May 2016

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June 5th, 2015

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network; hawke (007)

Question for my fellow Thedosians. (Maker, who even uses that word? Thedasians? Thedesians? Whatever.)

Summerday should be coming up, but the calendar's all funny. Do we want to do something to celebrate? Should we just pick a day?

Okay, new question: when is the official first day of summer here, do you all know? Back home we usually spend part of the morning at the Chantry -- especially the young ones who are ready to take on adulthood, it's a whole thing, I don't think we have anyone here young enough for it -- and then the rest of the day is a party. It's the preferred time for weddings, too, something about luck and divine something something. I'm guessing Andraste was a summer person.

One more thing: I'm not what you'd call the most religious person in the world, but some of us should get together and ... I don't know. I just know I'd feel better with something resembling a Chantry or a corner or a space or something. I'm shit with art, are any of us good with statues? Do we have anything to make a statue with?

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network; felicia hardy (005)

Is no one else full of rage that the R&R team brought back everything for making coffee except coffee?

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network post: sera


lost and found:

+ five gray socks (once white), none matching
+ six hair pins
+ pink lace knickers (oooh!) for a small butt
+ one toeless boot
+ drawing of a bird - quite nice!
+ load of dick sheaths - hundreds?? who has hundreds of dicks?
+ bucket of slick (euuggh)
+ two forks, bent
+ one cup, chipped
+ ser tolkien's RETURN OF THE KING
+ hat with a brim only on front
+ tit thing
+ box of snow (gone)
+ two little bottles of liquor (empty)
+ coins! ten of them, don't know what they are
+ stick? swishy? looks important
+ silver locket, broken
+ little box with another little box in it
+ one egg

[info]glasswater in [info]the100

If a Councillor should have the opportunity to make decisions for the people in Mount Weather to ensure their continued well-being, I believe I am certainly up to that task.

[info]butterflyeffect in [info]the100

I think we should be able to track and locate the missing people. It may require us to go into someone else's head if we don't know them, which may be something that most people are not interested in.

But we should still offer.

[info]lildampeer in [info]the100

Reasons why you should vote for LISSA DRAGOMIR as council rep:

  • She's awesome.
  • She's the queen of her people in our home world. Yes, I know she looks young, but she's managed to make some amazing changes for her people and mine while going to college full-time.
  • Like I said, she's awesome.
  • Lissa is one of the kindest, most compassionate people I have ever met. She will selflessly put the needs of the majority over her own. She will advocate for those who need it. She genuinely cares about all people.
  • Did I mention that she's awesome?
  • She's a natural diplomat. Yeah, some of it is her upbringing, but I've seen her in action. I've watched her diffuse a ridiculous number of disagreements with her ability to compromise in a way that gives everyone some of what they want without offending anyone too much. There's a reason she was elected queen at such a young age, against people with a lot more "experience." I mean, it's not just because she was a lot prettier than the competition.
  • Oh, yeah, and she's awesome.
  • No, but seriously, if you want someone who will listen to all of your concerns and always, always push for what's best for all of us, vote for Lissa. I promise you she's the best person for the job.

    ( Lissa )
    We should go to movie night. It'll give you an chance to schmooze or whatever.

    I bet we could get Adrian to make us some cool campaign posters or something, too.

  • [info]selfmedicates in [info]the100

    I second everything Rose just said.

    ( Vampire Academy World )
    It would be wrong to just compel people to vote for her, right?

    [info]metamadness in [info]the100

    Sam, Dean, Cas. We're going to watch The Wizard of Oz with me tonight. I haven't watched it since I got back from the real Oz. You get the honor of listening to me complain about all the stuff they got wrong. And then all the stuff Dorothy and I used from the books to make things right. And NONE of the stuff that Dark Charlie did to win the war

    [info]rebellare in [info]the100

    Though the Lieutenant often doubts my ongoing commitment to familiarise myself with the noxious unction that is 'technology', I am not adverse to its small comforts. I recognise that networks such as these can be used for the building of camaraderie amongst both friends and enemies alike.

    Hello, then. And know that I, Ichabod Crane, have come from the year 2015 to City of Refuge. To those seeking harmony, I offer my friendship and my glad hand of brotherhood. If you, however, mean harm or bad business, you shall find no felicity here.

    To Doctor Simon Tam, however, I must offer my most humble apologies. When we first met, I was not myself. If there is indeed, any way that I might make amends for my raucous behaviour or your assuredly ruined waistcoat, do not hesitate to make me well aware and I shall do my best to adhere to your strictures.
    Yours, in good grace,

    Ichabod B. Crane

    [info]bornunder in [info]the100

    So. You. As a pirate.

    [info]thepinetree in [info]the100

    I kinda figured people would be, you know, panicking about waking up hundreds of years in the future... but putting on musicals is cool too, I guess.

    Has anyone heard of a pretty Greek Goddess lady, goes by Iris? I'm trying to get a message home.

    [info]imademychoice in [info]the100

    Its funny. Its all very familiar. All the speeches. Pretty words, some of you might even mean them.

    But then one of you will want it more and one of you will take it.

    Democracy, its pointless. Some of you will see that soon though

    [info]cword in [info]the100

    network post: alison casts pirates of penzance

    I'm sure you've all been waiting for it! I'm please to announce the cast of The Pirates of Penzance! )

    [info]dellycartwright in [info]the100

    It feels really good to try something new.

    Congratulations to everyone that will be participating in the show. I'm very excited to get to know all of you!

    Huger Games & Roommates
    I'm going to be in a play! Will you all come to watch it?

    Congratulations, Septimus!

    [info]red_five in [info]the100

    504Q Residents

    Hi. I guess I should introduce myself since we're all going to be living together. I'm Luke Skywalker and I'm from another galaxy so this whole Earth thing is new to me.

    It'll be nice to get to know you all. I promise I'm easy to get along with.