Parrish & Skywalkers):
I might need to start handing out "Sorry, you're rooming with and/or next to a banshee, I apologize in advance" business cards. I was kind of hoping for a lack of issues with it while I was here but there were complications. So. Sorry. Can't help it, can't stop it. I try to drown it out or take walks where no one ends up on the receiving end, but last night took me by surprise. Sort of.

I suggest earbuds. Or drawing straws with other people to figure out who gets to be near the girl that screams occasionally.