May 2016

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September 1st, 2015

[info]yourboyfriday in [info]the100

network post: ianto jones

Well, it looks like I'll be stuck in medical for a bit. Apparently the wolf that got me shredded up my leg fairly bad. It's not a pretty sight, and it'll be a few more days before I can walk on it. Though some of them are doubtful.

Company is certainly welcome.

[info]romanpraetor in [info]the100

Network Post: Reyna Ramirez-Arellano

So. That's never happened before. I've always known we get our powers from the Gods, but having a god use me for my power makes this feel like the sort of thing Percy normally deals with.

Also, sorry to whoever had the creatures inside them. That was weird.

So the god named Illyria - nearly drained all my strength. I am not okay sharing a world with her unless we can contain her.

[info]agentofsass in [info]the100

I know the Avengers don't have formal leadership, but it seems you still fall into that role. It seems there's a lot of unsettled ness about this weekend and I'm wondering whether a debriefing of some sort might be useful. I'll certainly be doing one with my team, but what are your thought on doing one for the Avengers or even all of Mt. Weather. Some sort of structured space for people to process this might not be the worst idea.

[info]stormin in [info]the100

Now this is some crazy shit.

Name's Johnny Storm. Yes, yes that Johnny Storm... Human Torch, leader of the world famous Torchettes. Some of you might've heard of me? I hope?

[info]bornunder in [info]the100

We need to find consecrated ground.

[info]thisismypower in [info]the100

Hi? Um, I'm not sure how to say I'm sorry without feeling like I should just lock myself up permanently.

Thank you so much for what you did. Where are you?

[info]tylerose in [info]the100

No rest for the weary, right?

So this is the future, huh? Or a version of the future for an Earth that might not necessarily be my Earth. You'd think I'd get used to saying that, but no, it's still weird. Is

Suppose there's nothing left but to introduce myself. I'm Rose Tyler, and I'm told that not only have I been here before but there may be some people here that I know? Do Doctor?

[info]painlessness in [info]the100

Who: Nathan & Audrey
What: Audrey is (was) sick, Nathan convinces her to see a doctor.
When: like a week or something before the werewolf attack (backdated)
Where: their room
Warnings: talking about fatal illness? spoilers?

... )

[info]parrviolet in [info]the100

Well this is one way to get out of a Chemistry final. Never mind the fact that I've spent an entire week going over notes. We're talking long nights, barely eating, singing The Elements Song enough to drive my parents crazy.

It says I'm going to be working as a Scout, hello! But I'm wondering about school? I haven't heard anything about signing up for classes. Technically it's the end of the my junior year, but I'm not entirely sure how things work now with the changed timeline. I'm fine with repeating a year, it might be better that way as I'm sure information has changed a lot over the years.

Oh! Sorry, I'm Violet by the way!

[info]mynightoff in [info]the100

This has been the craziest week since those Russians I've had in a long time.

I still have no idea how it's possible to have a conversation with Buffy Summers, or learn about werewolves from Harry Potter, but I'm glad I showed up when I did. If you were injured, remember what we told you and take care of yourselves, and let one of us know if you start to feel feverish or your wounds look swollen or red, or they start to hurt more or feel warm to the touch. Or they start draining. I don't want to have to stitch you up again, and I know no one wants to deal with an infection. The sooner we know, the better.

I know we got off to a rocky start, but I thought I'd check in and see how you're doing after this weekend. Let me know if you need anything, I'll be around.
How are you holding up?

[info]thegreygull in [info]the100

There's a lot to do outside, now that most of use are able to be up and walking. We've been doing some stuff, but the big stuff's just getting started. Come out when and if you can to help clean up.

[info]takebackearth in [info]the100

network; commander shepard (010)

After something like this last full moon, knowing what to do afterward is always the hardest part.

Everything outdoors needs to be fixed, and we're doing that. Our people need to heal, and our doctors are taking care of that, too. But not everything can be medical, and while the trees and the other debris are being cleared out, we're still in the kind of world where another enemy probably exists out there, waiting to march on us or steal us or hurt us.

We can't stop them from coming, but we've come together in the last few months. We're a community now. I came out of a world where I've watched entire planets burn. I did my job, I came here, and I tried to take it easier and retire. This werewolf battle reminded me that I can't do that anymore, not while I can drag myself out of bed every day.

We have a lot of non-combatants here, or people who could stand to learn things they don't teach at home. Starting Monday, I'm going to start managing combat and survival classes on the weekdays for people who didn't show up here with the training.

