May 2016

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September 24th, 2015

[info]godofstories in [info]the100

I've already introduced myself, but considering my promotion yesterday, let's do this again.

Hi. I'm Loki, Assistant to the Special Admin to the Chancellor. If you see Snow White around, I'm probably not far away.

Storytime was my one condition, and Snow is fine with that. I'll be there for it everyday. I pinky swear.

[info]justhitjackpot in [info]the100

I had an idea, and I wanted to run it by you. I realize this isn't the most opportune time, but don't think you that Fred and Ben would make a cute couple? She's got that whole blue demon thing inside her so they can both sympathize with the whole thing out of their control. And they're both science nerds, so they can talk to one another.

What do you think of me trying to play match maker? After the full moon, of course. I know we're here for him, but I think it's important that he knows that it's not the end of relationships.

[info]emmline in [info]the100

Filter: Moody
What do you need me to do during the Full Moon. The way I see it, you're still my superior, even if you don't know me yet. So I'm reporting to you, bossman.

Filter: Remus
Hey. I know there's a long list of things you don't want to talk about. I get it. I just wanted to say hi, and good luck. If there's anything you need, let me know.

Filter: Charlie
Thanks for keeping me company during the bonfire. I needed the distraction, and I admit it was fun.

[info]pymparticled in [info]the100

I lost a month somewhere.

[info]copperflames in [info]the100

Did you all know there's a herd of tame horses about twenty miles from here? Something happened to their village and they've just been out on their own in the wild since then. Do you think there's room for them here? They'd work for you if you took care of them. I'd even look after them myself. I've been a stablehand before.

[info]ibecomedeath in [info]the100

Do you know if Lincoln knows where Polis is?

My mother wants me to handle peace negotiations with Lexa.

[info]featherington in [info]the100

Filter to Alison, Katniss, & Julie (backdated to ealier this morning)
They think -- and Cullen agrees -- that he is how this whole unpleasant ordeal came about. He has triple the amount of morphine in his body, and they think that somehow I [...] ingested or absorbed the amount that nearly killed me.

I don't know what to do, and he won't let me touch him at all and I don't understand how this is possible or what it will mean. Until they release him from medical, I'm staying here with him. Julie, I know that we usually do repairs at the end of the day with the machines, but if you'll bring me what there is, along with my sewing box, I will sit in here and work on it today.

Filter to Clothing Makers (backdated to this morning)
Thank you for your concern and well-wishes. I'm better now, although the doctors want me to "take it easy" for today. They're keeping Cullen in medical because they think his body is somehow the cause of this, and I'm not leaving his side. I've asked Julie to bring me my sewing box and whatever clothing that needs repairs that can be done by hand.

[info]whereitcounts in [info]the100

network post; han solo

I'd like to lend a hand to whoever's in charge of the outdoor housing. It'd be good to get those done before the weather changes.

Solo family
I don't say it enough, but it's good to have you here.

[info]thetroubles in [info]the100

backdated: this morning

We've got a problem. I've just come from medical where Cullen Rutherford was found with three times the morphine in his system than he should be able to have and not die.

I went down to check on it, and found out that he's got a funny handprint on his upper arm. Yeah. That kind of handprint. I checked the aether I have tucked away, and it's still all there. I don't know how this is happening.
And I found out that Hannah's gone.

[info]annewithane in [info]the100

It is entirely possible that I am the one who splurged at lunch AND dinner and ate three pears between the two meals, but they were so wonderful and I couldn't resist. It's wonderful to have an appetite again, and to want to eat, and to not think that all food looks terrible and will probably kill me. So, kitchen staff! I will be returning to you on Sunday!


I don't suppose that there is any baby furniture in storage? Bed, changing tables, rocking chairs are all very necessary. I suppose that the changing table isn't, but it would be nice. I still have several months, but there are others who will need all of this much sooner.

Are there baby clothes? Recieving blankets? Little booties and nappies?

Snow White
I think that I am beginning to show. Dr. Gates told me that my little one is now about the size of a lemon! How wonderful to be able to have an idea of the size of one's baby while they're still baking.

Kaidan and Shep
I need to speak with the two of you. It's very important. And I threw a shoe this morning while looking for my other pair, and it's on top of my closet and I can't reach it, so I need one of you, too.

Kitchen Staff
I'm returning, as I said above! And it will be good to be back; as wonderful as working with the children is, I've found that when I married, I truly did put that part of my life behind me. I miss joining you in the kitchen and creating food with you. I feel that we had a wonderful harvest this year -- I really like the word wonderful this evening! -- and I think that we also should celebrate that. I think that for many of us here in Mount Weather from different places and times, we all have a tradition of gathering around a table with family and friends once or twice a week. With that in mind, I would like to propose the idea of Sunday dinner.

Of course, we eat every Sunday, but Sunday dinner is different. We cook and eat foods that are reserved just for that day, or for special days, and they have a little extra cream, or an extra dessert, or just feature a meal that we don't eat often. What say you?

[info]notdifficult in [info]the100

network post: mordin solus (to command, werewolf team, beverly)


Would like to volunteer medical services during full moon, will assist with injuries on site. Condition only affect humans, am not human. Unlikely to be attacked, but if so can easily survive bites and scratches, familiar with battlefield medicine. Can defend myself if necessary.

[info]notintheface in [info]the100

My roommate friend Sun is gone.

[info]crashandburnt in [info]the100

network; jessica moore (004)

Let's talk, if you have the time.


[info]brothersestra in [info]the100

network; felix dawkins (014)

I don't know if getting to watch Matt and Foggy drink coffee and shuffle papers all day is a step up from home, but it is better than washing dishes, so to all of you still stuck in the kitchens:

Suck it.

I will never make fun of any of you for PMSing again. Remus is ten times worse, and he's not even bleeding.

[info]thegreygull in [info]the100

Cullen Rutherford
Hey. I'm Duke Crocker. I'm from Haven, Maine, the same place Audrey and Nathan are from, the place with the Troubles. I know she's told you some things, but I thought I'd reach out in case you have any questions or just want to rage for a bit.

I was Troubled, before I got here. My family's curse was that if we killed the oldest person in a family with a trouble, then that family's trouble was taken care of. It was gone, for good. I wish there were another way that we could do that, and if there were, I wish to God that I had that Trouble, because I'd help you and your girl in an instant.

I guess I'm telling you all of this so that you know that there are some people here who have an idea of what you're going through. And that you shouldn't be a stranger. If you need to talk, speak up.

Betsy Braddock
Hey stranger. You okay?

[info]foggy_nelson in [info]the100

chatty to alison hendrix
» Hey beautiful.
» I always thought it'd be sexy to text someone with that.
» But it's kind of creepy.
» What if I'm turning into that creepy guy? I don't want to be him.

» I miss you.

[info]cdrcullen in [info]the100

Chatty to Adaar

[Chatty to Asala Adaar]
>> I need advice.
>> And you are the only one here I can trust to be reasonable.

[info]burningwings in [info]the100

Gale's gone. If anyone else around here is half-decent at surviving in the wilderness, I could use help teaching the class. There are a lot of students and I'm the only teacher left.


Have you figured out what's wrong with Finnick?