May 2016

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May 25th, 2015

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network; commander shepard (005)

I didn't realize how little time I spent on Earth until I started paying attention to the skies here. Orion and the Ursas don't even exist if you're not in this solar system.

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network; dean winchester (011)

Does anyone around here have an iPhone charger? Or anyone able to rig one up? We need to start putting some decent music over the radio around here.


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Who here's good with making traps? Rocket, sorry about your family, but I don't want any more animals chewing through the wires or anything else important.

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I'm guessing I can't get any cigarettes here?

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network post: carol danvers

Several more disappearances have been reported in just the past few days. Some of them may be related, some of them may be unconnected, some of them may not be disappearances at all and we're all jumping the gun — for everyone's safety, we need to be able to track your movements here within Mount Weather and know your whereabouts so if you do go missing, we can establish a timeline of events, and we'll know the most likely places to start looking.

This means cooperation. I know a lot of you may not be used to signing in and signing out wherever you go. Some of you may be wildly uncomfortable with guards being posted everywhere because you feel watched. I promise you, none of us care about why you're going somewhere. We just need to know so that if you do disappear, we can narrow the search — or that if you've left Mount Weather, we're not combing the tunnels to find you when you're not even here.

Even with all military hands on deck plus a few volunteers, we don't have the resources to have a pair of guards at every location on a round-the-clock basis. Therefore, I need each work space to have at least one person in charge of enforcing sign ins/sign outs.

Effective tonight, guards and sign ins will now be posted at the following checkpoints:
Main Entrance / G-Level
Level 1 (Horticulture, Animal Husbandry)
Level 1 (Blacksmiths/Tools/Clothing/Shoes)
Level 2 (Labs)
Level 2 (Childcare/Classes)
Level 3 (Medical)
Level 4 (Mechanical/Janitorial/Laundry)
Level 5 (Commons/Mess Hall/Kitchens)
Level 5 (Residences)
Level 6 (Library/Gym/Commons)
Level 6 (Residences)
Level 7 (Government)

Guard posts will lighten up at the third shift, when most of the workplaces will be empty — but there will be active patrols. If you are working alone overnight for any reason, or staying up late in the library, contact one of the guards and we will be happy to escort you and keep you safe and accounted for.

I've sent each of you a schedule, and there are more copies located with Adaar at the cells. If you want to trade shifts because you've got a date, or you're leaving the area on a scouting mission, that's fine — but I do need to make sure that your post is covered. There are people who aren't part of the military who have experience with this who can help relieve some of the strain on us, like Commander Shepard in farming, and plenty of other people who are capable fighters and superheroes in their own right, but this is ultimately our responsibility. This is what we're here for.

It's going to be a lot of standing around. It's going to be a lot of nitpicking about getting people to remember to check in and out. Some people are probably going to give you crap. It's going to feel boring as hell, but if we can keep track of where people are, if we can pin down a timeline and locate someone after they disappear, if we can ease this growing fear that something is taking our people, then we're doing our jobs.

And if something is taking our people, then we're going to find it and we're going to crush it.

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This is not where I intended to go.

Castiel, are you here?

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Hey fellas.

We need to test the lullabye, but in case that fails, we need to be able to contain the big guy should it fail. Now I know Stark made Veronica for that, but we don't have any luxury here. Do you know any magic users who might be able to put him to sleep from a very safe distance? I think that will be key, if the lullaby doesn't work.

Can you all (and the magic users) be ready tomorrow afternoon for the test?

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Где мой брат?

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[Filter: Mary Margaret Blanchard, Killian Jones, Ruby Lucas, Will Scarlet & Emma Swan]
Have any of you seen Robin or Roland in the last few hours?

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Chatty: Kate Bishop
Maybe our spell worked.