May 2016

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August 1st, 2015

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network; bigby wolf (002)

You all know there's a shitload of werewolves a dozen miles from here, right?

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This place is full of so many impossible things.

Some of them are harder to deal with than others. And yet, amazing at the same time.

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Whatever power it is that has brought us all here has seen fit to now bring to me that which I sought at home. The Heart of the Mountain. I can scarcely believe that I now hold my grandfather's greatest treasure in my hands, though I feel some frustration that I am so far from home and cannot celebrate with my kin and Company.

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New arrivals, all the time. With the comic books, and the superheroes. You'd think I'd be more excited.


I miss Will.

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Anyone up for a little hand to hand sparring? Not my specialty but it's a good way to blow off a little steam and I wouldn't mind learning some new techniques.

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I need to talk to you about someth You know I

Do you have a second?

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[Chatty to Asala Adaar]

>> I need advice.

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I love it when something impossible happens.

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chatty; felicia hardy (011)

chatty to matt murdock:
» I found you a present

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network; lincoln (002)

You did the right thing with the Grounder. He won't stay with us, but he had an infection that we were able to treat thanks to you.

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With every month and every obstacle thrown your way you all continue to embody the very nature of humanity that I have always believed in. So, I thank you, for all that you have done and will continue to do.

Yesterday you all cast your votes in favor of the two candidates that you felt would best represent your needs and concerns in the days to come. I -- along with Councillor Kane -- counted the votes and the council is honored to welcome Asala Adaar and Steve Rogers. Councillor Adaar and Rogers I personally welcome you to the council and look forward to working with you both. You both are welcome to address everyone just prior to dinner.

Filter: Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia and Lincoln
I have a few things that I would like to discuss with the four of you

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Who: Solas
When: July 31
Where: Apartment 504Y
What: Solas takes care of the small problem of his orb.
Rating: PG

Even he would not be able to access what little power it had once he was Solas again. )

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Congratulations, Steve and Adaar. You'll do Mount Weather proud, I know it. I look forward to working with the both of you, as a citizen of this mountain.

I don't remember if I've mentioned this -- tomorrow is the dedication ceremony for the Memorial Garden. It'll be held at 2 p.m., and I'd like to invite both Steve and Adaar, as well as Chancellor Griffin and anyone else who wants to, to join me in speaking. Or sing a song, or anything that comes to you as we gather. This will be a time of remembrance for those who lived here with us and were taken away too soon, whether by death or returning to their homes. After that, the garden will be open every day from dawn to sunset, and anyone is welcome to make use of it.

Filter to Remus
How are you coping?

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Filter to Medical
I'm putting in an order for a brain scan for myself, to happen now. I just woke up with new memories. Years and years of memories. I'd like to get this done before my shift begins this evening.

Filter to Tony Gates
Are you busy?

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Network Post: Crowley

Well, that was disappointing.

Any of you who had the good sense to vote for me probably shouldn't acknowledge that in public.

But if you let me know in private, I'll make sure you're rewarded for being the smart and sexy voter you are. After all, I did say I would.

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I'm not really that thrilled with memory updates. A few weeks back, I got several months crammed into my head. I was all right with a lot of it, but as it turns out, my girlfriend broke up with me. Then started acting really weird right before I got here. I'm worried that And then there's everything with Shay and

Has anyone ever gotten memories — undone?

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»Are you Do you Are we H
» Hello, sorry. It sent too soon.
» I'm worried Has today been a better day?

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I've never been fond of introductions so I'll cut to the chase. My name is Snow White, and I've heard that you've met my Sheriff, Bigby Wolf. I'm Deputy Major of Fabletown, a small community in New York City that has been around for quite some time to protect our secret. Like most of you, we're not from around here, and aren't even from the same world that we were taken from. Our Fabletown Compact normally forbids me from speaking so plainly (under severe penalties) but it's my understanding that many of you are also from stories — some written in books, some in movies and television — and I'm interested in hearing about you and working together.

Who is in charge here? I would very much like to speak to them.