May 2016

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July 22nd, 2015

[info]lastzehoberi in [info]the100

I'm not long back, I've since slept but it's not an image that easily leaves you.

Those beautiful fluttering creatures, the ones that glow. There is a cave not long from the mountain. Hundreds of them lie dead nearby and I can't see any cause. The cave itself lies abandoned.

I've brought some back in case any of you of a scientific mind could find out the cause. It might well be natural for this place but all the same. I would like to know.


Everything I've done and seen in my life, all we have faced, and yet a simple thing moved me so easily.

Its confusing.

[info]butler_did_it in [info]the100

The door to my room has flown off its hinges without warning. I imagined we were under some sort of attack, but then nothing followed. After a brief inspection, the hallway looks a fright. What the bloody hell's happened?

Does this sort of thing occur frequently, in this place?

[info]katebishop in [info]the100

Okay, so I'm out in the field right now, but I wanted to hit you up about something.

Sam's asked me to move in with him, and I'm just wondering your thoughts on it. I don't wanna leave you in a lurch or anything.

[info]metamadness in [info]the100

That was low, Crowley, even for you.

[info]burningwings in [info]the100

WHO: Katniss & Peeta
WHAT: kind of having a date
WHEN: backdated to Friday the 17th, after the play
WHERE: hallways around Mt. Weather
WARNINGS: Hunger Games feels/themes surrounding acting/entertainment. Also, kissing/touching with a significant fade to black.

... )

[info]cdrcullen in [info]the100

LOG: Penelope and Cullen

WHO: Cullen Rutherford and Penelope Featherington
WHEN: Evening of Monday, July 20
WHERE: The halls of Mount Weather
WHAT: Finally getting around to smooches
WARNINGS: None to speak of.

I still think of myself in terms of -- of the other Penelope. Who fancies herself in love with Colin Bridgerton and is resigned to be a spinster for the rest of her life. But she no longer exists, Cullen, not any longer. )

[info]lungtienxiang in [info]the100

WHO: Temeraire & Open to R&R & Scouts
WHEN: Wednesday(?)
WHERE: A site halfway down a mountain from his original landing spot
WHAT: Temeraire's landing / intro
RATING: Naked dragon people!

Wrong Time Wrong Place )

[info]continuityerror in [info]the100

network post; billy kaplan

The area in 506 should be back to normal now. Let me know if you need help with any wobbly doors or anything.

[info]lauraroslin in [info]the100

Who: Laura Roslin & Open
Where: Outside the school area
When: After school hours, Wednesday
What: Talking, conversation, something?
Rating: TBD
Status: Incomplete

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[info]jinxy in [info]the100

Hey. I hate to cause a riot.

But, does anyone know how to roast coffee beans?

[info]magicplantman in [info]the100

The garden is coming along pretty well! It won't look it's best until next spring and summer, but for now it'll be just what we want it to be: a restful place, a bit of an escape. We've got a bit of a fountain set up, and the benches will be installed any day. Come autumn, we'll plant some summer bulbs and transfer a few of the autumn plants in to give us some color. Right now we're looking at it actually being completely open somewhere around the beginning of August, and we'll have another ceremony then.

Filter to Cullen
Hullo, mate. Did your flowers go over well?

Filter to HP-Verse
I feel like we haven't done anything just in quite awhile, so I propose we take over one of the common areas not used by the book group on Friday and have ourselves a bit of a party.

And I do mean that all of us are invited.

Filter to Skye after this
Hullo, I don't know if we've ever spoken face to face, but I'm Neville, one of the farmers. I was wondering if you'd be willing to lend that game you've mentioned a few times making? Cards Against Humanity? I promise we'll take good care of it.

[info]readthecontract in [info]the100

Network Post: Crowley

I assure you all that I am not responsible for yesterday's spamming of my campaign materials. Clearly someone wanted to make me look bad.

But still, I know that blame will be cast upon me all the same, so today there's a different kind of spam. You're welcome, Mount Weather. And remember:

Vote Crowley... Get Coffee

[info]favere in [info]the100

Is it you?

People keep disappearing.

[info]dellycartwright in [info]the100

Anyone near 505 U will hear a loud yell.

Someone! Please help! It's Septimus [...] we were just talking and he's gone.

[info]ladynoble in [info]the100

log: donna + eddie

WHO: Donna Noble + Eddie Carmichael
WHEN: Backdated to whenever chocolate cake day was!
WHERE: Eddie's room!
WHAT: Donna brings Eddie some food (and cake!) while Eddie is recovering from the werewolf incident earlier this month, and they talk about what happened and Eddie's guilt over it. And then they kiss.

If there can still be moments like this, things might be all right. )

[info]asala in [info]the100

network; asala adaar (017)

To everyone who came by while I was recovering to make sure I didn't die of boredom: thank you. I had doctor's orders to sit down and shut up for a while, and you know how hard that is for me.

For a small medical update, I'm recovering well and being fitted for the dock next Monday. By then we'll have some accurate measurements for the new hand itself, and then after that it's just waiting for it to be finished.

Semi-related, but has anyone seen Ruby? She was supposed to come by to play checkers this morning and never showed up.

[info]youareperfect in [info]the100

network; mystique (007)

The hell did you say to Erik?

[info]makehimpay in [info]the100

Filter: Annie Finnick Gale Hawthorne
You okay? I've been blocked out of my room because sleepless a lot lately and was wondering if you wanted company. If you're even awake at this hour, I mean.