May 2016

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August 7th, 2015

[info]sagewitch in [info]the100

So I got the rundown, first from the Doctors and then from a friend a guy I know that stupid confusing Moroi someone from home.

He said a lot of people here were...different but I can cope with that.
I have to cope with that

And weird as all this is, its kind of amazing to see how much you've all done in such a short time. You have a council which everyone just voted to elect representitives to, you have jobs for us all, there's a real little community here and that's kind of amazing.

It absolutely will take some getting used to but I guess time is on my side.

My name is Sydney Sage and I would like to help however I can. I was told I was placed in Administration but I'm not entirely sure in what capacity.

Also I heard a rumor about coffee. And I really truly need it to function. Is there coffee?

[info]swhite in [info]the100

One of the things I really felt a sense of pride in back in Fabletown was our ability to pull together. When the cards were down, everyone rallied together. I've only arrived, and I can see that the same adversity has pulled you all together.

I'm happy to offer my services in any way I can.

It feels strange, being so open about Fabletown and who we are.

[info]tonygates in [info]the100

Anyone with magic got some time to help me and Mr. Gold with something?

[info]annewithane in [info]the100

Filter to Lady Friends
I've always wanted children. Pregnancy is supposed to be a lovely time in one's life. A miracle of nature, a time of joy.

It's not. It's horrible. I cry all the time, a few days ago I started getting nauseous before lunch and it doesn't end for hours. I spend more time in the ladies room than I do anywhere else, and anything I eat just comes back up.

And I miss Gilbert and this is not my home.

Filter to Kaidan
I feel terrible. Or I will.

Filter to Beth Greene and Tont Gates
A few days ago I started gettjng very, very nauseous in the afternoons. Is there anything you can give me to help?

[info]butterflyeffect in [info]the100

I don't mean to intrude, but I can't help but notice your pain. You do not mean to, but your grief is sending shock-waves out in massive telepathic surges. To block them, I would have to focus all of my energy on blocking it out.

That's not why I messaged you, though. I didn't mean to intrude, but as I said, your pain is blinding. I have a massive heada I would like to offer my help, in any way I can. I know that there is nothing that I can do for the loss of a loved one and my own sorrow is. I cannot bring anyone back from the dead, but I can at least offer friendship and a good bottle of whiskey I traded for.
If I can help, please ask it of me, old friend.

[info]dhampirstrigoi in [info]the100

[Filtered to Dr. Abby Griffin]

One of our friends has freaked Rose out a bit.

How soon would we be able to tell that everything is fine with the baby?

[info]spinzone in [info]the100

You know, I wish you lot would stop complaining about the alcohol. We know it's not good, all right? We know it, and we're working really bloody hard to make it better. But when all we ever hear is "This shite is terrible.", it's really hard to want to come here every day and do our jobs. How about telling us what we're doing right? What you like about one thing or another instead of just always negative? You don't hear us complaining about the food being shite or how we wish the farmers would grow more things, do you? They're doing the best they can, and doing a bloody good job of it. And so are we, you know. We're doing our best, and we're getting better.

And you know. If you know so much about how to brew beer and different wines and how to get started making whiskies with the very limited resources we have here, the door's open throughout the day, and we'd love any help any of you can give us. I'd guess you'd rather just bitch about though.

[info]lordoflocksley in [info]the100

Being here, I miss my wife. Marian was [...] hard-headed, but she was also one of the most loyal, brave, and kind people I know. Her loss has been felt for over a year, and I wonder sometimes if I should ever "get over" her. But I do know this: she would not care to see me brooding as I have been for so long, or throwing my life towards people who are toxic to me and to Nottingham and the outlying villages, Locksley included. Here, she would be entreating me to include myself in the community, getting to know you all while I contribute my share to our welfare. I still grieve her, but there is no point in wallowing in that grief, to allowing it to dictate my thoughts and actions, to keep me from gaining new and trusted friends. I thank you all for the patience you have shown me as I have kept to myself. I am ready to be amongst the living now, and I hope that those of you who are struggling similarly will choose to join me.

Now, I am told that there is a book group that meets on Fridays. I've always enjoyed a good tale. Would I be welcome to join you this eve?

[info]maskedmenace in [info]the100

Paging Mr. Kaine I'm-Not-a-Parker! Please report to the mess hall. The over-sized spider that calls you dad is giving me looks, and I'm not giving him my dinner.

Okay, so there's a guy with a birthday tomorrow, and I just realized I don't know what happens for birthdays down here. I was thinking cake and embarrassment, but we might be fresh out of cake.

[info]youngestsolo in [info]the100

Network post, Anakin Solo

So there is a library, but I feel like I should ask for recommendations, because I don't recognize any of the books. But I miss Tahiri and Jacen and Jaina I could use the distraction, so what is in the library that I should absolutely read?