May 2016

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July 16th, 2015

[info]dellycartwright in [info]the100

I hope everyone can make our performance of Pirates of Penzance tomorrow & Saturday. It's a very nice show.

Filtered: MJ Watson
Thank you for working with me, I appreciate the help. I'm still

Filtered: Septimus Smith
Are you nervous about the show?

Filtered: Hannah & Bruce Banner
You'll come to the show, right?

[info]maskedmenace in [info]the100

I know John's one of those magic types, but we've established that when someone completely disappears in front of you... that's pretty much a thing that happens here where they don't undisappear, right?

So, uh, if anyone was friends with him, sorry. I think he's gone.

[info]butler_did_it in [info]the100

I'm not entirely convinced this isn't HYDRA, or Leviathan. I've been told by the doctors about the circumstances of my arrival, but I don't believe it, it's far too Orwellian. It's simply not possible.

Perhaps it's a dream. That's it. A horrible nightmare. I think I shall sit here until I awaken.

[info]guide_your_soul in [info]the100

So, last minute planning is the only planning we do, right?

Billy and Teddy are getting married today and I'm allowed a guest to their ceremony. You want to keep me company?

[info]willingtopay in [info]the100

Your father's butler is here. Jarvis.
You might want to stop by medical. Mr. Jarvis is here, Howard's butler? I think he knows you too. He's a bit overwhelmed. I may have surprised him. Anyway - I said I'd find you for him.

[info]skaikru in [info]the100

I don't want to sit here waiting for Emerson. Want to go on a scouting mission?

Think I can talk you into an overnight?
Emerson is smart enough not to get caught in the same area. I think we need to widen our search.

[info]teddyaltman in [info]the100

WHO: Invited guests for part 1 (the wedding ceremony) ... plus Billy & Teddy of course; anyone who wants to go for part 2 (the dance party!)
WHAT: IC/OOC thread for Teddy & Billy’s wedding!
WHEN: Today, July 16


[info]phrynefisher in [info]the100

Between the event this morning and being here in a post-war scenario it makes me realise that even with how devestatig the war was to us in many ways we were lucky. While millions of people died, peopel came away with shell shock, blind, lost limbs or many other things we moved on - we could move on - not like here when the entire world and the majority of the human race was destroyed. It is incredibly humbling when you think about it like that.

I miss everyone from home.

[info]speaksenglish in [info]the100

network post; bruce banner

Jan Van Dyne:
I haven't made much progress with these unstable molecules. Fascinating, but certainly a challenge with

Are you going to the play?

[info]burningwings in [info]the100

Did they give you a bow, or did you make one?

[info]cdrcullen in [info]the100

Who was it who made the soap? I ran across a plant that might be of interest to you.

[info]level5engineer in [info]the100

This is bloody ridicu I don't know how many of you I actually know, but I I have this friend, and he asked me what you would No one's that stupid

There's someone you spend a lot of time with, right? And you see them everyday, and that's good and well. But what do you do when they say the same old thing is fine, but you feel like you should do something... more. And nice. Something nice for them, but that's more than the usual.

[info]westen in [info]the100

[Filtered to Leadership & Military]

Steve and I just spotted Emerson outside. He had a Grounder with him, a scout. They were searching for something. Not sure if they ever found it, because they disappeared. Quite possibly literally. We had eyes on both of them, we started moving in, then they ducked behind a tree for a second and the trail went cold. Tracking people was a hell of a lot easier before all this magic stuff came along

[ooc: this pcal event for 7/14 was delayed until today because laura & i both had ooc stuff happening! <3]