May 2016

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June 24th, 2015

[info]beverlycrusher in [info]the100

It is my very great pleasure to announce that yesterday evening at 21:12, Hugo Weasley, weighing in at an impressive 9lbs, 6oz, and 22 inches in length, was born. Momma Hermione and baby are doing just fine, and will be kept here in Medical until tomorrow. Family and close friends only will be allowed to visit Mount Weather's newest resident while he is enjoying the hospitality of Medical.

Hermione, congratulations. He's beautiful, and perfect, and the perfect antidote to all of our sadnesses.

[info]metamadness in [info]the100

Awesome, I got bored and I got the go-ahead to start a new project. The library is sorely in need of digital copies of all its archives. Have you gone to the library and found that someone checked out Alice's Adventures in Wonderland two months ago, and still has it? Yeah, it's annoying. Especially for us fast readers. And it would help the teachers and pretty much everyone.

Are you a fast (and accurate, I cannot stress that) typist? Come see me, Charlie Bradbury, in G1 for this very special project. We've got a list of the most popular books to start with, and here's hoping we can get the first batch of books done in quick order!

If not, there will be hell to pay. (Not literally. Calm down.)

[info]flameon_ in [info]the100

So, there's a new baby, right? We should throw him a birthday party, on Saturday. Because this place needs more parties and babies look like that one dude from World War 2.

Also, seriously, because babies are great, when they're not puking, peeing, pooping, or crying all over you. They're pretty awesome then.

[info]continuityerror in [info]the100

network post; billy kaplan

Rose Hathaway
So, remember when I was really down and pessimistic about missing my boyfriend? Well, we're getting married and I think you should be there.

Pietro & Wanda Maximoff + Teddy Altman
Look, I don't know anything about your lives, but I know versions of you really well back home. And so, I thought we could maybe change that here.

Matt Murdock + Teddy Altman
Hey. So, I dunno what Kate said, but since we don't need your legal advice, we wanted to invite you to our wedding. As a friend. I'm not even sure if we'll have invitations, since this is the apocalypse, but we'll get the information out somehow.

[info]teddyaltman in [info]the100

Hi, um. You don't know us, but hello, I'm Teddy, and my fiancé Billy is on here too. We had a... well, it's a really big favor, and I know it might be strange so please don't feel obligated to say yes. Anyway, we're getting married next month, and when we were talking about who we wanted to, you know, do the whole ceremony part of it, we thought it'd be really cool if we could say the Doctor did it. I mean, how many people can say that here?

So, would you?
Hey, can we talk for a sec?

[info]breadandcircus in [info]the100

network post: peeta mellark

I'm slightly less convinced that I've gone insane, so:

My name's Peeta. I've been assigned to food service, and I'm going to start with you guys tomorrow morning. I'm not the best cook, but my family owned a bakery and I know more about bread than you'll ever want to know.

I've been told by my friends that I was here before, but I don't remember it. From what I can piece together, whatever part of me was here disappeared, and then I was brought back here. In a pod. Again. I can't just go through stuff once, c

So if I met you, I'm sorry, I don't remember. I'll have to meet you again.

[info]lauraroslin in [info]the100

Thank you for all of you who have welcomed me and helped me become settled here.

Lydia Martin, Mary Margaret Blanchard / Snow White, Albus Severus Potter, Clara Oswald
I apologise for not contact any of you before hand. I have recently arrived here. I was informed that I would be a teacher along with all of you. May I ask therefore how we go about teaching here?

[info]felicity_smoak in [info]the100

Sam Winchester, Billy Kaplan / Wiccan (616), Skye, Mona Vanderwaal, Charlie Bradbury
Hi, I'm Felicity! I'm working with you guys. Anyway is there any projects that we're working on or anything that needs doing?

[info]tylerose in [info]the100

As far as what goes on to make the decision on who to bring here, I'm glad my mum hasn't been a target. I can't even begin to imagine the sort of trouble she'd get into while here.

Filter: Whoverse
Still no word on Amy and Rory. Blimey this is getting frustrating, and did anyone else see what someone wrote? He was here, then disappeared, arrived in a pod a few days later, and has no memory of being here before. There are reports of people disappearing right in front of someone, but I still can't figure out how they're being taken. There are others that have gone and been missing a lot longer than the young man, so if it is a kidnapping, why would they keep him for a short time and the others longer?

Just thinking out loud here. Anyone have any thoughts?

Filter: Doctor (10)
I haven't seen you at all today, keeping busy?

[info]poniesandshit in [info]the100

Do I really have to go to school?

[Filtered to Hal]

So, you're making me come off the blood?