( ooc; pop over to the mount weather training camp page to sign your characters up! characters who express interest will just get an ooc comment linking them over there, to keep shepard from repeating himself over and over. )

[info]minervs in [info]the100

This is all very overwhelming, but I'm certain I won't be the first or last to say that. I've come to understand there are a large populations of those of us who don't belong to this 'world'? But you've all built a community here together which is admirable and comforting for whatever duration I'm to be here. I'm quite thankful for the warm welcomes thus far, but I figured it might be rude of me to continue going on without having introduced myself where everyone can see me. I am Minerva McGonagall, professor of Transfiguration at a school of magic in another world (that will never quite stop sounding odd, will it?). Here, however, I'll be serving as a blacksmith.

I was also informed there has just been a battle, and I'd like to send my condolences to those that have lost and those that have been wounded. If there are any of you who need repairs, particularly on items that have been enchanted, please do not hesitate to ask for them. I will do my best to bring anything brought to me back to its former glory.

[info]rubythewolf in [info]the100

As far as kidnappings go, I'm really impressed how this was done. I mean in the middle of a crowded diner, that takes a lot of skill to get past all my friends.

Which I'm told a few of my friends were here? I really hope that's true because it just isn't a new world hop without friends, am I right?

[info]dissectsthings in [info]the100

Fitz just disappeared right in front of me.

We're really sure they're being sent home?

[info]flasking in [info]the100

OOC TRIGGER WARNING: More mentions of suicide likely.


It's probably occurred to you already since I'm sure he's been bitching whining saying as much to you too, but Carmichael needs to be put on surveillance. He's having an understandable a negative reaction to finding out he's a werewolf and I'm pretty sure he'll try to eliminate the problem before it becomes one. I'm volunteering to watch him, if that's what it takes.

[info]goldenplatedlie in [info]the100


It looks like I'm going to live. To answer the questions I'm sure to get, no, I'm not bloody all right, no I don't bloody want visitors, and yes, I want everyone to bloody well fuck off.

[info]elegyofgrey in [info]the100

network post; jean grey

Look, I'm having a crazy week where some aliens kidnapped me and my boy best friend ran off with his space-pirate dad and that was before I got here. I'm just not up to blocking out my roommate's weird thoughts about Mythomagic and wow every hour of the night. Can we get some thicker walls?

[info]willgrahams in [info]the100

WHO. Will Graham
WHERE. Outside the compound
WHAT. Just bein' Willy. You know ... trying to help but getting lost in his own head. Feel free to see him being weird.
RATING. So clearly uhm, warning for Will. And for re-construction of violence.
WHEN. 1 September; evening.

Will was the wolf. )

[info]clayrschild in [info]the100

If anyone sees a large dog with a magical collar outside, don't worry, she isn't a wolf. She won't hurt you. She's only trying to help with the clean up.

I'm sorry I couldn I wish I

[...] Hello. I'm Lirael.

I live with Eddie.

(added in after this)
She wants to see you. [...] She insisted that I tell you that.

[info]glasswater in [info]the100

Might I suggest we use bits and pieces of the wood available to create surveillance screens in what trees are left to us.

My dearest Lucy,

How is it that, with a mere stroke of the pen, I conjure your knowing face? When I, clutching my bowstring and sighting down the length of an arrow, caught myself a wolf by the ruff I thought of that terrible night in which we watched Jadis sacrifice Aslan for Edmund, for her own gains, for the ridicule and entertainment of the hordes upon the stone table. I remember the glinting eyes of the wolves. I remember their mournful howls and the way each and every one pierced my heart.

Then I remember crossing the river, I remember feeling the ice crack beneath our boots and I recall the teeth which snapped at your heels in Aslan's camp. I remember wolves and war. And I remember when you, given your cordial, were meant to stay back behind the line. I remember that mad twinkle in the old man's eye when he named you Healer. You were called even then, were you not? You were set apart from the lot of us for your faith and yes, that was what Aslan recognised when he named you valiant.

But the wolves, Lucy. I had given myself to the understanding that this world was not as absolutist as our world when I stared at my own mortality. I knew that I could simply snap my fingers and the river might swallow me whole if I was to be forever sundered from Aslan's gaze. Wolf teeth, then, would be a kindness, would it not? Wolves in the place of lions.

Lucy, I had my mind set in knowing that Aslan did not love me. For it was into you, into Edmund and into Peter he poured his affection and his own special faith. I am still not convinced that Aslan loves me. I am not convinced that I love myself - or that I am quite deserving of love, in fact - but to that end, I suppose the only thing that will answer me is time.

Time and more arrows.

Your sister,


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network; felicia hardy (012)

Matt's doing much better. He still isn't supposed to get out of bed, and the noise around him should be kept to a minimum, but he's well enough to take a couple visitors at a time and be on the network in short bursts. I'm back in my room now because they won't let me stay there 24/7.

All we ask is that no one brings him alcohol (because painkillers) and that no one under any circumstances gives him a reason to get out of bed. Because he's fucking stupid, and he'll do it.

Hey, gorgeous.