May 2016

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July 29th, 2015

[info]thisismypower in [info]the100

You know, I'm starting to think that maybe I should take these midwife classes. It wouldn't be the first time I've been around for the birth of a baby. Sure would be nice to be more helpful. Of course, the last time, it was a vampire and she staked herself — I've got double memories and it's hard to figure out which

I hear there's a book club? What are they reading?

I miss Lorne. He'd have a karaoke bar all setup here and open for business. Even if there really wasn't any business.

[info]lauraroslin in [info]the100

I sometimes wonder at night if this is what the Colonies looked like after the Cylon's attacked. I found I could never ask Caprica while she was here but I do wonder. Still, I love seeing how everyone is pulling together like this. It does make things easier in the long run.

[info]willingtopay in [info]the100

AVENGERS (all) + the rest of the MCU:
Has anyone seen Thor around?
You can tell if someone's still here or not, right?

[info]thepinetree in [info]the100

Hey kiddo. I gotta get out of this hole in the ground for a while. Want to go hunting?

You still around?

[info]tonygates in [info]the100

Guess my two person band is back to a one man band. This shit is getting real old, very fast.

[info]kreewarrior in [info]the100

A pod landed outside our doors today. It was full of... random objects, unlike previous pods. Several bags full of various items. A laptop. I found something that once belonged to me before, so I wonder if these other objects belong to other people here. I am going to start separating everything very carefully, if someone else from rescue & recovery would like to help to expedite this process. That would make it easier for everyone to look through, to see if anything belongs to them.

It feels as though something was reading my mind. I had been worrying about how much of what I know should be introduced here. Advanced knowledge given freely without having been earned, without a proper understanding of the consequences, can be a dangerous thing. It can be a dangerous thing even when you understand the drawbacks. But it can do good, too. There has to be a compromise somewhere.

[info]heelsoverhoodie in [info]the100

Chatty - Jemma Simmons

~ Plays over
~ I need something new now
~ Idle hands and all that
~ I keep...things are getting confusing I guess
~Why do we have to live in freakpocalypse with no freaking SSRI's

[info]notintheface in [info]the100

I hate this place. No - my apologies to the people who are from this place, it is only being here that I hate. You have been very generous to help us, give us shelter. It is not your fault.

In Mexico, I was someone important. I was beloved by many, people knew my name. Here I am nothing. Hernando is not here. All I do is wash the dishes. What is the point of this?

[info]thecat in [info]the100

network; felicia hardy (010)

So should we tell someone about creepy mutant Grounder or are we keeping that to ourselves?