May 2016

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August 30th, 2015

[info]sohawkeward in [info]the100

network; hawke (014)

( ooc; post-battle, during the day )

I saw Adaar take a hit. How is she? How are you?

Are you asleep? I'm clearly not asleep.

[info]knowsitall in [info]the100

netpost: annabeth chase


ddid we win?

[info]snowglowswhite in [info]the100

Filter to Alison Hendrix, post battle
Can you keep Charlie for the rest of the night? I'm fine, I'm not badly hurt, but Michael [...] is hurt. I'll be by in the morning to take Charlie to breakfast and to see him.

[info]shocktrooper in [info]the100

Hey, you okay? Never sa Candyman did that You seemed a little upset after — you know. Was that zombie mode or something?

[info]goldenratio in [info]the100

I'm ready to sleep for about a million years, but I needed to make sure you guys were all as okay as you can be. I know it's rough, and I know it's scary, but we pulled through. I love you guys.
Hey dude, you okay?

[info]annewithane in [info]the100

The mess hall is open, and we're serving coffee and eggs made to order.

Peeta and I. We're serving breakfast, until the morning shift comes in.

I hardly know what I'm doing. I think it's safe to say that right now, we're focusing on our loved ones and beginning the process of cleaning up. So the mess hall is going to be open for those who need coffee or something to eat. It will probably be breakfast foods, because those are quick and filling.

[info]takecarenow in [info]the100

You aren't down in medical. I expected to see you in medical by now. Was your transformation on average with previous ones? I assumed it might be worse this time.

[info]doeheart in [info]the100

chatty; lily potter (010)

» Your son is trying to give me a heart attack.

[info]liesbecomeus in [info]the100

Is everyone still with us? Are we okay?

Was anyone badly hurt?

[info]littlelunacy in [info]the100

I really wish this place had floss. I still have werewolf in my teeth.

Hey Medical people, I don't know anything about medicine and I think prolonging suffering is crueler than killing someone. But I want to help and I'll... fetch things and talk to people and whatever it is that you do, if you need extra hands.

I also know how to take away pain magically. Temporarily. Sort of. I have an idea of how it works. And if it doesn't work then I tried.

Please? I need to I don't want to be a monste

[info]magicplantman in [info]the100

Filter to HP-Verse & Friends of Eddie Carmichael
This isn't easy to say, so I'll make it blunt and to the point.

Eddie Carmichael was bitten last night. The doctor I talked to says that he's in critical condition. They're keeping a close eye on him, but there's no guarantee that he'll make it.

There were others of ours hurt, but they'll be fine. Right now, it's Eddie we need to worry about.

[info]cityelfwarden in [info]the100

Well done out there, everyone. Coming out of a battle like that with so few losses is tremendous, and speaks so well of the courage and fortitude of this community.

[Peter Pettigrew]
Let me know when you're awake. Alistair and I would love to come down to medical to visit, but we wouldn't want to disturb your sleep.

[info]cdrcullen in [info]the100

Is anyone at work in the forge today? I understand completely if you are not. I ask only because I have weapons and armor that need work after last night, and I would prefer to have them repaired before trouble starts again if possible.

How is the Inquisitor this morning? I would ask her, but I hate to disturb her if she's resting or make her feel obligated to reply if she remains too injured or tired for it.

How are you faring today?

[info]letsfightstuff in [info]the100

Chatty to Nico di Angelo
-- Hey.
-- You holding out okay?

[info]swhite in [info]the100

We have seen war, and we have come out the other side of it. Our foe was mighty but broken, and we mourn their loss as we mourn the loss of our own. Their lives were no less important as our own. The battlefield is where fortitude and courage are tested. Your bravery is commended, and I would like to extend a hand in friendship and loyalty to all.

Our enemy came with hopes of retribution against a people who wished them no harm, and that was their downfall. I have no doubts that if they had come to us for aid instead of blood, we would have taken them in the same way the Sky People have taken us Pod People in: with open arms and an eagerness to help.

Today, we mourn the loss of life as much as we celebrate that we still have ours. I ask that you take those suffering injuries into your hearts, and we wish them an easy recovery. I ask that we take a moment to reflect on our good fortune and remember those who gave their lives to protect this community. They will not be forgotten.

[info]mercilessworld in [info]the100

[written post battle]

Wherever I'm needed to help out today, please let me know. The battle may be over, but now it's time to recover from what we've faced. Now is time to spend with those who you care most about here. As someone who is the only one here from my world, I do not mind stepping up and helping out in places where others would usually be as they recover.

[info]mostresilient in [info]the100

chatty: Regina Mills → Rose Hathaway

[Chatty to Rose Hathaway]
-- How're you doing?

[info]lildampeer in [info]the100

I'm getting out of this bed and going back to my own room. You need the medical bed for people who are actually hurt.

[info]maximoffgirl in [info]the100

Private to Erik and Raven

You are okay, yes?

[info]asala in [info]the100

network; asala adaar (021)

Now that our wayward guards are home covered in wolf bites, we have another four weeks to decide what the hell we're going to do with them. Do we have enough pods to lock them all away on the full moon? Are they all willing to even do that?

[info]thebuffster in [info]the100

Don't suppose we could fire up a movie in the Mess Hall tonight? We had this thing back home where we'd have a battle, then go back to my place and make popcorn and watch stupid movies until we passed out. Inevitably, we've all fall asleep in the first, like, five minutes, but we were all together.

You're an idiot, you know.

[info]agentofsass in [info]the100

[Team Bus]
Can we do a check in?

I'm fine other than a few scratches. Goes with the new look, I think.

[MCU folks]

I know you're not really my responsibility here, but I'm feeling the need to check in on folks. How is everyone and does anyone need anything?

[info]maskedmenace in [info]the100

FILTERED TO SPIDER-PEOPLE & FRIENDS (AKA everyone and anyone who knows Ben or Peter):
How's everyone doing? I would've checked in sooner, but Ben's been all needy with attention. He's He got

[info]willingtopay in [info]the100

-- What are you doing in about fifteen minutes?

[info]thewaywardson in [info]the100

network; dean winchester (020)

That was fucking uncomfortable. Do all these dipshit doctors try to right hook the patients, or is it just the skinny one who's got a dick stuck up his ass?

"But Dean, a werewolf bit your face off and you were dead!" Yes I was, I got better, the end.