May 2016

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November 6th, 2015

[info]amonginsects in [info]the100

network post: erik lehnsherr

If you have a weapon and it requires ammunition, bring it to me along with whatever bullets you have left. I will create more for you, so training can continue and so everyone's prepared in the wake of the next attack.

I don't know what to do with this life.

[info]swhite in [info]the100

Darien cried for you again. I finally had to give him a shirt you left here before he'd stop crying.

I'm not in love with you or anything so don't get any

I've got a proposal.

[info]toomuchlife in [info]the100

network; chuck charles (004)

The first big snowfall is my favorite day of the year. It's such a perfect reason to dress up in snuggly knitted clothes and stay cozy with your favorite people while you watch the snow drift down.

Who wants to test out their winter gear with me and make some snowmen this afternoon?

[info]red_five in [info]the100

001: Network Post: Luke Skywalker

It's been a very long time since I've seen this much snow. Or any snow come to think of it.

[info]holesinthesky in [info]the100

network post: carol danvers

I know the snowfall out there looks pretty and it's going to be fun to play in, but we were hoping to have the outdoor test houses done before the winter weather started.

Once the snow stops I'm going to need a team to help clear the snow from the site so we can keep building, and then it's all hands on deck to get all this done before winter gets worse. If you've been helping, we need your help even more. If you haven't helped out with the housing, you can sure as hell volunteer.

We'll make sure it's almost as fun as building snowmen, promise!

[info]aracely in [info]the100

kaine's gone.

[info]magicplantman in [info]the100

Ha. You lot will like this. I got my remembrall in that pod that landed a few days ago. And it's gone missing. Already.

Also, I've made a new friend in the greenhouse. I've named it Trevor II. Be kind to him.

I had someone tell me the other day that I'm starting to look like a lumberjack. Thanks?

[info]lastmutanthope in [info]the100

2150 has a lot more people green than I remember.

They told me there are X-Men here.

[info]sisterskeeper in [info]the100

network post: simon tam

I'm regretting that I didn't go to the bonfire, now that the snow's falling. We're probably going to be shut in with blizzards all winter.

I don't want to have to amputate anything because of frostbite, so stay warm.

[info]drinkwithme in [info]the100

Who: Enjolras and Grantaire with brief appearance from Lexi
When: November 5th
Where: At the bonfire
What: Talking, and feels
Rating: Mention of character deaths
Status: Complete

Drink with me to times gone by. )

[info]everymansdream in [info]the100

So this is what the future looks like. Seems kind of...dismal. No offense.

Anyway, hi. I'm Georgina. Interesting set up.

[info]iamfire in [info]the100

The cold makes this body feel so brittle. [...] If we require fire for warmth inside this cave, I will provide it.