May 2016

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July 27th, 2015

[info]the100npcs in [info]the100

They've gone back home.

At approximately 9:23am, there is no indication that the intercom has come on. Radio operators, surveillance, and all other personnel will not have any indication that the intercom has been activated, therefore there is no way to trace what happened either. The voice is breathy, quiet, but insistent.

[info]lungtienxiang in [info]the100

There are so many things here that make no sense at all. And no one will explain them to me. And I have not been able to find Laurence or anyone from my crew, or even anyone I know, at all. I think I would almost be glad to find Napoleon, if he would only tell me what is going on back home.

[info]skaikru in [info]the100

Surveillance and radio's got nothing. None of their equipment shows on at the time of the event. We're trying to figure out if someone could have broken into the system now, but I don't have a clue when it comes to computers so if someone else can step up, I'd appreciate it.

[info]butler_did_it in [info]the100

Eerie voice on the intercom?

Oh no! That's not disturbing at all! I'm ever so relieved now.

They've gone home.

[info]snowflakeinhell in [info]the100

Network Post: Illyana Rasputina

Whatever that was voice, I didn't sense any kind of magicks when it happened.


I'm going to try using my astral form to check more, but just in case something goes wrong, I'd like someone to guard my body while I do.

[info]tohopeagain in [info]the100

To those of you who knew him, Hank McCoy is no longer one of our number. I suppose one can only hope that, as the voice said, he has gone home again.

Filter to Mount Weather Leaders, Rachel Summers, Betsy Braddock
For what it's worth, I felt no unknown presence within Mount Weather or the surrounding environs during the event this morning.

[info]thebanshee in [info]the100

Oh, good, you all heard it too which means it isn't dead people communicating with me.

[info]elspethgordie in [info]the100

Hello? Nurse Fisher has just shown me how to use this device. I'm Elspeth Gordie and I've just arrived. I haven't heard of Earth but it reminds me somewhat of home. My world was destroyed after the Great White that wiped out the Before timers. Is there any badlands here that I should avoid?

I'm living with an Edwin Jarvis? It is good to meet you, sir. I don't know when I shall be in our apartment though.

[info]lauraroslin in [info]the100

Unfortunately it seems that Caprica Six has left us.